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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rostika's Trip To Kuching: Day 4; Lagu Tema: Cuti-cuti Malaysia by Siti Nurhaliza

Well, the final day of her vacation has arrived. As much as I despised the fact, I still need to make sure all the must-go places are checked. And the final one is my Alma Matter Unimas! I was taken of how much has my place changed. Unimas is uber nice place. Now the final phase is in progress. Can't wait to see the mighty hall. 
 Our library a.k.a CAIS. Only been there thrice. lol!
 My faculty!

The 'coil'. only in FSKPM Unimas :)


Top: Elle
Necklace: Park Avenue
Skirt: Jakel 
Sandals: Sachs
unimas washroom, forever 1st class.

 Cantik kan Uminas kaaaa?

 Where all my sweats drained.

Sorang je dik?  Bus waiting area in canselori

Speaker's corner, while waiting for the bus, you can entertain your friends. lol!

 Unimas Main entrance

Dayang Salhah second time in the quest for Hati Pari
Look what I found! :) she has two kittens!!


Now, the least expected takes place, time to go home :'(
We had all the time in the world since Ika's flight is at 11pm. So I brought her to see kites flying at the park near to my place, Actually lama dah tgk this particular uncle flies his hundreds of kites without fail, every evening but only had the chance to really watch.

The hundreds kites.

The host :)

Jacket: Diesel
Top: PDI
Necklace: Park Avenue
Skirt: Vintage
Pumps: Alice Crocs

We just realized that Ika hadn't tried Laksa Sarawak! Luckily God invented food court. Yes, Kuching starts early, you can find a lot of breakfast places, but for dinner, susah sikit.

Madam Tang's at Spring food court. It's halal walaupun nama cha ya nun alif.

At the airport watching AJL. Happy faces didn't do the justice. :(

Is it really that fast?? Seriously I don't feel the time running. All I knew is it's Sunday already! Huhuhu..
Let's see what Ika has to say about her trip in the next entry

[click]Cuti Cuti Malaysia by Siti Nurhaliza

6 chemistry(s):

lily said...

nice polka dots skirt kak aida!
love it. :)

Shiba Hisham said...

Unimas! rindunya kat Unimas..

we used to call the coil "lingkaran zuma"

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

lily: thank u :)
shiba: yaa me un rindu unimas!! zuma! ya! haha good one!

soso said...

lovelyyy and I LOVE PINK TOOOO:)

♥ Dea ♥ said...

ktk stdent unimas duhal..:P

Nur Hafiza Rahsid said...

unimas gemilanggg ;p. I called that lingkaran ubat nyamuk.hihi.asal boleh :D

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