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Monday, January 31, 2011

Braces Log; Lagu Tema: What has Become of Me by Chris Medina

"U look swollen" My friend greeted me the first thing in the morning. "Tell me about it, I've been sleepless for the past 2 nights, sakit gigi" I smirked, hoping he gets the message. 

I was up for my braces appointment last two days, tightening procedure as usual but at the utmost point of torment! This time around, the see-trough rubber were fixed in chains, no more individually, hence extraordinary tight sensation. And according to my dentist, my canine tooth (my then swing but now has already lowered) is a little bit stubborn leaving him with no choice but to lessen the chains- pulling it backwards at the tightest that he could. Berdenyut nya that night ya robbi. I swallowed 2 ponstan still it didn't reduce the pain as much. Belum termasuk maha sakit bila tergigit tu, because when all set of teeth is tight, any slightest pressure will make mata berair. 

This condition hampers my ability to eat. I only consumed soup and suck on biscuit, with uncontrollable salivating. I give another 24 hours to fully recover from this terrible experience. I hope my canine teeth, jangan la degil mcm tuan dia, cepat2 lah bergerak so that my inner teeth can come out and complete the whole purpose.

Can't wait...
P/S: sama2 kita doakan friend and families kita di Mesir, semoga mereka sentiasa dalam lindungan Nya.
P/S/S: I take this opportunity to wish all my Chinese friends Gong Xi fa Chai...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Art of.... Lagu Tema: Hollywood by Michael Buble

I bet you guys grow up along with this! Genius invention. How can you not love choki2? It's cheap and yummeh! The servings size can limit you from overindulging. That's the deal! I love choki2 so much that I have my own art in eating one :)

1st, rub it between your palm, so that the heat will soften the chocolate

After that tear the top at 45 degree angle, so you can get bigger opening hole, thus more chocolate coming out! :)

Then, twist the tail so you can screw it all the way up to enjoy your paste at the most optimum level! None will become residue at the bottom. Plus, it is easier to just twist than you forcefully secrete the chocolate by squeezing it like usual.

*I did not just posted an entry about eating choki2 right? Did I? This must be sleep-typing or my life is just that boring!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

*Updated!! AidaThePinkGoddess' Cheese Dessert; Lagu Tema:Siapalah Aku by Amy Mastura

Advert: Do you know that DESSERTS read backwards is STRESSED? so, desserts are meant for stress.Nope, so that it's easier for you to differentiate between dessert (pencuci mulut) and desert (gurun).Just remember this formula. 

Mula cerita:
A friend offered the whole team this cheese layers and it tastes havenly. I bet most of you guys know about this recipe already. My sister selalu make this so I asked her in detail and walah, today I decided to give it a try. Memang super senang, very the ez pz!

First things first, the ingredients: 

2 packs of saltcheese biscuit
A can of condensed milk
2 tubes of Tartura Cheese (it's in Pink, I loike!!)

 Blend the cheese and milk until it's silky smooth like this

 The first layer will be the cheese, to function as a cushion base, to hold everything in place, easier to do the rest of the layering later.Rules of Physics!

Happy layering! The last layer on top will be the cheese. As for me, I sprinkle it with cocoa! Don't forget to fill in the gaps.Make it packed. Keep in fridge overnight.
Itu je. I told ya, uber senang, buat sambil baring pun boleh. Happy trying! :)


*Cheese lovers will go bonkers over this, seriously!
*Today bawak pegi ofis, tak sampai seminit lenyap! cuba yer!

Wordless Wednesday; Lagu Tema: Diari Seorang Lelaki by Pretty Ugly

Monday, January 24, 2011

AidathePinkGoddess' Watermark;Lagu Tema: Mine by Taylor Swift

My 5 watermarks,nothing more but to avoid violation and maintain the exclusivity of ownership. Need to know more what the pundit got to say about whats, wheres, whens and hows of watermark? Can see it [here] and [here].I hope I can be consistent with this. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Thoughtful One; Lagu Tema: Listen by Beyonce

Someone will always be prettier/handsomer.
Someone will always be smarter.
Some of their houses will be bigger.
Some will drive a better car.
Their children will do better in school
And their husband will fix more things around the house.And their wife will cook the best dishes.
Just let it go, and love you and your circumstances

Think about it!
The prettiest woman in the world can have hell in her heart.
The most handsome man may not complete his study.
The most highly favoured woman on your job may be unable to have children.
The richest woman you know, she’s got the car, the house, the clothes~ might be lonely.
So, love who you are.
Stop complaining about someone else's greener grass.

[click]Listen by Beyonce

Friday, January 21, 2011

Miss Chok Fui Na; Lagu Tema: Leaving on the Jet Plane

One of us is leaving today. She got better offer and did what a wise man does, to choose the path of security. We feel happy for her but at the same time, of course it's hard to let go, because we have been so close for the past 6 months. Fui Na will be remembered as a sweet mannered girl who loves to wander around the staff room and chat with each of us. She loves Karaoke so much! We will certainly remember you for that Fui Na. And also the fact that she is a very2 independent girl, she commutes around by bus, never complain, let alone to ask for our favor. We gonna miss you so much Fui Na. If you crave for MBO or Delizze, just give us a call alright? Fui Na! I will also ingat I always say this to you " Qu na li chi fan?" huhu

Today we had a farewell dinner for her...

This is Miss Chok Fui Na. Very2 adorable young girl. She is a year younger than me :)

The complete bunch. 1Malaysia, tagging NajibRazak.

Me & Fui Na during Annual Dinner last year.
 wo men hui hen xiang nian ni!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday; Lagu Tema:U Smile by Justin Bieber

The Homecoming Queen; Lagu Tema: Homecoming by Kanye West

I am still in the state of disbelief. After 2 1/2 years, finally, my Kelisa found its way home, for good. Dad and a friend drove all the way from KK to Kuching exactly in 22 hours. 

Step back in time.. *mata berkaca*, Dad drove all the way from Kuching to KK somewhere in June 2008 because I really need a car when I was doing my postgrad in UMS. So Eliza (my kelisa) had become a very close companion, a witness through my thick and thin especially during my academic era. If only she could speak, Eliza would proudly share that she has been exerted to its core to Kundasang 7 times! Punctured, overheated, leaking, all of these priceless experience with Eliza were nothing but interesting. :) When I wanted to return to Kuching after I completed my master, fate twisted itself, Babah got transferred to Queen E hospital, leaving Eliza with no choice but to resume her duty, serving dad. While with daddy, Eliza is very2 well taken care of by dad and Rostika everytime Babah on vacation. 

The moment Eliza came back to Kuching, it felt awkward though. Because I can't properly recall what's the last memory we had together in Kuching. But for sure, it certainly so far from where we've been now. If she's not lifeless, I think both of us will be exchanging story about KK *tears rolling* 

To Eliza, I will try my best not to replace you for now.
To Dad & Uncle Haimi, thanks a lot, I owe you so much, my scroll is especially dedicated to you to compensate the 22 hours on the road, and all the sleepless night. Mak cakap susah nak cari org tolong tenaga, berbanding wang ringgit.
To Kakak, Ayusz & AhmadFarid; thanks2 a lot for being there when I was immobile and thanks for taking care of Eliza when she was ill. You guys are godsent.
To Ika; what can I say, you have done so much for me and my family, Eliza will certainly miss you the most :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Of My Late Resolution & I Heart ♥ Pink; Lagu Tema: Speak Now by Taylor Swift

After almost a half month passed for 2011, I think I know what my resolution is, to become calmer. I suffer from an obsessive compulsive IMPATIENCE disorder. Everything I want, I want it NOW. Waiting is too unbearable for me. Some of my classic symptoms are:

1. Every time I send my material to tailors, what matters me is WHEN is the fastest they can complete mine.
2. In restaurants, make me wait for maximum of 10 minutes, you can find me waving at waitress to speed up my order.
3. If I buy snacks, I have them opened at the supermarket entrance or worse, few centimetres after the counter already.
4. It irritates me much those who don't get back to me asap. (e.g. emails, text, phonecalls)
5. I always send my clothes to the laundry in the morning (8am), and if can, I want to claim them by noon!or worse, "Can you do it now, I come back after 1 hour?" Yup I can be to that obstinate extent!
6. No surprise if online purchase is tormenting for me. The max I can accept is within 24 hours. Therefore I never purchase online on Thursday to Saturday.
7. If I want something so badly, I will leave whatever state I am in and go straightaway to get it.

This is nuts! That's why I want to get this disorder derailed of my life slowly. I will try to be calmer and try to distract my impatience with other things rather than shaking my legs condoning the "slow" things according to my definition. I used to think its inevitable. Tolong ingatkan aku its not.

Old pictures with ornaments.
Pink never fails to pinkify my Monday Blues..

Isn't pink supposed to be calm? Hurm...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

What Ika has to say Part II: Lagu Tema: Extravaganza by Bunkface

Sambungan dari What Ika has to say Part I....

6. Patung kuching sgt kecikkkkkkk…hahahhahahaha…dlm TV besar pun, or dlm pic…
UNIMAS sgt luas tp building mcm belum siap jak…nda da kaler lg tu….but I still like d BLUE kaler..hahahha

7. Layang2 terputus tali…eh silap besambung2 tali…hahhahaha...kk teda..

8. INTI SARAWAK SGT LA BESAR N CANTIK!!!! Terasa d anak tirikan kami d cni!!! Huaaaaaaa..

9. SERIKIN!!! OMG!! OMG!!! OMG!!!! KILL ME!!! Sbelum raya ku mau shopping cnaaaa!!! Hahahahhaha…Trus teruja mau blejar ckp Sarawak!!!..hahhahaha

10. (ku nda tau ko mau kasi msuk komen ku ni or nda, bab SENSITIF OIII) kch byk berhala!!!!!!!! Hahahahhaha..patutlaaa kebal!! Apa2 pun susah msuk kch… jan main2 1st lady muda, n gorgeousnessssssss….hahahahahha.

11. Makanan sgt sedappppppp!!!! Especially yang aunty masak, MANOK ACAR, TERUNG DAYAK, NASI ARUK, TUMPIK (betul nda ni?) mi kolok pun sedap, ko nda bgtau mi sapi tu pun mi kolok jgk!!! Sot!!! Smpai ku mkn dua kali, laksa Sarawak d best, nda sabar ku mau cuba, PIZZA RIA, teringat2 aku daaa..hahahhaha…telur masin goreng, 1st time ku jmpa!!!! Rojak kuchey of coz!! Hilang kempunan ku tgk pic nya..hahhahaha…

12. D spring kurenggg cket compare to 1B…hehehhehe…tp M.A.C punya PR tetap no1 kan?

13. Parking ticket kamurang sgt laaaaaaa modern n efficient!!! Nda pyh kejar2 mcik mau byr parking..hahah

14. Org kch sgt generous!!!! Toilet nda pyh bayar, naik penambang pun 50cent jak oooo…kek lapis sgt sedapppppppppp n murah!!! Ku serius rambang mata, n ku nda tau sebenarnya apa nama2 kek yg ku beli, org tnya aku, ku ckp, namanyaaa telalu canggih smpai ku nda ingt, padahal, mang ku main angkat jak masuk bakul masa beli ari tu!!!!!..hahahhaha

Well, this is Ika's view of her trip, from the bottom of her heart. Seriously, the trip was scanty, and we expect for more, but it's ok, there'll always be next time :)

ALL checked!! :D

Friday, January 14, 2011

Solitude; Lagu Tema: Noktah Cinta by Hafiz

I am feeling under now and I don't know whether I am supposed to feel that way. I have never been in this state of jealousy before. Does it make us a bad person if we envy over others' people happiness? But I can't help,not that I am not thankful of what I have but as much as I struggle to deny the feelings, I pretend to look ok. Maybe my life is so ordinary, even small things can make me green and over reacting. But the thing is, it is not small.

My colleagues just got their bonus today and there I am, feeling soooo casted away when they are all flaunting their letter of issue and start planning from vacation, white veil occasion, Eiffel tower, koala, Beijing, to the high end SLR. The most I could do is smile. "Oh I am happy for them" Not. Well, thanks a lot for the empathy, when they stop talking about bonus and change to other topic when I join the conversation, but you know what ?It vexes me even more!

If you had to ask, I haven't served the tenure for one year, thats why.... :'(

Org sekeliling ada lump sum dalam akaun, ko sorang je takde, haru ok!!!!!!I hope they go shop till they drop and finish all the money.huhu. self comforting nampak.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

What Ika has to say Part I; Lagu Tema: You're Still The One by Shania Twain


Best betul jln2 ku kali ni, mcm blik kmpung sndiri plak…hahahhaha..i mean I DIDN’T FEEL AWKWARD (tetttt) being wif u n ur family….kan2…mcm fam sndiri sdh…thanx byk2 sygku…baik btul aunty n uncle, tgk aunty masak baaa, sdia itu ini…huhuhu….ko dtg cni, sembarang jak ku buat..hahahahha…naaaaa, ku tulis pengalaman n pa ku rasa sepanjang ku d kch…

1. Impressed wif Kch’s town development structure, very modern, yet very xclusive!!! Especially the housing area.. ya Tuhan, keja apa la org kch ni??? Perasan nda kau, tu jak yg ku puji stiap kali jln..hahahha..

2 Jln raya yg sgt memeningkan!!! Sdh la roundabout sgttttttttttt la besar, bak kata kau, “bleh letak shopping complex dlm tu”..hahahhaha..serius besar!!!..n d most interesting part about d road in kch is……....TURN LEFT WHEN THE EXIT IS CLEAR!!!!...hahahahahha…kch jak ada rite?

3. So relax being in kch, teda sesak2 jln wif people yelling, scolding, cursing, honking, best bleh buat mcm jln sndiri, BUKTI: bas persiaran stop tengah2 roundabout, relax, keta stop tepat2 exit to left, relax, keta rosak without any sign, emergency signals, relax, and d best part….ORG TU DRIVE AGAINST THE TRAFFIC PUN, TEDA APA2!!!....hahahhahahah

4. Satu lg pasal jln d kch, ada plak traffic light tengah2 roundabout…..hahhahahahaha…pelik aku…klu ku tggal kch, mybe 10thn msh nda hafal2 jln,..hahahah..

5. Kch sgt bersih!!!!!...

to be continued.........


Outerwear: New Yorkers
Top: Esprit
Jeans: Levi's
Boots: Timberland
Snowcap: Modern Rock

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rostika's Trip To Kuching: Day 4; Lagu Tema: Cuti-cuti Malaysia by Siti Nurhaliza

Well, the final day of her vacation has arrived. As much as I despised the fact, I still need to make sure all the must-go places are checked. And the final one is my Alma Matter Unimas! I was taken of how much has my place changed. Unimas is uber nice place. Now the final phase is in progress. Can't wait to see the mighty hall. 
 Our library a.k.a CAIS. Only been there thrice. lol!
 My faculty!

The 'coil'. only in FSKPM Unimas :)


Top: Elle
Necklace: Park Avenue
Skirt: Jakel 
Sandals: Sachs
unimas washroom, forever 1st class.

 Cantik kan Uminas kaaaa?

 Where all my sweats drained.

Sorang je dik?  Bus waiting area in canselori

Speaker's corner, while waiting for the bus, you can entertain your friends. lol!

 Unimas Main entrance

Dayang Salhah second time in the quest for Hati Pari
Look what I found! :) she has two kittens!!


Now, the least expected takes place, time to go home :'(
We had all the time in the world since Ika's flight is at 11pm. So I brought her to see kites flying at the park near to my place, Actually lama dah tgk this particular uncle flies his hundreds of kites without fail, every evening but only had the chance to really watch.

The hundreds kites.

The host :)

Jacket: Diesel
Top: PDI
Necklace: Park Avenue
Skirt: Vintage
Pumps: Alice Crocs

We just realized that Ika hadn't tried Laksa Sarawak! Luckily God invented food court. Yes, Kuching starts early, you can find a lot of breakfast places, but for dinner, susah sikit.

Madam Tang's at Spring food court. It's halal walaupun nama cha ya nun alif.

At the airport watching AJL. Happy faces didn't do the justice. :(

Is it really that fast?? Seriously I don't feel the time running. All I knew is it's Sunday already! Huhuhu..
Let's see what Ika has to say about her trip in the next entry

[click]Cuti Cuti Malaysia by Siti Nurhaliza

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rostika's Trip To Kuching: Day 3; Lagu Tema: Tolong Ingatkan Aku by Ana Raffali :P

I bet most of you know what is Serikin by now, it is a Sarawak and Kalimantan boarder where we can get very cheap stuffs. That's why Serikin is a must in the itinerary. Ada orang tu sanggup wake up and mandi in the wee hours of 500 am lol! Blame me because I keep on reminding her to get ready early because I want to avoid traffic and heat in Serikin later. It  is a bonus when you go there early because they are more lenient with bargaining. We took off at 630am and reached Serikin at 730am. The pilot is yours truly :)

 Ika dah ta keruan, mata dah melilau2

 Topi Jawwwwaa
 Heaven of Telekungs

Quest for for bounties & loots :)

Then, we stopped in Bau for lunch

Tak pasti apa nama bukit ni. We had our lunch at Bukit Emas.

There's a story behind this lemang. Mak saw a full plate of lemangs at the stall where we ordered our food. Mak asked me to buy some. Apparently, they were not for sale, they were theirs. "-_____-  when our finished our meal, the hawker suddenly gave us this. "Kitak dah nyebut tek, sik nyaman ati kmk" Since you have mentioned, not nice if I dismiss. Well, no one can beat Sarawakian's hospitality. We are sensitive like that.  :)

 On the way back, Mak suggested we dropped by Tasik Biru in Bau.

 Very breathtaking, the lake is literally blue, :)

Top: Colours
Skirt: Vintage
Slippers: Crocs

With Mak, credit to Babah.

During vacation, the good thing is we never get exhausted. Thanks to adrenaline. Despite the two hour drive, that late evening, we went out again for Pasar Minggu. Well, since Pasar Minggu is only during weekends, like we have choice kan?

Oh ya, before that, I brought Ika to Swee Kang Ais Kacang, harusss..

 Ika's ABC
My Ais Jagung + Milo Tabur :)

Ika @ Pasar Minggu

Stay tuned....for more

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