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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bad Cats!

Badminton super series is going on in Kota Kinabalu right now!~ Specifically in Likas where I have my aerobic and swimming class. I always have the passion for badminton since school years, becuz it's the sport we are brought up with besides tennis. My dad used to be a pro tennis player. The last time I saw Badminton tournament was 3 years ago, when Malaysian Open was held in Kuching, but this time around, all the top shuttlers participated including Taufik Hidayat! aiyyaaa.... I wish i could go back to KK now.

Yesterday me & parents went to see the Catshow, our mutual passion. I fell in love with the short hair. The cats were judged based on theor physical (coat, body shape), intelligence and health. But unfortunately, most of the foreign cats onwers were so possesive that I only manage to carry only 2 cats. I miss cats!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How long Have I fall for pink?

Well..the answer is since forever~ People acknowledge me as the pink goddess. Even its the key word if people want to refer me. Aida nak suka pink ya bah! I remember when I was in asrama, When u opened up my locker you'll find nothing but pink stuffs~(even until now)They even wondered where did I manage to get the pink version of everything.
I can see the trend now, they have it all in PINK.
specially the gadgets! well, pink is the new black! Just see my fs, u will find me posing in pink. I still remember my friends despised this, they could not accept why must girls be associated with pink. But now, I can see them start collecting pink stuffs. Its ok, maybe the feminism of them bloom quite late. But its ok, lets make the world go pink!And thats why am I not surprise when some of my 'boyish' friends back then even have PINK cell phones =)
Go pink with me..~So if I have anything pink, I have planned it since forever..the only thing I have stayed loyal sice I was born-PINK.. refer to my 'whois'

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Now the lion has fallen for the lamb

Fuh! Went to watch Twilight justnow with Mak with only one mission: to understand,comprehend,digest and improvise the character of Edward Cullen, that causes quite a stir among the girls. And I know I will walk out of the theater with two possibilities: to fall or not with Edward Cullen, I do!

Well, he is, quoting my friends' "too good to be true"! does a guy(or vampire) like that exist?? Look at those golden eyes! Yes, literally golden!Who wouldn't fall for those?? and those hair! and pale is in! (after Edward Cullen). I truly understand now why girls go gugugagaga over him. He got all the "lelaki idaman" material in him:protective, hard to get, cool (he's hot in a cool way! ??) and puts the girl's interest and safety before his. He's fast, and super strong too. Although I watch towards the end of the showing period the house was still full justnow but thanks to the tall guy infront of me and the crying baby. Thank you for ruining everyone's Cullen moment.

Overall: 6 stars!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

REUNION Tunaz '02

antara yg hadir
one for the album

Tunaz '02 was successfully held at Hartz, our classic keluar bandar destination today! 20 of us turned up and it was a hilarious gathering, wish more would show up! But overall, it was fun filled with laughter and teases..Old stories came up..leaving some fellows blushing and mute. haha..well, pictures speak a thousand words. I am lazy to typethe thousand words...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Pink is my passion.Seriously

Mum, dad and me went for my new laptop hunt just now but to no avail. I have been receiving too much of 2 cents that I am confuse of which one to purchase. Being an IT illiterate, seriously I choose solely based on its physical feature. Just now I was inclined by a cute pink aspire . It was so small, it fits to be in my handbag. Knowing there is pink version of it, I quickly asked for the pink one, but unfortunately they have to wait for 2 months because the hue is not in their stock..hmmm Ma persuaded me to buy the white one[ Mom!! r u kidding me?? choosing other color when there is pink?? That's so so so sinful..]Maybe I will have to wait. Elder sis suggested Vaio, Hmm, not with my tight budget. If its not for the unavailability of the Pink hue , I may be going home with a laptop richer.

This post may contain spoiler

Yesterday I watched CICAKMAN2 with beloved mom. I must say the previous one is better! *sigh* the sequel seems to whirlwind in term of story line and the CGI is not impressive enough. Yusry has tried his best but not the best in cicak man 2.

But what took me away the most is of coz! Rrama!

  • RRAMA!~Tamara- She is so hot!
  • Aznil@ professor Klon- as usual annoying & over acting..
  • Fasha sandha-Kayu!
  • Apek- Lawak!
  • Amani-cute
  • AC&Adlin-stupid

this movie also features Linda Onn as an undercover Rrama of the name of Amar..and her then TEMAN TAPI MESRA (i hate,really hate this term, like I have some issue with it) Fahrin, who did not even have line!

A late bloomer

mini me, the quality of the pic justifies the age of the pic! =)

hi peeps! I am in the progress of adding embellishments to my blog. happy reading the current posts. will be updating from time to time.


Apparently, I'm not the only one who is sick at the best right now. Last night, my laptop's gone beyond his (his??) capability. I have no choice but to bring him to the clinic although I am in the need for fix myself. I am so ill that I literally on the bed for the whole day except for loo and solat. And this has been like this since I was in KK. I lost my taste buds and u can tell I am sick by just listening to my voice. My cough is getting better cuz I practice all night (get it?).. My biological clock is againts the real time because i just sleep and wake up if my medicine fades its effect. I am telling a cautionary tale to everyone who's reading...DO NOT EVER DELAY TO SEE THE DOCTOR.

Back to my laptop story, I was so ill that I have to pull over my car cuz I cough badly that I tear up. That just distracts me form giving unblinking attention to the road and I resent of leaving the bed for the road.

My HD has gone kaput and the cost for replacing it is 500-600++ I just might as well buy a new laptop! its just 6 months away form me completing my master and apparently, my laptop does not want to co-operate. I have to hunt for a new one right now, with a very tight budget! This laptop wouldn't give in to my braces idea! %$^&*#...

I am planning to watch cicak man 2! I have been waiting for it since the 1st one. I am looking forward to Rrama (lakonan Tamara Belynszky) me (^_^.) !

Pray for my speedy recovery!!

I went to see the ENT (ear,nose, throat) specialist today due to my prolonged fever which attacked me yestertwodays. I had my chest and bp checked, normal. So, the doctor puts me for a follow up for my allergic rhinitis and tonsillitis. I keep telling the doc that the tonsillitis bothers me the most and i demand them to be removed, Actually I was in line for the removal of tonsil in 2000 (8 years ago) by Dr. Megat ( a specialist then) but delayed due to post commitments. Now I am paying the price of delaying the cut-open, prolong fever and tonsilitis that result to body ache and muscle soars. I was given DESLORATADINE which according to the doc, new medicine that will replace the current loratadine (kira org 1st makan la tek). I cant wait for my next follow up so I can recover and proceed to see the dentist (for my pre-braces consultation). If i am lucky (or unlucky?) I can squeeze in for the cut-open anytime within this month. I pray hard for that!

* * * *

Elder sis texted me this morning, telling that her write up for advertorial featured in today’s THE STAR pg N39! *clap*clap* and she asked me “Who had inspired me for the year 2008? please answer “intelligently”…because it will be featured in NST.mmmm do u have any idea? I have two persons right now but I cannot answer it “intelligently” haha..

Browsing thru the news, for all that I knew, rupa2nya HAFIZ HASHIM the national shuttler, not the cat has become a DADDY!She was born pre mature by the name of HANNA SOFIELAH..very the novel name.How come I siktauk??!!

Pertaining the Reunion of Tunazian ‘02, Kamal called me up last night, she thought of holding the reunion at Azlan’s house (our former headboy) or the school (dataran kejat)…she is still in the discussing term with Azlan of having it at either place. If worse comes to the worst, maybe we should just got to HARTZ our classic get-together , our then keluar bandar destination. In baju banduan.

I miss starbucking with Nadhirah, miss kamdaring with her, miss OBing with her.

I miss Oldtowning with Ika, I miss chasing the deadline with her, I miss TLCing with the corum, I miss sipping the Milky tea, I miss listening to Zaidi’s jokes, miss being teased by Os-os.I miss attending the classes, I miss arguing in Bagul’s class.

I miss the swimming class, the aerobic class!I miss gossiping with my friends.

I miss KK, my heart belongs there, I like Kuching no more…

I’m blogging from 30 K ft above the ground, I think this little fellow beside me here is pooing in his pants, I smell something nasty, thanks to him for ruining my supposedly-comfortable-expensive Idris Jala’s pride flight. Oh god!! The smell becomes harsher! Can his dad bring him to the loo and change or at least take him away….I feel like puking right now. I see the ham bun served not that tempting anymore. There’s another 1 hour to go. Just great! I wish I had flue right now.

Again about my head. Literally. I felt better, (maybe because I am heading back home) Had a good classic porridge (u know with the pusuk goreng and telur dadar) at b’s house this morning. Last night I had difficulties of sleeping, I elapsely poked b thru the IM, made him annoyed, from caring to infuriating. =) sorry b. He was studying then and I just realized that I have no blanket. It was still chilling at SIL room although I have turned off the fan. So, for the sake of only telling, I told him, I didn’t have a blanket. Not wanting to be a hopeless, spoilt brat, I try to find blanket in the closet, suddenly I heard someone knocked the door, all the goosebumps feeling embraced me. Who the?What the? It was 3 at that time. Or maybe it is a fire drill? I opened up and there’s a blanket in front of my face! I feel so supan, and segan, and malu and sipu2 that his bro had to deliver the blanket at 3 just of the because?? Haha well, envy me then…

My god, this guy beside me really enjoy shitting in his pants! Didn’t his dad realize?? Should I tell him? I better don’t. I better be a typical Malaysian with ignorance attitude.

OMG!I just remember! Today’s Azza’s sister’s wedding, she has been inviting me since like6 months ago??I dun think I could make it..huhu sorry azza.

I think this’s gonna be a long post. I have another half an hour to Kch. While waiting at the dept hall justnow, I tuned into the song Cinta Mati, by ahmad dhani and Agnes Monica, reminds me of Ima and Munir, I think thus far, they are the sweetest couple I have ever seen (besides my sis and BIL). Anyone wants to nominate themselves or other couples? Please do so, if you think you can beat them, I think they almost hit 3 years of courtship this 09 jan 1st. betul sik ma? Semoga berkekalan ke pintu syurga …pintu ajak..hehe

I’m not dragging right? I am just boring and don’t want to be dead inhaling this toxic fume from this little guy beside me..looking slumber as if I don’t know that he is pooing in his pants or pampers or whatsoever. But he’s kinda cute tho.. He just ate 2 ham buns and 2 cups of fresh orange. mind u!Now he’s sleeping with Going Places which he tempted to read, which fyi, is upside down..hehehe so cute.

head banging

Another head post. I woke up to a very heavy head ..i couldnt sleep well last night because of the pain. I am having migrain. I googled about it and I match 99.9% of the symptoms. Stress, bad posture are the causes and the symptoms are

At this stage the patients experience intense. If no proper treatment is given it can last from 4 hours to 3 days. The headache is usually accompanied by anorexia, nausea and vomiting, and exacerbated by light, sounds, walking, cough, etc. At this stage the patient prefers to remain lying in a quiet dark room and stopping any activity.”

I’m quite worried because I will be driving to b’s house after this and will be on a 2 hours flite tomorrow. All my muscles and joints are soaring right now and I can neither turn my head or nod it.

I wish, I pray this will cease soon, cuz I really wanna enjoy my holiday back home!

Today is great…My fever cease a lil bit. Ika treats me sushi! Thanks ka~ and beloved sis makes me richer by few RM.. =) Thanks sis~ Love you..Panadol and antibiotics are doing their job. I feel better and gain back my appetite.

I run some errands before my fiight to Kch tis Saturday, went to the carwash (yey, finally Elliza got her sparkling silver color again, as its original name in the catalog read hehe), took my kurung (which cost me 30 bloody ringgit for only the baju). I already had bad impression towards this bloodsucker tailor from the beginning..hmm but i dun know where else to have my kurung made, since her shop is the nearest.

i accompany Ika to SPE today pertaining her claim so she can belanja me always and report. Then, we got nothing to do, and yes she belanja me! Yey! at my favourite sushi king~ And we got doublucky (double lucky)haha..we over ordered and felt full, so we decided to tapau, not only we were given extrasssss in the tapau , we were discounted for all we had tapau, they only counted for Ika’s bento and my tori karaage ! he.. Maybe we resembled Monica Belucci or Rozita Che wan today.. kah2…

Sis told me, *KL-London= Rm499* Been taken into consideration. Have asked Om, whether we can crash into her place to save up for the accommodation. uhuhuhu…

Counting days to go home~ Mish elyn and mak and babah and biena.. A LOT!


I’m sick, very ill, not healthy and unwell. CAn’t be any sick..that was what I woke up to yesterday, Actually I felt it the night before. Muscle sore, joint pain, swollen glands and watery eyes.. My head is heavier than a rock.. My body has surrendered to the exertion I have done to it..This is all due to exams, improper sleep pattern and stress!~ I cant wait to go back and I miss mom!

But pat on my back! I managed to drive 4 hours altogether to and fro Kundasang! But upon reaching there, I felt nausea and end up buying RM5 panadol!! hmm..So, my Kundasang trip is quite mute, cuz I’m not felling very well..But all I hope is my friends are happy because they have expected this trip for the past 2 weeks….

Braces.memey suhaiza

I visited my house justnow and the place is in a total mess. How am i to clean up later...hmmm...

U know what?! Ika has a cat! She calls her Memeng but i decided to call her Memey Suhaiza.Yes, full name memey suhaiza!hehe..She's so cute and she has quite unique color, grey...

I read thru Shasha Basir's blog yesterday.Know what? the tech has it now, they have braces applied behind our teeth! So ur braces will not be visible! I vow myself to apply that soon.. so i can smile even when I sleep..Envy those with perfect denture.. =D


WHI had a very interesting topic today.. HANTARAN TINGGI..BAHAGIAKAH PERKAHWINAN? mmmm..interesting huh?

I admit, i have always wanted a dream wedding, with beautiful clothes, out of this world dais, flawless and perfect make up and posh hantarans.. But that was then, when i am still not sure and still have no image of the wedding yet. Now, i think i am more realistic, for me, the marriage matters, not the wedding, sounds cliche but yes, its true, gone were the dreams of me wanting a 4days 4 nights wedding, with horse carriage, glass shoes,precious rock ring, and so..cuz by the end of the day, all I want is to be hak milik mutlak of the one i LOVE, to put him before myself, and devote all i got just for him And let Allah punish me if i ever hurt him. Or simply saying that I have found THE ONE.

Not by enduring the debts after a lavish wedding ....

Rasulullah S.A.W stated in the hadith:

"khairunnisa' ahsanhunna wujuuha arkahshunna mahuuraa"
Ertinya : “ Sebaik-baik wanita adalah yang elok rupanya dan yang paling rendah kadar maharnya

and in another hadith

"Abrakhunna aqlilhunna mahran"
Ertinya : “ Seberkat-berkat wanita ialah paling sedikit maharnya”

Rasulullah SAW also stated in another hadith:

Ertinya : “ Di antara dalil keberkatan seorang wanita adalah mudah proses perkahwinannya dan sedikit maharnya.

One passed, 5 more to go.. I feel like I was answering an English paper justnow..hmmm.. benda lepas jgn lah dikenang. Fellow classmates planned to conduct a study group this Wednesday, well, we’ll see..he

As usual, I quickly went back home to grant a date with the persidangan parlimen at 1130.It was hilarious to watch LKS and KJ caused stir in the house by calling each other, names. LKS claimed that the CM of Sabah as money launderer supported by 4 monkeys. Provoked, KJ stood up and start saying, “Duduk, Dinosaur” It is laudable for KJ to vocal out amongst the MPs twice his age! According to the Star, Nov 9, Raja Petra, infamous blogger admits that he is no fan of KJ but labels him as “smart”.

Last night, I attended a family friend’s wedding @ Pan Pac. It was thus far, the best wedding I have ever attended, very flawlessly prepared. What hushed the guests was the speech from the groom’s dad. It is rare to see from a father’s view the hope he has for his newly wedded son. Some of the quotes that awed the guests are:

“I have 3 boys and two girls in the family. I am stricter with the boys. Not that I love the boys less, but I have less girls to love. Now with the new addition to the family (daughter in law) it makes the number even”

“We (parents) strictly forbid boy and girl relationship while studying, but, son, now you have found the one, stop the romance and begin to love, as now to love is not just a feelings but a commitment”

There were also interesting quote by the emcee.

“Love is a sweetdream and marriage is the alarm clock”

“Marriage is when the groom lost his bachelorhood and the bride has found her master”

“The first year of marriage, the wife will listen to her husband, second year, the husband will listen to his wife, the third year, and the neighbor will listen to them”


Congratulations to my sister for securing a very cool post. She is one of lots that I know, never failed her job interview. If there’s 1 person that I’ll buy advice from, it will definitely be my sis. Every word she says out is of wisdom and really makes sense. Can’t remember if I never felt proud of her. Even my professors cant beat her on the chapter of Mr. Life.. Lucky me huh?

Exam is coming, not that I realize there’s another 5 months left for me to finish my master. Insya allah..By the way, with 6 papers to be combated next week, we are about at the end of the tunnel as we submitted our final assignments today.. Alhamdulillah, my marks are above par and I hope it is the notion of good result at the end. Ameeen… My routine is really different from last semester, thanks to my Elliza.. Here is my schedule for 1 whole week.

0800: Ika’s office, assignments, surfing, helping her with her students. Kira mcm PA unpaid lah..hehe..

1500: Aerobic/swimming

1900-2200: Class

2200-2240: Juicing at TLC…


That’s about it. Always I am asked what’s the different between undergrad and postgrads.. MM..workloads I must say..and its more analytical and of synthesis. I think I have a split identity right now, fun outside the class hours, and aged during the class. There are 24 of us, and only 6 of us are fresh grads. What an environment huh?

I think I will be dormant for the next 2 weeks, I have to indulge into my notes.. Well, I choose to choose this..isk..isk..isk

I know I am a little bit late for this and yes I resented it for not watching SEPI in the theaters. I watched it last night at the wee hours of 0100 hrs.I think it’s the best movie which is emotion player and with substance at the same time.It has a laid back set yet very deep chronicles all the way. It serves you with 3 very heartrending love stories of Sufi, Imaan and Adam that is although we could assume happen in our everyday lives, but difficult to accept if it really does take place in our very own lives.

SEPI teaches us to appreciate what we have, DO NOT TAKE our partner for granted, make your love visible, I mean, say it out when you have the opportunity. I immediately text my b after watching and weeping (a very heavy weep tho) throughout the movies. I hope I did not wake my SIL up..malu nya kalau dia tgk..I just couldn't stop crying and end up crying myself to sleep. Today I have to be behind my shades all day!!Believe me, you will definitely love your other half more after watching this. I think it was gorgeously written with flawless script. Not a typical aku cinta kamu, kamu cinta aku movie.

  • Love knocks not only once, and more cruel, more than once at the same time.
  • Yes, one can actually have their ultimate love @ cinta mati does exist.
  • Do not live with someone you love, live with the one who loves you.
  • Do not take your partner for granted

I love you so much b, I promise you, me. And you’ll become before me for the rest of my life...

*at least*

SO many things getting on my nerve right now.. But there's at least one thing that make my day:

Sunday, 1:17 pm

Dear Aida,

Thank you for your email. I'm glad you find my website useful.

But if you plan to stay in Sarawak, you should think of joining our BN component parties ther like PBB.

As for my plans after Pak Lah retires, I shall continue in politics. As an MP I have huge responsibilities over the next four years. I am also contesting for the UMNO Youth leadership, so we'll see how that goes.

Anyway, thanks again for your email and keep well.

Salam setiakawan,


WHo is?

P/s: this post is free from bias element.

Shrewd, Charismatic, Intelligent, Attractive and married~ That's Khairy Jamaluddin or K.J as he's better known as. It has been a KJ week for us since we reached the leadership chapter for our BJ 6033. Anyways, who is this lad? Who has his anti blogs as much as his pro blog. Hardly in his 30s KJ has got some. Being lucky (in the right position he is now) and equipped by his Oxbridge background, his credibility is undoubtful. In his current position now, where others have to go through 30 years of fraught for enjoying his moment. Currently the MP of Rembau, he is one of the youngest in the Parliament and often his action is emotional strung. I don't deny that KJ is very intelligent and well-known for his debate freak (that we know is his strength).

Blessed with a son named Jibrail, almost perfect is one word that we could use to describe him. Always be in in the shadow of his FIL, what's next for him post-Pak Lah era soon? Personally I admire his style because he's fresh and young, and speaks flawless english. But thats just the tip of the iceberg. Eager to know more.

KJ's trivia:

  • Owns a boutique : TENC, The emperor's new clothes @ Pavillion
  • One of his plat numbers reads: KJ10 Q.."KJ thanks u" its a kch plat number!
  • A father to Jibrael Jamaluddin Abu Bakar and expecting another in January.

I strongly believe God has his own way to inform us if we had gone the wrong way or if there’s a line, or when to stop. He does not give it directly but it depends on us to decipher what he demands us to do. People may change fate without he even expecting at all and only God has vigor on this. Of all I knew, fate is the most influential factor we are out of control of. God does invite us to converse with him. Be it in whatever means, but most of us do not realize. He will turn all the lights green if he really wants to grant us what we wish for, vice versa. Thus, be aware of what God wants, does not, when he wants to converse with us, all the messages he conveys, everything happens for some reasons. I believe I am not spared. I do feel God has told me something, in my dream! I know it sounds cliché but I do believe this dream, all my friends have spared their ears today listening to my dream and they agree, suddenly, like its 180 degree spin, I want to resume study to another level. I really wish I could to go to University College London, taking up Legal and Political theory for my PhD. Specifically this University, and that course. I have ever shed 20 kgs and it was not easy but Alhamdulillah, I managed to do it. The best thing is I’m loving it and currently enjoying its consequences. And I don’t see anything so hurdled of obtaining a cert from UCL. Why does God deviate my field from sciences?, why does God give me opt to resume my graduate study? and why does God give me a very meaningful dream?, I dote it. Well, we’ll see…..

Finally, the moment I have been waiting or expecting I must say, has arrived! My favourite actress, Nur Fazura Shariffudin is freed from the assault charges made against her on the ground of she tried to defend herself~She is freed and acquitted. I have been following the case progress with my lawyer friend who happens to work in a firm surround the case.. Yeayea. I knew it she will nail it. The incident which happened 4 years ago witnessed Fazura hit a woman with her high heels. Since then, negative judgment has been made against her and she is infamously known for that incident. And 1 of the reasons we could not see Fazura endorsing any products, she has to be released from the court case. But finally, today, truth prevails, justice is proven, she is free from the allegation. I am so happy for her, congratulations babe!~

This will be the best birthday gift for her, as she has been with it for 4 years!~ She will turn 25 on the 26th of September and me will be 23 exactly the next week! Hehe

It is 4th September
today, exactly another month for me to hit 23. So what does 23 mark? Mmmm…What I
know is, at my age, my mom had already had a 3 year old daughter and that
daughter of hers got engaged at my age now.. Got it? Let the bell rings on it’s
own course for my case then, I don’t mind, for I believe that my turn will
eventually come..hehe.. Currently my life’s bliss is culminating, as it
progresses, alhamdulillah, due to that, for this ramadhan, I really feel
resented for all the sins I have done previously, be it little or huge,
intentionally or not, bless from Allah is the only thing I wish for now, as I
don’t want to wish for more. I can’t be any thankful, God still give me a
blessed life despite all the wrongdoings and sins done. Hopefully this ramadhan
brings me and all of us barakah, forbid us for committing the forbidden. For
those who I have hurt, from the bottom of my humble heart, I really seek
apologize and hope us can make the world a better place for the sake of Allah..

Another different story, I realize
that I have an abundance of shoes right now, and I am thinking of getting rid
of some, most of them are new, never been worn yet, and the rest are only worn for
the maximum of 3 times. My sisters are wearing different sizes and Nola has
tiny feet, so I am opening this offer to the floor, thus, for those who are
interested, please show me that you do. By the way, I wear size 6/7…

P/S: Don’t worry, all of them are
of decent ones, none is absurd, I know you guys can trust my taste! Hehe….

One fine day

Initially, I planned to work on my pending
assignments today, but the empty nest syndrome still hit me, since b and Diana
left me on the same day! I hate the feelings of a sudden empty home/room. Luckily
today, Kak Nadh came over to accompany me. Yes, at least there’s some element
of b near me..hehe..For I have done my part for the group assignment, I have
nothing better to do, plus it’s puasa, so the eating part is omitted during the
day. As usual, I love to re-arrange my locker, then I saw, a note from Diana on
my gigantic mirror, apparently, she left the note while I was in the
Monday class, how sweet~..Apart from the valuable advice, she actually wrote it
on a M.A.C card…. M.A.C…ya, why don’t I go to M.A.C as I have nothing to do, so
off I went, It was 3 hours before the break fasting time.

I thought I wanted to get myself the foundation
because everyone seems to swear over it, especially the pundit of make up (my
beloved sister of course) ..The makeover she had recently made me envious… She
looked like me Kim Kardashian.. hoho..But the one she had was from Laura
Mercier ..whatever it is…hehe

At M.A.C, I told the salesperson that I wanted to
get myself a foundation, thus, I got a free makeover, it was not an overhaul
but it’s just a product testing. Firstly, it was done for half of my face,
reminded me of Carla form The Other Sister movie..haha..but he finished the
rest of my face later. It was really magic, no wonder everyone swears over
M.A.C. Being hundreds of ringgit poorer? I didn’t resent it at all. I bought
the basics, foundation, blusher and lipglass, yes GLASS, should I call it a
pun? No, I dun think it’s a pun. But for sure, it is another miracle form
M.A.C.. a definite recommendation. I walked out the shop with my confidence
hiked, I got smitten and smirked all the way home… =D

B told me a very funny story
(I miss him)… It was so cute that I decided to blog about it. When he was 3, he
left England
for good. Being born and brought up there, his siblings’ Malay language
acquisition is zero.. maklum la balik dr oversea.

It was at their grandma’s
house, a chicken entered their house, so mom asked them to chase the chicken
away.. “halau ayam tu” .Instead of chasing the chicken away, they greeted the
chicken “HELLO”…hahha… I stopped eating my lunch and laughed for minutes..How
cute and adorable I must say, I imagine the 2 of them with their red cheeks
greeting the chicken…=)

Can’t wait to celebrate the
holy month in Kuching this Sunday..To my friends who are currently in Kuching,
lets have a get-together like we usually have..See you guys soon~

another try

Another try by ‘Unexplained’

calls you up on the telephone

night of every day

you wonder why

so far away

keep your doubts behind you

even if they showed

forget them

soon as he said “Hello”

one day he says,

has fallen out of love

teardrops fell like rain

you say

there be another chance

he come back to me?

there be another try

this really goodbye

shrug away at all your pain

wait until he calls again


in your heart

one day comes the same Hello

words of love that shows

how much

needs your love

the memories came back to you

day he left you all alone

he now remain the unforgiven

you say should I give him another chance

that he has returned

I give his love another try?

I really want this goodbye?

there a way

make him stay

give him

gift of faith

this the way

lead him through

a love

and true

another try


i love u?

Money can buy happiness. A
statement that I never ever be against of…. For the past one week, as the mega
sale is still in progress, I am one of lots who credited my money to the
shopping outlets. I never spent like this before, but now yes, maybe because he
is around. I love shoes, he loves shoes more, I love clothes, he loves clothes
more, I love shades, He adores shades more!...we are compatible when we do
shopping, there is a two way communication! I loike~ I really feel like posh
for the past 1 week.. From clothes,to shoes, to tudung, to shades,to contact
lense, to make ups! I think we have spent Ks altogether. Every single day at
least we will bring back 2 clothes each+ other stuff..KK compared to Kuching,
it is better. Kuching has no choice, so when I came to KK, I was nurturing
myself to this shopping spree.. It was all shoes and clothes for the last few
days, not until today when I splurged for a trench coat. It was love at a first
sight that I took only barely 3 minutes from the period I saw it and I had in
the paper bag!~ it is worth its price and I don’t resent of spending such amount on it, after that I
quickly find a matching white pants to go with it, luckily I got a very2 good
bargain at padini. The coat is so charlotte-ish of sex and the city and anita mui-ish at the same time..hehehe..

I never bought a handbag in my life, all I had were given by
friends and sisters. Thus, today I have broken the chain, I bought a handbag
when he remarked my hand bag. (a bad one of course) I straightly went to roxy,
scanned, bought, wore it on the spot. But, I turned to adore it when I
practically saw it when I reached home, ya..considering that I bought it

Now I am in the hunting of a
diamond ring, the one with a single solitaire, have bumped into some, but my
problem is the size, I have so unnourished,skinny, finger, I wear size 7.5! to
the extent the salesperson gave up digging my size..but I was stubborn, for not
wanting to pay extra to adjust the size..hehe..nevermind, that 1 I’ll do it

So, this have come to an end, my
shopping partner has to go to somewhere far2 away, and I will miss him for
sure…. Counting days to next year..


thats how I love you..

When you wanna be right no matter what,
thats when I love you, I love you just that way
to hear your "no" is the only option, and you say no of what I like,
thats when i love you, I love you endlessly
And when you are mad when I act childish,
and you force me to drink the milk, baby I love you, I love you anyway,

I promise you me, that's how I love you, when nothing you do could change my mind...
The more you scold me, the more I love, the more my heart can't get enough,
thats How i love you,
when I love you no matter what..

When you hate so much of me loving the cats, and you force me to go run and move,thats How I love you,
I love you a little more each time, when I have to watch of what I eat,thats How I love you,
i love you more than you know,

When you are full of yourself,you are the most perfect creature on earth,
and you just can't accept my say, baby I love you, I love you anyway...

Cuz the promise I made to life, you can count on me, there's nothing you do could change my mind anymore,
because I have decided to love you, only you from the very beginning, no matter what.

Dr. SMS naaaa!

never knew my decision to take the left exit at the UMS traffic lights will
mark an important event in my life- to meet the 2nd angkasawan! The
class on Saturday finished early so me & Ika (my classmate) thought of
nothing but went straightly home. But my growling stomach sent my brain the
image of Bubur Ayam McD. So, when the traffic hit green, I quickly turned left
(although my car was already on the right lane) to go to 1Borneo.

was the bubur that mattered at that time when a banner caught my attention. It
stated “Meet the Astronaut”… Being enthusiast by nature I am of all this
angkasawan thing, I asked one of the officers straight to the point Q – as
expected- Is Dr. Sheikh coming? But she answered – Dr. Faiz..

Oh ok”, I couldn’t believe that was my reaction! We went to the 1st
floor, from the distance of about 5 meters, I could see Dr. Faiz mesmerizing
the crowd with his story, yes, his story (not his speech) and experience of
undergoing the selection to be the final 2. There are the other top 5 candidates there as well. Except Sheikh.

admit Dr. Faiz is no heart throb and scorching for his look, but his
personality really got me smitten for the rest of the day! He got good
excellent sense of humor, approachable, not stingy of his DARLIE
smile and really2 smart at answering all the questions bombarded to him (including
the sensitive ones). That one is a turn on!

the autograph session took place, I purposely lined last because I want to have
more time with him (chewah) well, taking into account of how loose the security
is (unlike when Sheikh came to kch, I just like had the view of him for about 2
seconds??) This autograph session with Mejar Dr. Faiz (he was just promoted
from Captain to Major) was more relaxed, fun and laid back. Again to Sheikh’s
personnels, what’s the harm of conducting as such??

I am glad that Malaysians have shifted their interest to the knowledge based event because at this time the MYLG starz was in progress as well, but the crowd enjoyed and swamped the Ministry of Science and Technology exhibition more. It’s about time for Malaysia to have intelligent idols with essence rather than Siti or Mawi? Ouch!

my turn came, one of the officers offered to capture my photo and him but I
declined as I wanted to take a more natural photo of myself and him. (ambik pic
sendiri) Dr. Faiz was quite surprised (a good kind of surprise) and he politely
took his position and snap! I
said thank you Dr. and he winked! Yes! He winked! ;) I think I was under the
influence of stupidity of that moment because the reaction I gave him is a
thumb up….of all the reactions in the universe, BODOHkan?

he is an average Joe in term of look, and no Beckham, but seriously, Dr. Faiz’s personality outshines Sheikh’s and
to fall for the personality is much,much,much more affectionate and can make you sleepless for nights.
Honestly, he is much, much, much more attractive than Dr. Sheikh because of his
personality and charisma, and of course his captivating smile.. =) I remember one of my
acquaintances said, it’s not about the person, but how the person makes you
feel. Well, the case of Dr. Faiz & Dr. Sheikh is the best quintessence.

is the main course, look is the side dish. The main course can make you
full enough, then it’s ok if you don’t go for the side dish.” But then again, kalau dah rupa tak dapat save bak kata nola, x pat jugak work it out.. as for me, I’m one of the lucky persons, because I have someone with BOTH.

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