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Life has taught me a lot about never to put hope on anything but ALLAH. Because when it turns out otherwise, the pain is unbearable. What crashed my past can never crash my present. Please do not use my photos without my permission. AidaThePinkGoddess™ © 2010 all rights reserved

Ayra Maysaa

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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Of Ayra turning 1 soon and others

Ayra is turning 1 soon. In one month time! Time flies so fast that I couldn't catch up! Speaking of not catching up and Ayra turning 1 next month, I have one thing bugging me, I haven't got my pre pregnacy/ wedding weight yett! Mayday3x! My expecting SIL asking about confinement tips and right there it hits me! Omg, no way I m gonna make it within one month! I'm gonna be the typical offset birthday girl's mother!

I regret for not adhering to the 40 days of pantang religiously! Serve me right for taking it for granted but B speaks up, it's not about pantang per se, it's because I'm plain LAZY!

I admit I hardly move now. During prewed era, I was one energy ball, I eat, sleep, play gym! Now gym Whaaat? Run whatt!?? But in my defense, it is not that I don't want but I can't because if I go to the gym and run, who's gonna look after Ayra? Excuses, I know. But hey walk in my loafers, then you'll know, plus hubby's work schedule is literally from dawn to dusk, I am just checkmate.

Shut up if you have maid and back off of you have parents looking after your children, you can have your sweet time at the gym or even parlour!I mean lucky you!! Hehe, I cant even remember when was the last time I had facials.

Just a moment ago, hubby asked me to do push ups, after the 5th one, I gave up and told him, "No way women can do this, according to physics, our body ratio will not be able to do this"! B just shook his head.

But to SIL, worry not, she is one of the alien genes, who restores to original specs in like 48 hours?!! U know some women who only add up on the tummy, the baby's out, pop! Normal!I hate you guys million times!

To prove I'm serious about losing weight, today we had a brunch buffet treat, I only ate salad and plain water..

Ok boohooo! I lied! I had a double good helpings of that roasted lambs and desserts! And that creamy sweet foamy teh tarik! Haiyaaa... I hope I burn calories typing this. At least...

This pink tweed jacket I'm wearing below is a keeper! Nyesal tak beli semua color!

I just found out the apps for this mirror effect, hence my new muse. haha 

Finally we discover Ayra's fear factor! She is one fearless girl I tell you, but she's to scared of clown! She screamed her lungs out when she saw this fellow who's trying to make her a poodle. hahaha

Oh, see the evoque and hummer! how gorgeous r they!!

No smile, Smile, Smilest! hehe

Monday, March 25, 2013

Respecting Guest. Hospitality

If one living skills that parents should teach their children: it is HOSPITALITY. Hospitality here I mean by how to treat guests. We learn a lot from our parents. For us, they are the best host. Seriously, by hospitality, it truly defines who you are! 

With great hospitality it actually credit the whole family of yours. When you receive guests, you want them to be at the Kingest position. Feed them before they ask and until they can't ask for more. DO NOT be reluctant of whatever they need, actually be prepared especially when they tell you before hand that they are coming. Not being punctual is a NO NO! When your fetch your guests late, you are actually telling them they are not looked forward and they are simply not important. Offer them whatever they need and not. Make available what is not for them. Make them feel as welcomed as you can.

I have ever been in both situation, as a host and as a guest. And yes, I have met with horrible hosts.

I honestly believe this starts from home. We emulate what our parents did/do. Hospitality can be nurtured. Because not respecting your guests is one of the most despicable deeds.

The Messenger of Allah further guides us by saying:
"Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should be hospitable with his or her guests.
Our great Prophet [s] teaches us to be generous and how to entertain guests. He wants a Muslim to show gratitude and be kind and happy when receiving guests. One should respect and welcome his guests, in particular when they are strangers, or have no family or friends in that country.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

First ever Vacation of us 3!

If I were to wait for B to be fully available for vacation , I think the time will never come. And me too will be very busy starting 2nd quarter of the year. So we thought now is the very perfect time for a short vacay, first for the three of us. Somewhere further? Maybe not now, because of time constraint.

Last weekend, we went for a short holiday in KL. B's sister's in laws are very kind to lent us stay in their transit apartment right in the center of Kampung Baru. Not only that, they also provided us with a car so we can drive around by ourselves.

But we were so lucky because we were treated like King by my sis and BIL whom I think was more interested meeting her niece, Ayra Maysaa. They took care of her while we did our shopping! he 

Just because its Pink

Had to buy one more extra luggage 

attempt of color blocking

Ayra and Wa playing with bunny

Just because they said..But had a good jackets galore here

My must visit store

ayra  and daddy playing around

Time to go home.

This is the highlight of our trip! I get to meet Lisa Surihani!! she is such a sweetheart, very humble and down to earth. We were not so lucky because we missed Yusry who had to catch up flight to LA.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Offering money to children

When you were small, have you ever had this excited feelings of going back to your home town because you know you will collect money from your aunties, adult cousins, especially the working ones? And how you make effort to at least bring something for them. Kuih ke, ikan kering ke?

Now I have become an adult, I practice that. Offering money (be it in any amount) is common in our family. If we have gathering we will prepare money in packets for the children. It needs not to be told but it's automatic. I think this is the simplest gesture that you can do to treat your guest. 

The same goes when we receive guests, we will offer to their children and like it or not, can't help it but;  WE EXPECT THE SAME. 

How's this practice in your family/society? Please share.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Sibu Trip 2013

For those who don't know, I hail from a small town called Sibu, Sarawak. It's been 5 years since I last been to Sibu. So last week, my Mom suggested that we have a family gathering, guess where,? Sibu!! 

I took a direct flight from Kota Kinabalu and I brought my gem along! Because the relatives urge to see their new addition of our family. Now Ayra has grown up, she's a tad difficult to handle, luckily, ther was a vacant seat next to me. As long as there's anything within her reach, she'll try to grab it! Quite handful to handle, plus she is no light. A 10 kg baggage accompanied me.

Sibu has changed a lot! everything is polished including the wet market! I think it s way better than any other market that I have been to, much more organized and cleaner.

Before we checked into our hotel, we stopped at my cousin's house and were welcomed by my cousin's children whom were still toddlers when I last saw them. I was stunned when some of them are taller than me! And of course a very beautiful and handsome generation I must say! 

Ayra, maybe because of the foreign surrounding has become one very cranky pot! Couldn't be any crankier than that I tell you!! She would scream whenever she was held by someone else, including my sisters and her grandparents! aiyoh.

The itinerary is most fulfilled by FOOD HUNTING! Chilhood places revisited including the biggest Sugarbun in Malaysia, and the famous Kpg Bandung Seafood.

Ayra having breakfast

Kampua mee, famous in Sibu, something like mee kolok. Nyaman tak hengat!

These are Kompia, Sibu's very own traditional bun, super yummy, can get 7 pieces for RM 1!!!!

SB Hq.

 We have kenduri kesyukuran


 Ayra and paknek
Sibu night market

Ayra and her 2nd cousins.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lahad Datu

The situation in Lahad Datu had badly affected the surrounding areas including Kota Kinabalu although we are 8 hours apart. I must admit, the social media has taken over the medium of message conveyed and has become credible compared to the prime media. I understand the mainstream media try their very best to ensure everything is under control. Bayangkan headline TV1,2,3 "Keadaan kucar kacir, penduduk disaran meninggalkan rumah", Pengganas dikhuatiri sudah masuk bandar" I'm sure this will make everything chaos and more difficult for the civilian and easier for the intruders.

We, in Sabah received numerous rumors (or not?) from handphone print screens and forwarded message (chain letters) which we are ordered to ignore, but we just can't! Imagine receiving those messages when you are alone at home! Seriously I never felt this alert before. Last night it was a sleepless one for me. This morning while driving to work, we can actually hear the siren from the TLDM base which is not far from my working place. 

Please pray for us here. 

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