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Monday, January 17, 2011

Of My Late Resolution & I Heart ♥ Pink; Lagu Tema: Speak Now by Taylor Swift

After almost a half month passed for 2011, I think I know what my resolution is, to become calmer. I suffer from an obsessive compulsive IMPATIENCE disorder. Everything I want, I want it NOW. Waiting is too unbearable for me. Some of my classic symptoms are:

1. Every time I send my material to tailors, what matters me is WHEN is the fastest they can complete mine.
2. In restaurants, make me wait for maximum of 10 minutes, you can find me waving at waitress to speed up my order.
3. If I buy snacks, I have them opened at the supermarket entrance or worse, few centimetres after the counter already.
4. It irritates me much those who don't get back to me asap. (e.g. emails, text, phonecalls)
5. I always send my clothes to the laundry in the morning (8am), and if can, I want to claim them by noon!or worse, "Can you do it now, I come back after 1 hour?" Yup I can be to that obstinate extent!
6. No surprise if online purchase is tormenting for me. The max I can accept is within 24 hours. Therefore I never purchase online on Thursday to Saturday.
7. If I want something so badly, I will leave whatever state I am in and go straightaway to get it.

This is nuts! That's why I want to get this disorder derailed of my life slowly. I will try to be calmer and try to distract my impatience with other things rather than shaking my legs condoning the "slow" things according to my definition. I used to think its inevitable. Tolong ingatkan aku its not.

Old pictures with ornaments.
Pink never fails to pinkify my Monday Blues..

Isn't pink supposed to be calm? Hurm...

10 chemistry(s):

Shiba Hisham said...

pink is romantic & charming :)

Shiba Hisham said...

pink is romantic & charming :)

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

Shiba: true! sweet and feminine too! :)

mimie kamisah said...

kmk ada nemu kitak kat pasar minggu satok ari sabtu ya..
p mek malu mok tego, tkut ktk terkial2 nak ngingat sapa kmk.. hehehehehe

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

tegor jak lain kali.hehehe mesti mek ingat.ehe

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

awak, aanna, kasyfi, ngan aza<-- ekot turutan. semua jenis kejeron yg xpat ditandingi. nang idup sy slalu dikelilingi oleh org kejeron... n sy dah biasa dgn impulsive shopping bila ngn kitak urg.. hehe

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

yaka eppa?? hehe aok! kejeron! that is the word!! eh azza kejeron juak ka??

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

yes.. tp nya kejeron sik mcm kitak tiga. aza kejeron delay 2-3 hr. or plg lmk seminggu. ingt sy zaman skolah dolok nya kejeron nk meli gitar alu mena2 beli.. haha.

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

ooh, sik sm level kejeron mek dua, 2,3 hari boleh pengsan sebab stress sy nunggu.hehehe aza pandey main gitar! hehe

Hyp3R said...


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