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Monday, May 30, 2011

Wedding of Ridwan & Sylviana Lagu Tema: Amazed by You by Lonestar

Our family friend invited us to join their entourage for their son's wedding. His son wedded a Sabahan sumandak, and the venue took place in KK. Altogether now Yes!! 

The solemnization was held at Marina Court attended by immediate families and very close friends only, very2 intimate affair it was. It witnessed the groom and bride donned in dreamy white with a dash of black and silver. There can't be any perfect combination than that. With only one lafaz, they are officially husband and wife. 

The reception was held on the next day at Shangri La Rasa Ria resort. They stick with black, silver & white theme but the event was different altogether. Guest were left awestruck during the entrance. The bride was marching after 4 pairs of bridesmaid and best men, only to be received by her groom singing to her! And the groom's vocal is no cap ayam one, he could pass a professional singer! He sang Amazed by You by Lonestar flawlessly without any glitch at any pitch, wow that rhymes. hehe I fell in love with that song right thereafter. 

The reception was an entertainment loaded event I would say, they have 3 piece livebands, dancing and a magicshow! Not to forget delicious Chinese dining served to entertain the tastebuds as well. Since the place is so much far from town, most of the guests considered of checking in after the event.

I wish this beautiful couple endless happiness and hope they'll be parents of beautiful babies soon. To Abg Ridwan, I salute you for adding one sister to our religion.

 Dreamy theme
 Groom's side
 The room number is A1004 my fav letter and number!

Ika, the dulang bearer! he

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Three-Day Pink Challenge-Day 3;Lagu Tema: Born This Way by Glee

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Worldwide Accreditation Limited; Lagu Tema: Firework by Glee

So today, we just went through another episode of auditing by something called Worldwide Accreditation Limited -International Advisory Academic Board- Code of Practice for Institutional Evaluations. 

The representative sent to our place happened to be a Japanese, Prof. Monotori Hoshi, a specialist in research about homo sapiens (yes human). With distorted perception in mind of how rigid a Japanese would be, we worked extra hard to make sure everything is well prepared. We were informed that his interest would be more on the delivering method rather than the subject content. The auditing will be school by school and our team is the second last to be interviewed. Some of us even learnt a few Japanese phrases. Lol.

The interview went well. Prof Hoshi is a very pleasant man, free of  any intimidating action/questions. Except, we couldn't quite get as his English pronunciation were very distinct-Japanese-accented. He was quite surprised of how young working Malaysians are, when he saw our Law lecturers, (FYI, they were around 40s to 50s) and when he met us, he was stunned. Our head of program is only 26. Afraid that he might doubt our credibility, we inquired for justification. According to him, Japanese students can be as old as 90!! It is their culture to retire and back to school. He is 70 years old himself! And most of Japanese will settle for more than one bachelor degree, they will utilize their retirement fund to be back to school. They couldn't just stop learning! If they have finished with physics, they will study business, next psychology and so on. And this is done after they retire. We are totally impressed by that. They really apply lifelong learning. So, for my dear readers who actually read rather than only looking at pictures, why do you think this is not happening in Malaysia? Please share you opinion, I really appreciate it :)

I think this is because they are very healthy. Just compare to an 80 year old Malaysian. Japanese is the country with the longest life span. So no surprise that they have a lot of centenarians. According to Prof Hoshi, their ratio is 1 adult : 4 veteran. So the population keeps on increasing as the mortality rate is way lower than their birth rate.

Towards the closure, he suddenly popped this question, How religious are Malaysians? One of our lecturer answered, we are fairly religious, some of the students go to church every Sunday, they even discussed it in the class, and there are some, who just couldn't be bothered.

"I am asking because recently Malaysia surfaced as one of the top in alcohol comsumption, though this is a Muslim-dominated country."  TET! you can read it [here]

No, we didn't ask him about the tsunami.

Monday, May 23, 2011

A Three-Day Pink Challenge-Day 2; Lagu Tema: Just Can't Get Enough by The Black Eyed Peas

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nur Kasih The Movie Review; Lagu Tema: Lagu Kita by Aizat

I have been an avid follower of Nur Kasih series, so, when the movie version is released, it is a must see movie! Emak, saya dan sepupu tengok premiere ok! hehe

Pertama sekali sya tak nak mengharap lebih2 for this movie sebab movie Malaysia ni must have one strong  factor to make the movie stand out. Contohnya kereta ke, CGI yang tak berapa nk CGI ke, jarang la 100% depends on the plot per se. 

But I was wrong. Nur Kasih nails it big time. Sangat best. Filem melayu paling best so far. I weeped 2/3 of the movie. Paling last local movie yang can make me cry is Sepi. (pun arahan Khabir Bahtiar) Skrip best and make sense, and I can totally relate. I bet the scriptwriter memang pernah melalui some of the events.

For those who are in love, engaged, married, you will be affected. Bestnya tengok Nur Amina & Adam, and Aidil & Aliyaa. The characters blend very2 well like they are born for their character. I was like, "Napa diorang ni pandai sangat berlakon??" And the fact that Tiz & Remy memang ada kimia. They did it very-very well. Yang penting, skrip and expression dalam movie ni logik. Part yang debu masuk mata time Adam sakit.. ohouhouu sedihhnyaa..Kalau la my husband sakit mcm tu, saya sanggup bersandak tempat.

As for the cinematography, cantik, but I am not that amazed la, tapi cantik for Malaysians movie. This movie is a proof that a movie can be great just with the storyline and script. 

Apa lagi aa... oh ya! Nur Kasih sarat dengan pengajaran... Banyak yang menusuk kalbu, memberi kesan, membuatkan kita rasa terpukul, tertampar, tercubit, tersepak.. hehe.. OST pun best sangat. Saya ni taknak bagi spoiler, tu la review shallow jer. Hee.

I love the ending. Ending yang semua kita tak expect, 40 years later...what would happen to them? So, go and watch it for yourself, you'll not be disappointed. This movie gets full stars from me! :)

Umi Nadzira takde dalam movie ni..Kalau dia ada lagi best kot. he
Ayu Raudhah watak sikit je. Cantiknya dia..
Remy, Fizz and Tiz memang layak dapat anugerah pelakon terbaik.
Cameo Jehan Miskin terbaik.
Mukhsin tak sesuai jadi orang jahat.
Masa scene lagu theme Nur Kasih tu masuk, goosebump kejap, mantap gabungan Tiz & Yassin

Boleh lah tengok Trailer Nur Kasih [sini]

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Three-Day Pink Challenge-Day 1; Lagu Tema: Run the World by Beyonce

Friday, May 20, 2011

Shawl for Sale. All below RM 10. Hurry!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Three-Day Pink Challenge; Lagu Tema: Pernah Muda by Bunga Citra Lestari

My blog name is a self-explained of how much I adore pink. Last week, I put myself on a challenge of wearing this hue for three consecutive days, as I wear none since I can't remember when. I just realized I have  too many of pink in my collection that I haven't worn yet. So this is the time. A tribute especially to my blog. To my, I love you so much. 
Full Review later.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Purple Lady + 1; Lagu Tema: Pulang by Awi Rafael

Purple Lady is here! Oh how we miss her, the last time I met her was during her sister's engagement  in December. Her homecoming this time around is a little bit exciting cos she is currently plussing one! :) This is my 1st experience of  having a pregnant best friend, ya speaking of same batch, same clique, (ya the closest you can envision yourself of experiencing soon, some sort of like that, huhu)

We agreed to meet on weekend but coincidently, I was on leave on Thursday and Friday, so the day came earlier for us. I fetched her up and (honestly Aifa, if you are reading this, I bet you do,) the moment I saw her with her belly, I almost tear.I had this funny mixed emo gurly sensitive feelings, yep, twas beyond word...(The same feelings when I saw Kak Nadh pregnant last time) We are so far from where we'v been. Omg, omg, omg, we are at another phase of life already. Ok, Overrr! 
I tried my best not to hit any bumps or sudden brake cos my dear friend looks so fragile, hehe.

We ambushed Aza's office and had a good chat at her place. We were like digging into old memories as much as we talked about Aifa's pregnancy. I just couldn't stop praising her. She looks so beaming and healthy I bet her daughter will be as pretty as she is. Living proof of the saying that women look most beautiful when they are pregnant, all the curves at the right places! :)

Yesterday, we had an outing together with another best friend of ours. We studied together during matriculation. Nothing beats gossiping catching up during lunch and we HAD to do that. Hihihi. Initially we planned to watch movie at 2pm but the queue was so long, we decided to go for the next show at 4. After prayer, we went to buy the tickets but it was full house :( So memang takde jodoh tgk wayang. Aifa suggested Sunny Hill Ice Cream.

Aifa, Baun Azza
Just look at Aifa's portion!
Aifa gave us identical Nichii necklace! hehe
Jibril Pun nak enter-frame.he

They sent me back and alang2, they lepak at my place for Asar and Maghrib prayers. That was a fun outing considering that we had a lot of contact hours together. Takde tengok wayang segala. he.

Azza & Aifa with a bibik. haha

Thanks Aifa for the visit, if not because of you, me & Aza will forever using our busy excuse to escape. Thanks for gluing us back together. he. Tapi sumpah, memang busy, kan Aza. It's good that we had a day vacant especially for a nice catching up moment to share everything that we have missed along the way. A moment that we once adored and a moment that we will value in the future. Priceless.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Men Vs. Food; Lagu Tema: Get on The Floor by Jennifer Lopez

Yo! I am still in the business! Sorry for the lack of entries lately. Priority shifts made it impossible for me to commit to daily entries. Idling from blogging doesn't mean I forget it altogether. You know, I have this habit of writing in my head every time I have blog-worth activities. So, it's food edition this time around. 

Since I started working, I met new people. Accept it that we are Malaysians, what is our mutual interest? Yes. Food. So, new people get me to know new eating places. 

1. Zest.
Zest is located at Jalan Petanak, next to Pop Wave Karaoke. Everytime I go here, my only choice is Pumpkin Soup! I never tasted other Pumpkin Soup before so, just take it as this is my good first experience with Pumpkin Soup. My friends swear over its grilled chicken and fish and pasta. They are awesome.

2. The Junk
I am sure a lot of Kuchingites know this place already, but I just tried it two weeks ago. The downer would be the price but then again, the portion and taste really worth the price. Very2 nice ambience but not good for phototaking as it is very dark inside. I tried its Prawn+ pumpkin soup + garlic bread. Located next to Ting & Ting Supermarket. Opposite St Mary's school.

3. Sky Cafe
I'd never knew this place exists if not because of Aifa, it is operated by Malaysian Airlines catering. You can find superb danishes, pastries, sandwiches, desserts here with awesome prices. They also have the scarce macaroons and Pavlovas!! You definitely up for your second and more visits! Located at Green Heights Mall, next to Cold Storage Supermarket BDC.

Yes, Purple Lady is here for vacation. She is the prettiest pregnant mommy I have ever seen. Glowing and all. It's true what they say, women are most beautiful when pregnant. We are up for another outing together on Sunday. Will update about that as well.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ernie Khairina Colllections. Sweet Dreams are made of this!;Lagu Tema: Gee by Girls Generation

Blogshopping (or online shopping) has taken retail therapy to a whole new dimension. You can now literally be in your comfort zone while filling your virtual cart. I'd love to admit, I am one of the addicts. Other than a good internet connection from your part, an enjoyable online shopping experience would rather be influenced by the other party. Yup, the blogshop itself. Some would just randomly tag you in FB and some would have a proper blog to  showcase their stuffs. I definitely prefer the latter. Having said that, it is hard to win my eyes let alone my heart. Being very fussy in choosing blogshops, the blogshops that will entice me must have all these criteria. Clear, crispy photograph with almost correct color tone. Yes! Definitely top my list this one as isn't it the whole concept of online shopping is seducing your customer VISUALLY? So, what's on your mind if you and your effort settle for just photo taken with a camera phone? Second would be neat layout and helpful instruction. Information must be clear and relevant. Third, reasonable price. Period. Fourth, good taste of the collection, overall. Hats off to Ernie's personal choice of collections! She got taste! Lastly, excellent pre and post service. I don't want my expectation and excitement to be shaterred by your half hearted commitment to serve your customer, or else, you can close it down. Don't bother to sell anything.

Therefore, I would like to recommend a blogshop of my personal choice that meet all these fussy criteria of mine. Beyond actually. 


Ernie Khairina Collections. Goes by its acronym EKC. Owned by Ernie herself. She's a mother mind you!

Neat layout, user friendly. CHECKED
Reasonable price.CHECKED
Good taste of the collection. CHECKED
Excellent pre and post service.CHECKED

How can you not fall for this??

 A very good news for anyone who's interested and feeling gurly, your time is just right. EKC is hosting a contest now, don't miss this opportunity as the prize is kaw2 punya. RM150 + her beautiful shawls!

I bet by now, you have fallen for this blogshop already, so, don't wait, go the Facebook or blog NOW!And you will nod to every word I write in this entry!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Academic; Lagu Tema: Count On Me by Bruno Mars

Today, we received a group of academicians from University of Sunderland; their Head of Business School and his academic staff. We collaborate with the university and they are here for procedural observation and stuff. I was one of the approved tutors and I was informed 2 weeks before the visit. And it happened that I was the unlucky one, because my class was selected for evaluation. Thus, within this 2 weeks, I have devoted myself to a subject called Human Resources Strategies; code UGB320. I have read all the journals in the world and harassed any network that I could. I have been everyone's pain in the a**. I nagged B every now and then.

So just when I thought everything is under my belt, the subject leader as we call him, sat in my class for two HOURS! Yes, based on my past experience, even for auditing and accreditation, the longest they would sit in was 15 minutes. He is rather a very nice guy, a typical warm Caucasian man. 

"Just pretend I am not here alright"
How, when you are tilting your head right in front of me" "-____-

Considering it was a do it or die mission, I just let my class ran on its own course, plus my students are very obedient and pro active, they are the ones who like to prove everything, I never thought this annoying attitude become handy at this point of time. hehe. I swear that was the longest two hours in my life. I taught "Strategic Reward Management System" and "Organizational Cultures: Strategic Intervention".

Warning: Lines below would be very academic, you can skip if you are not interested.

Under the "Strategic Reward Management System", we came to a subtopic of how pay systems are created to mould employees behavior, and this is very theoretical based. The famous motivation theories such as Maslow's and Herzberg surfaced. If you are from management and business background, you'll come across these two millions of time, and they are the pioneers of their kind. 

"Herzberg was one of my man back then, we did see each other lotsa time before"
My student: He is still alive? *How about My fist on your face?*
"No, he's gone but we used to be good friends before"

Oh my, It is like meeting Shakepear's friend if you are teaching literature. Die! Awesome!

And I did argue of how Herzberg put up money as a hygiene factor not a motivation factor. In a layman, hygiene factor is "KALAU ADA TAKDE APA, KALAU TAKDE WILL CAUSE DISSATIFACTION" The absence of it will affect, somehow, if it presents, nothing happens. So, for me, MONEY IS A MOTIVATION FACTOR. Wellll. haha. So I tried a litmus test, I asked my students;

"How many of you would come to class conducted on SUNDAY, if I pay you RM100"

He is quite impressed because, the UK scholars are arguing about this too (Herzberg is American born). And his theory has become controversial over there. And he did mention, he used the EXACT example like mine, but none of his students was willing to come to class although paid. So we come to conclusion, Money is a motivation factor MODERATED by culture. Means, Asians love money, if not Malaysians. hehe

Then I moved to my second topic. National cultures dimensions, how different countries would approach differently towards five bi-polar dimensions. This model is proposed by Hofstede.If you study Organizational Behavior, you definitely know who Hofstede is. 

"He is my friend too, and this one is still alive, and I know his son as well"
Oh you did not! Just kill me already!! Seriously this is bigger deal than meeting Bruno or Justin Bieber! 

Although I finished on the dot, we dragged our class on side topics like the ROYAL WEDDING, hehe, of course we asked, and also the boys brought up Manchester United's victory over Chelsea last night.hehe

As a closure, he suddenly asked me,
"One more thing, I need to ask, very important thing"
"That's it, I'm screwed, what other areas I missed out??!, oh life never have mercy on me one!"

"Can you tell me, why Charles Brooke name this city Kuching?" "-__________________-

It must be a divine intervention, I can answer that one I tell you! hehe

P/S: It's funny how your fate is pre destined. I have yet got the chance to pursue my study in a foreign uni, but TEACHING in one comes first for me. The downside? It's not in the foreign soil! hurm....

Celebrating mother's day, we watched FF5!!! super best, the theater was full house that we sat scatterred around.

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