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Life has taught me a lot about never to put hope on anything but ALLAH. Because when it turns out otherwise, the pain is unbearable. What crashed my past can never crash my present. Please do not use my photos without my permission. AidaThePinkGoddess™ © 2010 all rights reserved

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Monday, December 31, 2012


Birthdays hold families and friends together. Imho, birthdays deserve celebrations and gifts from the loved ones, because this is an obvious opportunity for you to display effort and care. Because when you don't perform for this one you'll never be. By the way, January is one of the months where I become broke, it's my SIL's birthday and my elder sis' birthday just two days apart!

For my SIL's birthday, it came early this year, (technically speaking, next year,) .If you plan for a surprise celebration, never do it on the day, that's the rule of thumb! So,its a successful surprise for my SIL's birthday, she got her wish list, and she was a happy do we, happy birthday kakak, may all of your wish come true!

For my readers, happy 2013, shuuh to bad things and hi to good things!

Oh, there's another birthday to plan!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

About Pink & Pandalela (with video)

We just discovered Ayra's new interest (we supposed) . That is swimming! We have this pool at our apartment, so last weekend we brought Ayra for a dip and she really enjoyed it beyond our expectation. Bought her a float and seriously she enjoyed it as much as her dad (am afraid of water). With her float, she found her own direction and carefreely swam around! ehehe
Its funny when she got mad when we took her out from the pool !! haha

Got this kid sneakers at only 24.90! Just couldn't resist because my inner girl screams!! By the way, these are so my kind of pink, not all pink are my kind. hehehe

Last but not least, don't forget to grab our atpgbydesign ruffles and lace shawls, only a few left, grab yours before its too late!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

AidaThePinkGoddess by Design Update No 1

For this first range, they are chiffon shawls, standard size with high quality lace and ruffles sewn to the border. 

RM 59 including postage.

1. Taupe with brown lace & beige ruffles
2. Black Maria- Black with red lace & Ruffles (SOLD)
3. The Camo- Army green with army green lace & ruffles
4. Cinnamon with pink lace & ruffles (SOLD)
5. Milky yellow with yellow lace & ruffles (SOLD)
6. Brown with brown lace and beige ruffles (SOLD)
7. Black Flamanco- Black with pink lace & ruffles
8. Cinnamon with brown lace and beige ruffles
9. Brick with pink lace & dark pink ruffles
10. Brick with brown lace & beige ruffles
11. The Pinkgoddess - Pink with pink lace & ruffles(SOLD)
12. Snow White - White with white lace & ruffles (SOLD)
13. Black with baby blue ace and grey ruffles
14. Milky yellow with white lace and yellow ruffles (SOLD)
15. The Bee- Black with yellow lace & ruffles

To order: 
Email to
State Name, Address, Phone Number, Product and Quantity
Wait for my reply and make payment
First come first serve basis
No reservation and no backout buyers please.
Thank you!


You can follow me on instagram @AidaThePinkGoddess and we deal over there!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

AidaThePinkGoddess by Design

My love for lace, ruffles and frills has escalated into a new level. With that, I am now starting my own tudung line, mostly shawls based on oh yes -you-got-it-right, FRILLS, LACE AND RUFFLES at

All collections are personalised and custom made by me from materials to design. I can assure all materials involved in producing each and every shawl are of the top notch. By purchasing one, in fact you are one of not so many donning these gorgeous shawls (besides me heheh) because each of them is unique. Please feast your eyes and make your purchase NOW because stocks are limited.


To order: 
Email to
State Name, Address, Phone Number, Product and Quantity
Wait for my reply and make payment
First come first serve basis
No reservation and no backout buyers please.
Thank you!

P/S: Stocks are in the midst of updating, please watch this space!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What to do..

All plans were neat, attending a colleague's wedding and moving into our own new cribs , were those. The plan for the wedding trip is interesting because we will go for a convoy and we will use our office bus consisting 52 of our staff! The wedding is in beluran (6hrs frm kk) and the decide to stay overnight in Sandakan! Aint that exciting??Suddenly, all fall second when i was called to attend a compulsory four days seminar somewhere north peninsular. I hate it when something adhoc surfaces in the midst of unprepared, in my case , mentally.
It seems like i have to miss my colleague's wedding and the excitement of moving have to wait.


Monday, December 3, 2012

Island Hopping

Finally, we made Island Hopping as husband and wife! Yes, we never gone for island hopping after we got married so we successfully had this impromptu island hopping from Sapi Island to Manukan Island! That's the thing about Sabah, you can go to any pulau from the city! Whenever you wish because the jetty is right in the middle of KK city! We swam and ate and swam again and ate again!

The 10 minutes journey

This somehow amazed him, maybe because he's wearing camo

An attempt to look like a newly wed


Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Poplook and Make Up Workshop

I know right!! I know you guys must be a fan too! Tell me already, this website robs me daylight (and night) everytime! But I can't help but to purchase, purchase, purchase! I dare to say 80% of my wardrobes are from thepoplook. I Love Thepoplook because:

1) It's Hijab friendly
2) Reasonable price
3) Up to date (frequent updates)
4) Comfortable
5) Very efficient

Now, they are having this Instgram contest to win RM600 of their store credit (boleh shopping sampai lebam). All you have to do is wear anything from thepoplook, snap pics, tag @thepoplook and #thepoplooklove and stand a chance to win the prize. Since 80% of my wardrobes are from thepoplook, I started spamming the contest. Ahahaha

Hence, I'm featured in their fb page, I know some of you have seen but personally for me, it deserves a blog entry. mwahahaha!

me in tomatoes
I know I keeeeep on posting this , because It's my current favourite from them to date!

Pink?Lace? Oh I am overdosed! I have this in all the 3 colors-mustard, white, Pink!

Story 2

Last last week, my workplace organised a makeup workshop by Bodyshop for the ladies. It was to occupy our free Friday lunch hour. Although I am not that keen of their products but I fall prey too! I love their high pigment eyeshadow and delicious lipbalm, and of course their signature white musk.

Transfer of Learning at home. haha but until now, I have no idea how to do eyebrows so I let it be, don't want to end up looking like Shin Chan >.<

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Aidathepinkgoddess, too Pink to your Liking

It's been a while... Now the hormones rage again, gimme something too pink please!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Twilight Saga

Finally, the twilight saga has finally over, Imust admit I was a tad emotional towards the end especially when the montage of Edward and Bella was screened! i can't believe it's been 4 years since its first installment and I have been an avid follower. Read all 4 books and been to all premiers except the last one because I have commitment now, priority shifts and we can't get carried away but am still fully satisfied I could watch it during the first week!

But some people has gone too blended in this saga because in the cinema, I was seated next to a new mother, who's still in confinement with her 12 days old baby! I know because I ask! I can't help it but to ask about her still-red baby! Can the husband be responsible? And everytime the volume turned crazy, I could only pray the baby would be ok. Without a hunch of guilt, the daddy (99% sure) just sat back, preoccupied with his COLD drink and popcorn while his wife holding the baby throught out.

I don't want to judge. Eh, I just did did'nt I? Some people just don't wait and don't do patient, hummm...

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Istanbul Aku Datang

After several good reviews I read on IAD, I was really determined to watch it myself and apparently I am really2 satisfied! First, I love Beto Kushairy's acting since Rosli Dhoby and the fact the movie is directed by Bernard Chauly, Fazura remember?

oMG i can totally relate to the movie! Actually I did exactly what Dian did ( i bet other girls would to) in the movie! The difference was I did not fly to where my then Bf studied but I gave up everything and flew to KK and settle for MA just to be near the element of my bf, his family! Thank God it worked out after rise and falls and bittersweet, he is now the father of my child.

The movie is sooo realistic and relatable, u know, being in one, a long distant relationship can really kill. It can be quite stressful dealing with all the uncertainty, insecurity and trust issues.I agree 100% to Azad's excuses, (Tomok), when you are far from each other you'll become lost and you begin to look for thrill and adventure, but at the end He/ she is still the one. When he mentioned that Melis (in that movie) does not mean anything, I totally buy that! He's right , but whatever it is the scar will remain forever right, and as much as I want Dian to give Azad a second chance, I don't blame her for falling into Harris' charm hehe.

Last but not least, you have to watch IAD then you'll understand what I've just written!

Monday, November 12, 2012


When I was informed we were gonna have a retreat at Shangri La Tuaran, I quickly took this opportunity to go for a short getaway with my family prior to the retreat. The meeting is on Monday so we checked in a day earlier, it was such a perfect timing for my husband is on leave on Sunday and Monday he is on pm shift. All I can say is Shangri La Tuaran serves the best and I am definitely gonna be a return customer. I love everything from the room, service and food! This is the only Hotel I have been to that serves real excellent food.

Photo time.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Aidathepinkgoddess' Charity Sale

Alhamdulillah, everything went well for my charity sale, all and all we have successfully collected RM1020 for the 2 days sale. It was all fun yet not an easy task. The most challenging would be to really man the booth until the end. Luckily I got helping hand from my brother in law who generously lend his shop foyer and actually spent his precious time to man the booth too! He's too cool. 

I learnt a lot from the program, now I know how it feels like when you ridiculously bargaining, and how it feels to literally work for wages. Thanks to those helping and supporting by visiting the booth! I really had fun and happier when I actually have ever given back to the community. Looking forward to organizing similar activity maybe in 3-6 months time because, I am really out of bajus! ahaha! But seriously I am calmer when I can get rid some of my stuffs. Too many of them. It's time to let go.
sorting out
first day

2nd day
 handing over the fund

Actually it was a task given by JPA in order to get confirmed prior our 6 months DPA course. We are to organize a CSR program and I chose Charity Sale. Luckily, it was a success!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

AidaThePinkGoddess' Charity Sale

For those in KK, please come and join us having fun shopping in the name of charity! 5 purchase at 1 price! See you guys this weekend!

*Farid Sports House is located in One Place Mall, opposite Sinar Mustika Putatan.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Stubborn 4

If my then body knows what my now body does, I bet It will ROTFC, rolling on the floor crying!My old body was the one who ran 5km before work and went to back2back class after work every day, my now body is the one who has been good friends with carbs and oil which i gotta know during pregnancy, worse, zero workouts!

Medically, our body is fit for workout 6 months after delivery,so now its the best time to start gradually since Ayra is approaching 6 months.

To date I have the remaining of 4kgs to get rid, i don't know why my body hits plateau eversince, even after puasa. So I really have to start working out to shed this clingy 4kgs..

The beginning is always the hardest they said, so buy something new they said..

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