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Life has taught me a lot about never to put hope on anything but ALLAH. Because when it turns out otherwise, the pain is unbearable. What crashed my past can never crash my present. Please do not use my photos without my permission. AidaThePinkGoddess™ © 2010 all rights reserved

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

AidaThePinkGoddess' Charity Sale

For those in KK, please come and join us having fun shopping in the name of charity! 5 purchase at 1 price! See you guys this weekend!

*Farid Sports House is located in One Place Mall, opposite Sinar Mustika Putatan.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Stubborn 4

If my then body knows what my now body does, I bet It will ROTFC, rolling on the floor crying!My old body was the one who ran 5km before work and went to back2back class after work every day, my now body is the one who has been good friends with carbs and oil which i gotta know during pregnancy, worse, zero workouts!

Medically, our body is fit for workout 6 months after delivery,so now its the best time to start gradually since Ayra is approaching 6 months.

To date I have the remaining of 4kgs to get rid, i don't know why my body hits plateau eversince, even after puasa. So I really have to start working out to shed this clingy 4kgs..

The beginning is always the hardest they said, so buy something new they said..

Monday, October 22, 2012

Of Chicken Wings!!!

Of late I have developed severe craving towards...... Chicken wings! I am willing to go extra mile just to savour any recommended chicken wings menu. Chicken wings or sayap ayam they call it in KK is one of the it menu. To date I have tried some and here I'd love to list and share shall some of you are in the same frequency as mine. hehe

Drumrolls please...

1. The legendary would always go Tanjung Lipat chicken wings, they still hold the best chicken wings I have ever tasted. Hehe

2. Buffalo wings in Plan B Midvalley, the sour taste is very distinct which I love...

3. Buffalo wings in Chillis and TGIF would tie. hehe I love the mild taste of spicy and sour and their friendly bite size and generous portion per sevings.
4. Pizza hut Honey/Salsa BBQ Chicken, its crunchy crumbs got me taken. Yummeyh, I can eat a dozen of these in a blink of an eye! ahah
5. New Orleans drummets and WingStreet Pizza Hut. They are really tasty up to their deepest flesh!

6. Upperstar BBQ chic wings, too good for its reasonable price, crunchy, moist and soft at the same time without compromising on its taste!

7. Luigi Malones Buffalo Wings, it's blend of buffalo plus BBQ taste. Confused identity turns out right!!

Too much wings already?! haha
So if any of you happen to know other places of chicken wings, please2 inform me aight?~

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Most Important Meal of the Day!

Back in my hometown (Kuching), we really appreciate having breakfast out. You'll find most recommended and popular eating places are those offering good breakfast, specially laksa sarawak, mee kolok, mee jawa, satay, ayam penyet to name some. I remember me and my parents would rise very early to savour these breakfast regardless the grandeur laksa, or just a simple half boiled egg or chakoi at nearby market. 

When I came to KK, I decide to resume the tradition, I love waking up early, am a morning person. And in KK , although it's not as merry as Kuching but they do have awesome breakfast place, in the sense that more proper than Kuching. If in kuching, people prefer stalls and chinese hawker style. The more simple the place, more visitors they will receive!In KK, a few of them which I love is of course Fook Yuen (Gaya, Kolombong, Karamunsing, Asia City), Old Town, Kak Nong, and the recent place which I have gone for 2 consecutive weeks now; The Olde Station in City Mall, It's quite far from my place but for its legendary chakoi and crunchy popia I sanggup! hehe And they have this tepung gomak (which I always get from Bits and Bites Wisma Merdeka). And definitely qualified to be the substitute! hehe

happy having breakfast y'alls!

This is  the crunchy popia I am talking about! 5 stars!

If u guys have more interesting places, please share ya!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

When your child is sick...

The only time my motherhood was tested was when Ayra got prolonged jaundice when she was 4 days old, just imagine, her jaundice lasted for 28 days!

Last 2 days, I was tested again, when I was back from travelling, Ayra 5th month jab was due, so both me and my husband brought her to Klinik kesihatan to get her scheduled jab. When B held her, B told me, she felt a little bit warm, give me the thermometer. Yups! Her temperature was 36.9 deg at that time, but we resumed the plan, to bring her to Klinik Kesihatan, to see how it'll turn to be because baby with fever cannot be given jab.

At Klinik kesihatan, much to our horror, her temperature spiked to 37.9! So she was refused injection and recommended to taping sponging to control the temperature. Following the fever, Ayra developed coughing ang her cough worsen from time to time. I quickly applied for EL with the hope things will get better tomorrow. But that night, Ayra's coughing was too bad, B brought her to emergency to use nebulizer. It's an aerosol kind of thing used to reduce the trachea inflammation. Ayra had this sound of barking cough and strider when excited. It worried me to hell! B suspected her to have viral croup and it tuned out that he was right. Ayra was admitted and it was 3:45 am sharp, 12 October 2012, exactly the time Ayra was born, 5 months ago! (just some interesting co-incident) 

When she got the specialist checked her, she was granted to discharged because according to him viral croup is self laminating illness which eventually will go away. Now, Ayra temperature has subsided but she still got the coughing specially during night.

Doc's advice was to bring her inhale fresh and moist air, so better to bring her out around rather than confining her (especially) in our small apartment.

I pray everyday she will be ok and healthy as usual!
1 day before fever

On the way to Klinik Kesihatan

At Klinik Kesihatan



Ready to discharge

After discharged

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Me time

B's nature of work leaves me with no choice but to be independent. His work schedule knows no weekends and public holiday. But a kaki jalan I am by nature and nurture,what if it's only me and Ayra? bring it on! Nak keluar jugak! I thought  it was impossible at first but naaa, practice makes perfect, I am so used to it already, you'll be surprised of what I can do with only one hand. haha The skills develop naturally. From folding stroller and do groceries shopping while pushing the cart and her stroller? I have done all that. But there are time I do need hands from strangers, and kudos to Malaysians, they're helpful. And I think this is the perfect bonding time because Ayra is with her baby sitter during the day and during the night she is exclusively my husband's I tell you, cannot touch one! Pfft.. that daddy's girl!

Now in the hormone department is no more raging, so there are times, I'd love to doll up, but now I have a plus one! How? I doll her up as well! luckily she's a daughter, dear God thanks for being so understanding! I am grateful! Tutu you say?! Of course! and wings and wand! haha But those are too early for now, she is expanding and growing very rapidly that it's such a waste if we buy her dress in bulk for now. Furthermore B loves her to be simple and practical.(but how come you're married to me! ahah)

Urgh, you're my kryptonite! to frills!haha
Ayra in Pink & Denim!

We go yellow for an early Sunday breakfast

Friday, October 5, 2012

Am the Birthday Girl

Alhamdulillah to the Almighty that I am still around to celebrate my 27th (eiikk) birthday today! At 27, I am grateful I am having more than enough,

A wonderful Husband
An adorable daughter
A great family
An awesome job
A terrific boss
An almost (hahahaha) ideal weight
And foremost I am still a slave of Allah..

Dear Allah, for this birthday let me not wish for anything but to thank you for all I got! Happy birthday to mee!

Pink hue to start off the day

I took leave, B brought us to almost brunch breakfast at our old time favourite since study days-Fook Yuen

My man of steel hehe

Start from young they said. Hehe

Later that night, B hosted a simple birthday celebration with his family. Thanks everyone for making it! I really2 appreciate it.

An appearance of birthday cake after so many years...

My beloved and ever sweet MIL, we accidentally donned the same color!

My all Ayra Maysaa is the best birthday gift ever!

B told me the most deserveful person to be celebrated on your birthday is your mother for she was the one who endured the pain delivering you one time ago. Now as I become a mother, I couldn't agree more! Thank you mom, for having and raising me as what I am now. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

ASEAN Case Study Seminar

In my workplace, my specialization would be Case Study, from writing to utilising case study in training.  From Case Study Writing Workshop that I had when I was 8 months pregnant, and now how to become a case leader a.k.a case user. Recently, I was selected to participate in the ASEAN Use of Case Study Workshop and at the end of the event, we have a seminar. Unfortunately for me, this year, Malaysia is the host and yes it was held in INTAN Kiara jer..hehe #stillnochanceabroad 

Anyways, we had fun and learnt within one week of the course and we bonded very quickly amongst my Asean friends (there were 13 of us) that I almost weeped when the course ended. They were so much fun to be with! Every evening we will have our tour around KL to bring them around. As much as I gain a lot from this course, I actually 'spend' a lot too! huhu..

And foremost, this is the last event we had with our beloved INTAN Director before he gave up that post effective Oct 1st. So long Dr Amin! You'll be missed!

Group Photo on Dinner Night


Our beloved Pengarah INTAN

My turn 

Wajib kannn

 The men
The ladies

The not so fun part is of course being apart from my #Ayra Maysaa!! Imagine the torture I had for 1 week!

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