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Sunday, June 8, 2014


Wee huu! I hope there's still living souls visiting my blog...
I am guilty as charged, feeling a lot lazier to write because of my new found affair with Instagram! But, since my blog is my first love, forever she will be . :)

Anyways, let me begin of telling about my being. I am now undergoing the seven months course of which every PTD has to go through for confirmation, and we just hit the 100th day last2 days! What I can say is, last time, I don't even want to listen to any DPA associates but now I have to admit , I am going through the course very very well indeed. Especially the kind new friends I found. The distance with my loved ones? I can bear so far because all family members give their undivided supports especially taking care of my daughter.

The thing I enjoyed the most about DPA is the outdoor modules. We have three outdoor modules, Polis, Bomba dan Outward Bound School. The one I enjoyed the most is Outward Bound School. Like their motto has it, Back To Basic, once you registered for the module, you must surrender your cellphone!!, junkfood , money and any gadgets possible to make any contact with outsiders. Imagine life without handphones for one week. At first few hours and days, I suffered the withdrawal syndrome! Every did. Checking their pockets for handphones and not knowing how to break the ice the the room! Look what social networking has made us become!

I will surely tell the whole story about my Outward Bound School adventures in my next entry, till then...

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