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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pan Pac Sutera

Another feel good night to enjoy, last night, we enjoyed the last complimentary passes to dine in Pan Pacific Sutera. Seriously if not because of all these free passes, we think we had enough of hotel food already. Some of them are just blergh! Luckily, Pan Pacific made it up. They have the best roast beef and the ultimate chocolate volcano. I actually had two good helpings, that made B gave me the look. Pfft!

I'm loving this top , it justifies me definition by definition! 

When the husband is fairer than the wife

The ambience,. (that's what we are actually paying for when it comes to dining in hotels right?)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dinner and MaulidurRasul

Last Maulidur Rasul, I was still pregnant with Ayra, so I was dropped from the marching namelist. This year, I volunteer! Our director refused to come up with a ready list because according to him, he wanted to look for those who are IKHLAS in performing ibadah.

The marching started from Bandaran to MUIS as the assembly point. It was a fun experience because it was my first experience since forever!The last time was only during school I think. Some said it's bidaah but when it comes to something good we just need to do it with an open heart, don't think too much.

Last Friday, I had two complimentary pass to dine at Shang Ri La Tanjung Aru, the last time we had was Shang Ri La Tuaran. My verdict is, the international buffet was plain, nothing special. The tuaran branch was way better and more tasty! Since I have only two, we wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate us. Ju st us! Sorry for my instag followers, it was actually not our anniversary, hihi, our anniversary is in another 7 months! hehe,

Pink parade uols.

 At the Asian counter
 This ladies and gentlemen, is Mongolian Dish
 The entrance with huge fresh flowers do
Our little family plus my lesportsac clutch.hihi

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mission: i'm possible!

New attire!! 
Not. Plan to wear my wedding dress.
So the mission to fit in this, begins!!!


What to do with sheer.

Don't you love sheer material? moreover, nowadays they come up with the nicest design. Last month, I had a haul in Jakel after they have this promotion of sejuta meter kain must go sort of thing! So sheer materials were as low as RM5/m! 

My habit, I don't do lining for my thin baju kurung. 1st, the upah is expensive, they charge me double , it is like making 1 baju but for 2 upahs (scream cheapskate!!!!) , worse, for some material, you'll end up as if wearing a plastic bottle. Kejung gitew... So, it defeats the purpose of your flowy sheer material e.g chiffon.. crepe... etc..

Hence, this is when what the hijasbista loves to call 'inner' comes in. I know now there are numerous inners easily found in boutiques or even supermarket like giant but so far none of them is excellent. After first wash, they'll not be the same anymore. I know there are the good ones but they cost a bomb.

But, I just bought one from the thepoplook, it is described as maxi dress so you have the thickness of the dress but in nude! so the combination is perfect to become your inner, easy beacuse it's one piece, you need not to wear an inner + a petticoat.

Hereby I strongly recommend this, Caryn Maxi Dress in Nude. with really2 affordable price!

p/s: Nope, I am not sponsored to this here, this is tulus dari hati yang ikhlas, sharing is caring!

Monday, January 21, 2013

What's Been Up.

Wooopss! Before you go all congratulations, I am not the one, it's my SIL's~

Well, the news is too good to be later in this post. Well, last Friday, I had these complimentary dinner passes to Hyatt Hotel, it would be so dull if its only the 3 of us, so we decided to invite the whole pack. (ala2 werewolf giteww). 
Review of the food: Although lack of varieties, it is actually an advantage, because its food is of the top notch and quality maintained. If you ask me, would I pay, yup! I would! Hyatt food is the best. 

Little that we know that the dinner apart from being FOC, it was a soft announcement for a new family member. Akak broke the news, and everyone was smitten. Congratulations to Akak & Hubs! Can't wait for another mini, my other SIL is also in her 4 months pregnancy. hehe

Work wise, we've just had a netball friendly match with the state players. It was fun, something to make me sweat apart from shoppinnnnnnnnnnn.... hehe

Friday, January 18, 2013

Ayra Maysaa's First Taste of Orange (Video)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Warning: this is a vanity & Useless post that you may dismiss!

About.... Jackets!

Who has seasonal craze/obsession? I'm so with youuuu! Some may had seasonal craze with shawls, shoes, watch etc. Currently I am so into JACKETS! Biker, tweed & blazer are my current addiction! Some are with lace sleeves and chains. 

And the best are PINK! :)))

And no. 2, (Yes I have TWO seasonal craze right now) souvenir tshirt! he Come on, they are cheap, comfortable and they have great designs, how can you not fall prey to these! ehe

Monday, January 14, 2013

Dejavu di Kinabalu

Long delayed post this is. Last christmas, we had an impromptu trip to Kundasang for durians on cheap sale. FYI, durians here in Sabah is a luxury, they are sold by kgs, and they are freaking expensive. So, Kundasang sometimes had these durians on promotion. e.g RM 5/kg. Plus my BIL got some ABIM program at Pusat Latihan somewhere in Desa Cattle.

We reached Kundasang at about 1pm, because the road was rather packed, due to everyone balik kampung.( Kundasang is the feet of gunung Kinabalu.) But it's highland already.

My Mom in law came up with the idea of staying overnight so we did! We rent a resthouse, a beautiful but pricey because of the peak season. But everyone chipped in, :)

We had the view of the mighty Kinabalu! That was priceless! :)
1st pitstop, restaurant Intan, where the famous sayaps are

Our chalet

 The mighty Kinabalu at the back, behind the clouds. It was freaking cold at this time because of the shower.
Masjid Kundasang.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Kuching Trip & Sister's birthday celebration

Remember in my previous post, I mentioned about planning another birthday party? Well, it was my sister's. For her 33rd birthday, all of us took leave and had a get together in Kuching just to celebrate her birthday. It's been a while I went back to Kuching and it'd changed a lot! Went to the hypest, latest shopping complex called Merdeka Plaza and I am hooked! Love the interior and ambience, not too big and not too tiny! :)

Back to my sister's birthady bash, we had dinner at Magenta Restaurant @ the old courthouse and quite amused by the food. The portion deserved an A+ and the taste does too! The best would be the lamb shanks, twice the size of a adult men knuckle!

Mom ordered a personalised owl cake for my sister and it was havenly. Tastes as good as it looks! (red velvet). Sis got bundles of gifts combined from all of us! perfume, watch, bracelet, made her a happy birthday girl!

Happy birthday sister, may all your wish come true!

Ayra goes to work

After 3 days of leave, I went home only to know that I HAVE to go to work because there was an urgent matter. This is conflicted with the fact that my babysitter had to go back to her hometown too because of urgent matter.

I had hopelessly texted my boss, whether I can bring my daughter to work today, because I have nowhere to leave her, with a sad face emoticon! I don't want to give a bad impression of applying for emergency leave after a long leave. So, I brought Ayra to work today. 

Thought it was hard, but.. Ayra was napping half of the time and if not, she was everywhere to be found with my colleagues! haha, this made thinking of bringing in her cot in my room. Very easy! heheh Luckily she behaved and not cranky. Because of late e.g. in kuching, she was one cranky pot! 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My new year story

Everyone has their new year story, I have mine too! And it was not a happy one :(, here it goes

On new year eve, B worked as usual and I was on leave because Ayra's babysitter balik kampung. After done with the house chores, I brought Ayra for my ritual, (window) shopping while waiting B return from work. 

Later in the evening, my MIL and BIL invited us for a makan-makan session together with B until past dinner. When we got home around 10-ish, we discovered our place had no power. We called SESB, (TNB for Sabah) and luckily they had standbys. But when they came, they could do nothing much because the power house was locked and our management was not available until the next day. 

Concerning about this matter, B planned to apply for EL to sort things out. Much to our horror, he was ordered to CALL IN by his specialist! He had no choice but to follow suit. 

And yes, it was yours truly's responsibility now, as for today, I have to justify with my superior that I need to deal everything by today because hell no I'm gonna live without electricity and I did some preachings too to my management office for not attending to emergencies during holiday and after office hour how can! Luckily we have my MIL's place to menumpang kasih! If not?!!?

But certainly have made my day with these beauties~ Ruffles hem top and a RARE pink biker jacket! my....

I hope all the bads have gone in this one hell experience for this 2013! 

Now looking forward to a homebound trip this weekend! yeeha!!

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