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Sunday, October 30, 2011

♥Pink Makes Me Happy!! ♥

Exactly one week before my wedding,as I completed serving my resignation notice period, my laptop gave up on me, So sweet of him to let go right when the time came. Laptop-less, I just utilised our PC at home and since I don't have any work to do, the absence is irrelevant to me. But when I moved in to B's place, I began to feel the pressure, using something that's not mine. When I started working, I had my sis's Macbook on loan, but a non-tech savvy I am, I had a hard time. 

I had been eyeing for this beauty a month ago when I felt I really need a lappy of my own, but jobless and penniless after the wedding, I have to keep it to myself and be patient. 

Now it's finally mine :)     

Besides marked down RM100 off, it is accompanied by a cute pink pair of headphone, Bliss!

  My Sunday, perfected 

Books, I 

Earlier, I bought a beautiful cupcake just because its pink !

Dear  sweet pea , this is mom carrying you at 3 months :)

Ayam masak lemak cili api I cooked yesterday, YUMS!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Baby to call my own :)

Looking for new blog to stalk? click [here],it's my sister's!

My mood fluctuates between intense excitement and severe depression everytime. I just got back from KK, and I can't imagine, with expanding belly and hormon craze how am I to survive the frequent flyings? I am no younger anymore. Like yesterday, my flight was delayed to 11pm and i only reach KL at 130am and home at 3am! I am really wishing and hoping that government of Malaysia will have mercy on me on this matter. #NajibRazak.

During my stay in KK, I got the chance to meet my sweet pea-through sonogram. :) I am three months pregnant already and going ahead to my 2nd trimester. My sweet pea has become more prominent and I begin to feel more connected and I love him/her each day. Although the excitement is not as much and you are not in the limelight, but dear baby, you will always have mommy, together in my body we take care of each other. My heart moved when I saw you twirl and turn, kicking and boxing like nobody's business, it's like a strength for mommy to keep moving on. You seemed to be so happy so I must be happy too :)

Mommy just received a happy news but it has yet to be confirmed, I hope it's your rezeki baby. I love you so much and worry not, your presence in this world will be the most grandeur at least in my eyes. xxxoo~

Looking for new blog to stalk? click [here],it's my sister's!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Stepford Wife. Naaaa

Am currently in KK *bow* for my Deepavali Holiday.. Today is my first day to experience staying at home while hubby is working. FYI, he works from 6 am-1130pm! Walaupun terasa agak lost, malas melayan blues kerana ia akan membunuh diri saya sendiri, so I occupy myself with the possible house chores. After preparing him breakfast, I continued snoozing only to wake up at 830 am wahaha. I began my day with doing the laundry and ironing hubby's shirt, thank god I love ironing. Come noon, I prepared lunch (I only need to prepare the rice cuz Mak had already cooked in the morning while am still in my dreamland...teeeheeee) Suddenly, nope, I have been craving of Bread Pudding since last 2 weeks, so I made one today. The smell of the vanilla really kills!Yums. Nowadays, kalau x dpt makan benda yang diingini, hati rasa merajuk. My chores now stops at collecting the dry laundry and now folding them while watching the television. There's another 9 hours before B return from work. From now onwards, to the housewives, and working mothers..hats off to you guys!!


Friday, October 21, 2011

Oh SO True! The way I perceive my Life!

Imagine life is a game in which you are juggling five balls.
The balls are called work, family, health, friends and integrity.
And you’re keeping all of them in the air.
But one day, you finally come to understand that work is a rubber ball.
If you drop it, it will bounce back.
The other four balls - family, health, friends, and integrity - are made of glass.
If you drop one of these, it will be irrevocably scuffed, nicked, perhaps even shattered.
And once you truly understand the lesson of the five balls, you will have the beginnings of balance in your life.
You are definitely made of crystal!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


My updates:

  1. Used to be 25 inch in the waist dept, now I hardly fit into my bottoms :(
  2. Workloads have begun to stack up :(
  3. Honestly, I am not into office, clerical work, I miss teaching, because now I am taking orders a lot, like A LOT! Now I am doing what I used to do in SEDC.
  4. Funny thing, my degree is in Human Resources, so is my masters, now am serving at Human Resources Department at Ministry of Human Resources. Memang Human Resourcer lah saya ni sampai bila2..
  5. Am doing very fine with minimum morning sickness, actually it's more to evening sickness for me
  6. My job has landed me experience to be a monitoring officer at the Parliament. It was super cool cold inside. If you should catch Dato' S Subramaniam, haa that's my boss.
  7. People here think that Bintulu is very near to KK. They know that I am dying to go back to KK, so for every Bintulu inspectorate, they will send me there so that I can go back to KK in between. Whatt thee?
  8. Last but not least am counting seconds to go back to Kota Kinabalu for my Deepavali holiday. This is my first ever experience of Deepavali public holiday as we never had it in Sabah & Sarawak..

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Who's coming to town y'all/uols?

Like I said before, since I started working here, I have never appreciated my weekend like I ever before. Weekends are meant for lazing around, cooking and doing laundry because, honestly I admit, I don't have time for those during the weekdays, I left home as early as 645am and reach home the earliest at 8pm.

But my weekend this time was slightly different, my PIL and BIL were here. My FIL had to attend meeting and the rest tagged along. I was so happy, at least there's element of B around. Hehe, I was so optmistic and perasan that Hubby would surprise me that I pathetically suspected he was actually with them too. Angan2! Duh. hahaa..Ya I am that deprived! :/

On Saturday, we (my sis & My BIL) brought them to NZ curry house, just right when the mamak were packed with MU and Liverpool supporters, and you can imagine how we were caught in the middle of the on going mindless frenzy.

The next day, we invited my FIL to our place and Sis decided to prepare Laksa Sarawak. I can tell you it's her repertoire. So right now, I know, I just have to hunt only for Mee Kolok if I should crave for sarawak dish next time. It's so good to have guests around and most probably Your Majesty Queen Mother is coming to town next week!!Can't wait for all this happiness, and again I would like to tell the whole world, I am going back to KK next, NO IT'S THIS WEEK!Yeehaw!
 Kuah laksa, yummeh
 This sambal tumis I make one.he
 The garnishing
Bonding session da nak balik..

Oh ya, I got a very special belated birthday from my PIL. I love them, both gift and goodies. Very thoughtful of them. Thanks for making things at ease for me :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011


I ever told myself, I'll stop being self centered if I had a child. Now I get the message. :D

Now I appreciate weekends like I've never before. TGIF would be my mantra. Me & sis made nasi lemak today. The steaming rice and sambal are just so perfect together. 

View from my office, bricks everywhere, more like a jail to me, don't you guys agree?

Happy weekends guys! I want to tell the whole world I am going back to KK next Saturday! Yeehaw!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

My advanced birthday celebration

Remember my quest for Nachos? Well, after a mean tag by my sister, I finally got the chance to dunk into the tagged @Ben's~ Havenly I must say, crispy nachos coated with melting cheese, Yummeh to the max! Just recently, during Hubby's trip to KL prior his induction in JB, we decided to have an advanced birthday celebration of moi and @Chilli's. Again, we tried the BOTTOMLESS nachos, and they were like A LOT for only RM12, Jakun.hahhaa.. 

 Me & my beautiful sisters @ Ben's
The nachos is light and thin, just how I love them

 Pengantin lama..

 Buffalo wings yang ketemot.

After that, we bumped in Dato' K and Siti @Delicious. My, she is so pretty, up until now I resented for not taking picture with her. Why? because just not long before that , I followed my BIL to his friend's open house. There was Wardina, queueing for food, smitten, I politely asked her for a photo together but she snubbed me! When I returned to my table, a guests smiled at me, and she said "so expected of her". Itsokay maybe she has her own reason. So itwas a traumatizing experience for me for being rejected, hence I didn't dare to do the same thing with Siti.

I met Ekin too (and her twin), she looks like a doll!

Btw, just got these from Ika's BB. Zaman Narnia they are!

Don't we look err young? as in gonjeng. ahha I miss my wedding day. So much of happiness!

Big Bad Wolf

Since we were small, reading is our family's nurture. It's our pride to flaunt our Enid Blyton or Nancy Drew series. The Big Bad Wolf just invaded the city (MAEPS Serdang). Go grab your luggage and drag them to the book fair. Trust me am not kidding, you'll be needing luggage. I can assure you you'll get the best bargain that you'll resent your life if you don't show up. We went last night and it was heavenly for bookworms. Why wait, it ends on the 16/10, come or you'll bite your nail! 

Do you know Malaysians (yes that's us) read one PAGE per year in average? Time to prove that's so wrong or at least change it!

Look at the crowd! (of books I mean)

My sis' first haul

Our second haul

 This one I literally judge the book by its cover, only RM8! :)

Really make my day :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

For the sake of my sweet pea

I know this is too embarrassing to be revealed but I'll do it somehow. he. This morning, I was called by my immediate boss to her room for a pep talk, she opened up to me and she said she had somehow observed me and said that I looked sad and unfocus. I unhesitantly nod to every word she uttered. I admitted to her I am not able to focus 100% towards my work for the fact that my heart is not here. She said she could feel me as she is a mother and a wife and during her early years in the service she was also pregnant but she was not departed from her husband, so my case is rather worse.

My boss is a very empathic and nice lady, so she did advised me not to feel too stress as it can affect my baby as I am still in the early stage of my pregnancy. She even said only come to her for work if I am ready and calm enough. It seems light to others but it's worth the end of the world for me. My sister, my friends and even my superiors are super duper nice and they have treated me wonderfully. It's just me who just can't digest the reality just yet. I really miss my husband, I miss his company, now that he just commenced his work, I felt very departed.

I did a little reflection on what are the factors of my endless grieve, and it appears to me that I want to be near to my husband, he is where my home is, I need not to relocate but as long as he is by my side, it'd be heavenly. No matter how people tell me that they are so in my shoes, I APPRECIATE it, but it's always harder on the bearer. I hope this turmoil will cease soon so I can carry my child happily and be a fair mother to him/her. 


Perhaps this can cheer me up for the time being? :P

Friday, October 7, 2011

An Energy Ball to A Hamster

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi aida...

firstly congrats on being a mummy! you look so glowing :)

secondly, if you don't mind sharing your weight during your wedding? because you look so gorgeous on that day..

and also, your fitnes regime during and before your wedding.. because you seem so different than your engagement..
Thursday, October 06, 2011 9:10:00 PM

Especially for Anonymous:

I culpably admit that my lifestyle is a coin sided of what I am having now and prior to my wedding. Being a normal bridezilla, I religiously committed to numerous regimes from skin to working out, spiritual to physical. Imagine the stress of fitting and realizing a 26 years of hope and dreams into a 4-6 hours time frame? You tell me.

Months before my wedding, I re-registered myself to the gym (I stopped before because of work) and I NEVER failed to do the following, 30 minutes of treadmill before going to work and back to back of Bodycombat and Bodypump after work. How harsh are those? Figure them out. At that time, I was one energy ball, I could do all these without any post effect e.g: injury or over-exhausted. Even my weekend was occupied with those. Come on, who doesn't want to look good for her wedding right? But now, you make  me walk for 10 steps am gasping for air already.  I am 7 kgs lighter compared to my engagement.

I only ate breakfast and lunch and I normally skipped dinner but I made sure I drank protein shake for any meals that I missed. My objective is to look healthy, not a walking skeleton. 

I don't know about this, but I am a loose believer of traditional practice, but when Mom insisted I go for a spa package for a bride -to-be, I followed and I am glad that I listened to her. All they included in the Ratu Sehari Package (they called it) seemed to be effective, I felt fresh and light and I think these will reflect on your face during your big day.  One more thing, I resigned from my job a month before my wedding, I utilized all the time to pamper myself. I didn't wear any make up for at least a month to rest my skin. 

So right now, my life is pretty much opposite, I can't do all the workouts and I am forbidden to skip any meals. It's a conflict I know, because my wedding had passed for only a while, but I hope I still can endure as nothing makes me happy than a clean bowel, light feelings, and a clear skin. Seriously.

And foremost, I was very happy during my wedding day and I love the man I am married to so much.

Latest of me, u can definitely see my hamster cheeks by now. :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

No More an Allusion

Something worth knowing, I came to know about my pregnancy during the wee hour, the morning I went for my Kursus Asas PTD in Akademi Laut Melaka (ALAM). Despite all the signs, I dismissed them until that day. I was happy + nervous when I saw +ve for my UPT. The only thing I resented- Hubby was not with me for the priceless moment, Why didn't I have the test earlier!?! Fortunately I had the urge, if not, I would be at risk with all the extreme activities in ALAM. To name a few, we have riadhah twice a day, heavy duty riadhah with the jumpings, pumping, sit ups and running, 1000000 times of them. The one I scared the most was called PT10. PT10 is 200x (at least) or more of starjumps married with frog jumps. Can you imagine that? Then we had diving and plank jump from the height of 8 metres. Deep in my heart, those activities did tempt me but I was helpless. There's something one I care more about now.

Although exempted from all the sports activity, the schedule was really hectic, we slept at the earliest, 2am every day, I pitied myself that I had to go through those alone, in a foreign land with total strangers..sob3..

After completing the course, I quickly made a comfirmation check in Klinik Putrajaya and that was the peak when I checked with the reality. I was finally convinced that I am a pregger. And that was that awkward moment when Hubby's text read: I love you both so much. Err...

Now, I am serving in Putrajaya bound for my transfer application which cost me my tears. For the time being, I just think positive, bear with the demanding environment although only God knows it's really3x bitter to swallow. Allah knows the best!
During my sis' housewarming recently.

B had to go for induction on my birthday. SIGH...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

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