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Saturday, December 31, 2011


In the midst of ushering the 2012, nevertheless, 2011 has been a blissful year for me, every good thing happened to me this year;

9 July: Got married to my dream guy
15 July: Got new job
17 Sept: Found out about my pregnancy
18 Sept: Report duty for new job
11 Nov: Got transferred to Kota Kinabalu
19 Dec: Moved into our own crib

The bless is beyond words. Alhamdulillah ya Allah, you give me more than what I deserved, may I become a better Muslimah come 2012. 

Happy New Year everyone!

Friday, December 30, 2011

How can this be real?! OMG! Definitely my 2012 wish list.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Sweetest thing from my sis....

written by my sister.. sob sob sob
You can also read it [here]


Dear Wa Biena's sweet pea...

Dear sweet pea,

Read on my header that you are now 20weeks old. How's everything on the inside? The recent video showed the ingenuity side of you sweetie. I've been pestering your mom for that video where it shows you pulled off some sujud stunt, it freaked your mom a little bit but for Wa Biena that was a sign of intelligence, you may not realize it but you emulate your mom's good deed, she never fails to perform her solat, no matter how tired she  is. Clever little one. Ameen.

Oh how time flies... Seems just like yesterday when your mom did her pregnancy test at Wa Biena's crib. The excitement is still fresh in my memory and pretty soon in May you'll meet me. But up till now Wa still doesn't know what are you, are you a boy or are you a girl sweet pea? Only time will tell and for now Wa will just call you sweet pea, as your parents fondly address you.

Sweet pea, your nenek reminds Wa Biena all the time not to be too excited as we are welcoming the first grandkid in our little family. But I'm pretty sure she is way more excited than I am, in fact both nenek and pak nek. Wa Biena on the other hand is always thinking of you, imagining the day I'd react when you arrive into the world, the very moment when Wa Biena gets to greet you, "Assalamualaikum ____________ ". I pray hard that I'd be able to witness your arrival sweetheart. As much as your mom had been there in my life, I want to be there on her special day of welcoming you. I can't wait.

Of late sweet pea, do you know what Wa Biena's been up to? Despite nenek's advice not to be overly excited, Wa Biena has been hopping a lot on parental blogs, googling away baby's stuff and I've been persuading your mom and dad to consider water birthing. Do you think you'll be comfortable with that sweet pea? Well that all depends on your mom's strength, but knowing your mom I know by any means she will face no problem getting you out insyaAllah, she's one strong woman!

Here's something I want to share with you sweet pea. Your mom is at times stubborn but this is the one trait that encapsulates her strong attributes. Her determination to be close with your dad was driven by her love for you sweet pea hence the endurance when she was alone in KL. Even now sweet pea, your mom is driving alone in a tiny vehicle to work, tolerating a 45-minute drive. And your dad is going through hardship during his houseman term, so please understand when you seldom hear his voice . They both are taking all these step by step just like other newly parents. And I'm happy that you've been nice to your mom during her first trimester. I know you'll be a good kid.

And I'm pretty sure that of recent you noticed mom's heart has been palpitating more than usual? This is because she went up and down moving stuff to your new crib. And here's a little something you can remember your dad by; he put up the curtains and put on the bedsheet for your mom while she was at work. Now isn't that sweet? You are indeed one lucky kid.

Sweet pea, in the midst of our excitement to welcome a newborn, it's only natural that Wa Biena spent a lot of time on the internet googling away nursery decors for you. And here's some:

Now, if you're a boy

Tiffany blue is Wa's favourite and so as owl.

This is how Wa Biena would do it. If I had the chance.

This decor reminds me of your dad, very preppy and proper.

Your parents's initial

Wa Biena loves this too, sunny and bright,
the attributes that I want you to have.

And if you're a girl

Oh the 4 posts! Classy!

Wa Biena loves black baby cot

Is chandelier too much for a little girl?

Another lovely room

This is how Wa Biena would do it ;-)

But knowing your mom sweet pea, she would probably give you this,

Notice that tutu over there? Yeah that pretty much sums up your mom.
Till then sweet pea, be nice, eat well and rest well. Kick only when your mom is not eating as much as she's supposed to ok?

And here's a song for you sweet pea. Ronan Keating's 'I Hope You Dance'

Hugs and kisses from Wa Biena.

PS: Sweet pea, apart from nenek and pak nek, I think the person who'd pamper you to the core is your Maksu Elin. Last I heard, she was surveying a RM1k car seat for you so, brace yourself. 

Flash Update

It's been three days we moved into our new crib. We had been great team. B is really an awesome team mate, he helps even before I mention anything. Now it looks more like a home. I love the doing the chores when all the stuffs are almost complete. It's just that the kitchen is too small to accommodate my penchant for cooking.
 Mak and Abah helped us to transport our belongings. 
Ini barang saya sahaja ye. hehe

After that, B brought us to Gayang Seafood (kedak topspot kita d kuching lah) 

Today I went for my monthly antenatal check up and found out that my Hb count is low. Another unpleasant finding is of course the shameful weightgain! Hahaha, but I don't want to be a jerk mom who constantly complain about weight, kesian kat baby dengar. Seems like I have to increase on my iron intake. Yang I know is spinach, liver, cockles.. Any other food? And now I begin suffering painful joints towards the end of the day, sakit sangat2 I can't even move. B ckp kurang kalsium. Another 4 months to go, Ya Allah please make this a smooth journey for me and baby. Ameen..

After check up, we went to this place called Pancake House di Karamunsing, best and sedap, and ada Halal.
Ni masa tgk Mission Impossible, baby, this is mom carrying u at 5 months! :)
(Kjeldsens butter cookies tu sale RM4.99 je, nak expired, hence me enjoying it on a massage chair kat panggung wayang.he)

Thursday, December 22, 2011


So you know, me and B are in the progress of moving into our crib maybe this weekend. For the whole week we've been cleaning the house and filling it with  necessary stuff. My mother had contributed most of the things when she sent my Kelisa a month ago. I don't have to worry about my cooking utensils cos Mak dah bagi semua lengkap :) Since we are only RENTING, so we don't want to splurge for the households, semuanya Daiso mari jer, but I can't deny I am excited having and managing my own place to call home, we are considered lucky because the place is still new, so still bersih. 

B had utilised his off day to clean the place including pasang langsir, bedsheet, fix all the faucet, aircond, TV, fan, everything. And my task is to shop! And this is one of the results: 

 *_*    <-- B's reaction Lol.

So far, the house is 90% ready, tinggal nak isi drystore and food je lagi. Insya allah there will be a housewarming soon.. :D

Btw, have u guys seen the new notes that will be out in July? They are so nice
I love RM100 and RM20 the most.

and RM10 note is just so pink am gonna die! hehe

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Paeds Night

Last night, I tagged along with B to his annual department dinner. He is now attached with the Paediatric at Hospital Likas. The dinner was held at Grand Ballroom One Borneo. That night, three major functions took place including appearance by Datuk Siti Nurhaliza! And a wedding next to our venue. The last time I had to attend function here was during Kris Dayanti's performance two years ago.

Anyways, this dinner is not ordinary because B gotta perform! The performance had been bugging him for the whole week because he was asked to not to voluntarily perform. And the worse thing was, the head of department had specifically handpicked him to render a martial arts performance.

B chose Copeira as he is familiar and been involved with this self defense since his early years in University and he's done quite a number of shows when he was abroad. But then again, it's been a while since his study years that he abandoned Copeira.

The theme for the night was Dresses To Kill~ And I love everything about the dinner. Each of the details was well carried out and the committee had done an awesome job that it reflected on the success of the dinner. Food were generally good. (Again chinese style) I love the lotus soup the most, sedap!

B and his friends (three of them) were the 2nd to perform. I was excited and he was nervous, the last time I watched B performed was 8 years ago during matriculation, when I had a crush on him. haha He sang Nasyid during that time mind you! :P

And I won lucky draw that night, I think I have lucky draw charm, tak pernah tak dapat! hehe Lucky dalam draw je lah, benda lain tak dpt.
 The couple!

Itu dia!

Mak buyong! That's B's Blazer if u should ask, its freezing cold here!

The night got colder and I couldn't stand, we made a move at 11pm and dropped by at our new apartment nearby, Insya allah next weekend we'll move in, :)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Our Kulim/Penang Trip

Alright, its time for pending entry of our trip to Penang/Kulim last 2 weeks. B reached KL at 1230 pm and our flight to KL is at 330pm, but it delayed. We reached Penang at 5pm, to be received by Purple Lady and family! Yup, Little Nasuha is around! Thanks to the massive gridlock at Penang Bridge, we only reached Kulim, rumah pengantin at 630pm when everyone is dismantling everything. Oh lupa pulak, our purpose to Penang was to attend B's cousin's wedding. But the good thing was we had the pair all by ourselves, nak bergambar banyak mana pun takpe, sebab semua orang dah balik. He.

It occurs that Mak Long's place is super near to Aifa's crib, bonus for us. :) So, after Maghrib, Aifa invited us to her place. B was actually down with fever while he was still in KK so, he couldn't really cope up with the itinerary. The next day, B's cousin brought us to this awesome place selling breakfast. Their repertoire was 60 cents packed Nasi Lemak. Yummeh! 60 sen!! But I was too bloated to take two :P.. 

Later, we zoomed to B's grandpa's place at Batu Kurau, that was 1 hour drive from Kulim. B's other cousin and brother tagged along too but they escaped in the middle of the journey as they bought ticket to Ipoh on the way. 

We could see the greenest paddy field all the way and B got to taste the freshly picked coconut juice. We then went to B's cousin's friend's wedding on the way back. sempat....

We took a rest at Mak Long's place while waiting for Aifa and husband to pick us up because we planned to check in at Penang the night we left for KL. Mak Long served us with...................................... not one but TWO BIG containers with durian from their own orchard. And seriously, true story, I finished one full container and of course they tasted out of this world. Pity b, hanya blh makan sikit. 

Fast forward, Aifa picked us up, stopped for Solat for a while and she treated us for late lunch at one restaurant called Mutiara restaurant with unique concept. Customers will experience eating in huts and the speciality is their Briyani Kambing. For sure, one of the best briyani I have ever eaten. 

We drove all the way to Penang as it was already nearly 6pm. Aifa dropped us at the hotel while they went for Asar at surau USM. We chose Eastin because it is near to Queensbay and airport (our flight is at 7am the next day). 

After solat and some refreshment, apparently Aifa had arranged a reunion for us with our junior who happened to stay in Penang. This junior of ours also just delivered a beautiful daughter and both of them were enjoying their baby talks while I just watched and menyampuk and rubbed my tummy occasionally. Hahah cant wait, baby girls are just beyond adorable! 

Panjang nya cerita ni....hehe after that, I wanted to buy some pickles to bring back and we went to chow rasta. B was not feeling feeling very well, his temperature increased and we had no choice but to go back to the hotel after a short stroll at Queensbay Mall.

Honestly I rasa tak puas main dengan baby Nasuha and explore Penang. My last trip to Penang was in 2006 if I'm not mistaken, with Unimas. I will return to this place for sure, sebab mee udang entah ke mana, cendol entah ke mana, Char Kuey Teow pun entah ke mana! Bukan main lagi plan...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

♥~Oh Lola~♥

After three days dose of antibiotics, my condition is no better, sore throat is still there, slightly less painful. Sometimes, my temperature would increase a tad. All GPs advise to minimize medication intake during pregnancy but I feel horrible! How la? I have tried all the homebound remedies as well, now maybe it's a curse, I am officially a cold-drink-phobic. Everytime I pass by hawkers selling rambutan and durian on my way home, I just feel helpless.. huhu. So yesterday, B prescribed me cough syrup and what nots at least to buoy my condition, if not to make them recover. Seriously for those who had watched Breaking Dawn, I looked like the super-ill Bella Swan, maybe I need to drink blood huhu, Ya Allah, please make this nasty sore throat go go go!Pity B who has to bear with my coughing every night. :( Please2, but those of you out there who has miracle, workable remedies, please share with me!

I strongly believe that healthy being comes from a happy heart, so I decided to make myself euphoric today! Three roses to call my own, finally! :) Now they are not only on my head (see:Blog Header teeheee) but on my dressing table too!

It's understood to all that I buy this because of the oh-so-me pink rose flacon but the bonus is, it smells really good! Another lucky factor, they are now having the Christmas promotion and I really enjoy good deals of these beauties. And I think I want to go for the Marc Jacobs Daisy also, it smells nicer! but sayang not pinkier.

100 ml
50 ml
Miniature 4ml (free)
They can make me smile all day long :)
The roses are so pink I am gonna die!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Oh Am Gee! So Me!


This is SO ME!
Dear Hubby, me want this simply for being a good girl . tq! :)
(Did I just not post about frugality in my previous post! (-______-")

Friday, December 9, 2011


I am not earning a fortune nor that I am born in a wealthy family. With baby coming on the way and my wedding just a tad time ago, budget is really my concern now. I'd love if you guys can share how your budget is planned.

My ustazah ever said, once you are married, a man should be the main PROVIDER for basic necessities, at least shelter, food, clothes and safety, (most bottom of Maslow's Hierarchy of needs) even so the wife earns more. But a solehah wife (I presume all women out there wish to be one) will try to ease the burden and assist any loopholes under the base of being taat. 

I honestly admit I failed miserably in saving with the '20% of your earnings' theory, every month, there'd be slips here and there. But that was then, when I was single, I could care-freely spend because the only mouth to feed is mine. Now, things are different altogether,  I am detached from my parents, I have bills to pay, and the ultimatum, another live to feed. I can't continue with the crazy habits of 'impulsive purchase' or buy 'every color for one thing' anymore. Priority is definitely shifting now, so SAVING is a serious business!

The way I did it before, for every month, I will make sure I put aside 100 for every week of the month for AOB. With that, I can ensure am not a waterless fish by the end of the month. Then I will start spending for the critical- which is to settle all the debts. But the funnier the world has become now, no matter how much you earn, it's just not enough. True? Or is it just me. Honestly, since it is not long after the wedding, I really have to start from scratch in savings for my future, which is still in the tummy.

P/S: Please regard this as rantings from unstable hormone secretion. :)

Last but not least

I Love her baju and I Love her! Kenak kacak gilak????
With her dating the HRH Johor, she could be our future Queen many soon... Sesuai!!

Don't you just hate the sound of people cutting grass???

The least thing you want to happen to you during your pregnancy is to fall ill because your worst fear factor will come along-to take medication, lets be honest, it's a horror for any pregnant mothers out there to take any form of pills, tablets, capsules other than folic acid, true? even it's prescribed by the best GP. Suddenly you don't trust any GPs out there. 

Well, I caught fever the last 3 days, yes like other expecting mother, I try my best to avoid medication, there goes my endless home-bound remedies, but, they just didn't work!! On Tuesday, I woke up to a feverish state that I took EL. Boredom had made me recover (aha!) but it was short-lived. On Wednesday, after work, I felt congested at my chest that I had to stop by Ika's office to take 5. Come night, the real deal kicked in, I am +ve fever with nasty sore throat. B forced gave me panadol and patted soaked towel to control my temperature and not to forget made me sniff minyak kapak. I felt all fine in the morning and confident that I was fit to work. 

The full blast aircond at my office sure didn't co-operate with my condition. My sore throat worsen. I self-examined my throat and consult B. But B insisted to look by himself. I googled and this is how exactly my throat looked like.....

with history of tonsillitis this is so expected from me

30 minutes with full blast aircond, and the sound of a fellow cutting grass (don't u just HATE the sound of orang potong rumput, it brings me back to the days bunyi tu mesti ada time pagi weekend masa kecik2 arghh!!) just below my office made me see circles. I just couldn't take it anymore so I went to the nearby clinic.

He is the one whom I go for my pregnancy check ups, so he is in the knowledge of I am pregnant. He said all the medicine he prescribed is edible and safe for pregnancy, still I go and check at wahaha! The doctor even scared me shared how a pregnant lady who was in her 40th week lost her baby when she carried on with her high temperature just because she refused to take medicine. All she knew, her baby didn't move anymore and they found he died because of the high temperature.  He granted me a 1 day sick leave, antibiotics, paracetamol and nice,pink,strawberry flavoured lozenges. :)

So far, I feel better now, I hope I can fully recover soon. With this sick body, I am slacking with my daily chores :( Please pray for me ya !

Kthnxbye: Can't wait for my Ombak Rindu date tonight!And also DABAI from mak and the ultimatum: My wedding album from my OP!

Monday, December 5, 2011

I'm on leave today!

Along my pregnancy, I only vomited like twice, alhamdulillaah........I couldn't totally relate what is 'morning sickness' because I hardly experience one. But, come 4th month, the nausea feeling kicked in. In the morning I feel all fine but towards the evening, heartburn takes place and I begin to feel nauseated. And you can see me walking like am in my 9th month already. Allah is great, He gave all these when I am close to my husband, so since he is the one who's responsible of making me this way, :P he has no other choice but to take care of me, but I try my best not to take advantage because B's job needs him more. 

So, I'd like to ask preggers/moms out there, what is the best remedy for heartburn and nausea?I find a decrease in my appetite too.

Last Friday, we went out to celebrate Mak & Abah's anniversary. Kakak and Arif joined too.

Am currently surveying ticket to Kuching. Day after day, the ticket become no cheaper. :( I hope my rezeki to go back to my hometown this month ada... Ameen..

anyways, this is so drooling, muat ka perut?

Friday, December 2, 2011

Am I having a hotdog or a cheeseburger?

I just came back from doing a sonogram, but the doctor can't determine the gender just yet, because sweet pea is too shy to show more of his/her crotch. But the doctor said 40% it's a baby girl!Yehoo!.. But as much as I want a babygirl, I don't mind if it's a hero.Asalkan sempurna dan sihat, ameen....  Baby is doing well, she's grown way bigger than our previous scan.  :)

Baru la terasa nak concentrate at my pregnancy after finally I can get to stay with my husband. Terasa burden to relieved sangat2.. Syukur...After quite a dramatic episode last Tuesday, finally I had the chance tu BARU BUKAK BUKU KAT KLINIK IBU & ANAK... hehe, ya, before this I was uncertained of my location, so I couldn't care less about this, and I only do my check up at private clinic. After being nagged by Mom, baru ada masa jugak and B pun MC off, so there we went. All this while, all my previous check ups were about the baby, sendiri tak pernah check pun. Yesterday I managed to do a thorough check up, blood, urine and WEIGHT! It's Official now, besides Air Asia scale, now am phobia to all scales! At 4 months of pregnancy, I have successfully gained 6 kgs! I just couldn't stop nibbling..rasa lapar tu sangat unexplainable.. huhu B dah berkali2 warning to eat right, no snacking, so to nurture that, I just look at Bunga Citra Lestari's post-baby pics..uhuk2...So far, my blood, urine semua normal, except the Hb count more to the low side..but still within the range.

I can totally relate....hehe, baru tambah extra mashed potato dan coleslaw, sy dah mendapat jelingan maut dari B. hahaha

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Update from negeri di bawah angin bayu membawa diriku..hehe

Yello!! Am blogging form my new workplace finally! Prior to that, a lot of activities filled up my our itinerary just for that weekend. Hubby came over to KL and we flew to Penang for a relative's wedding. I had a chance to meet Nasuha!! Purple Lady's little sweet pea, now that she's 2 months old, she looks oh so lovely, not to mention her mother! Not only she had successfully secured her pre-pregnancy figure!But prettier! Jeles. Worry not, I will have an entry especially for our trip to Penang aight?

We left for KK on Monday (the same day we flew from Penang to KL) and you can imagine how exhausted that could be. It took toll on B, when he succumbed to his prolonged fever. He turned into a human torch and only cools down when he takes pills. The fever shows no sign of subsiding and he has no choice but to go to the clinic. An altogether different story happened. After he was prescribed with antibiotics and lozenges, we were supposed to go for my monthly antenatal check up, the queue was too long, so I asked him to wait in the car. Suddenly, he asked me to withdraw, as he couldn't take it anymore. That was when I saw him turning literally blue, complained of short of breath and glaring sight. He ordered me to stop by at Accident & Emergency (A&E) Department at Queen E hospital (I was the one who drove all the way, yes, he was that ill). I dropped him there, and looked for parking. Luckily, my dad's staff sticker is still at my car (ya my Eliza has also reached KK) so I could park at the staff parking. When I went to the Emergency, he was on the bed, already being poked, dripped and fixed with a nebulizer, with several nurses and doctors nearby. Being brought up by parents working in medical field, we siblings, have high tolerance to hospital cases, so I managed to calm down, because I know he himself knew what he's facing now. 

After 4 hours under observation and his condition was stabilized, B was good as new to go. Then, I asked him, what happened, he said while waiting for me at the clinic, he took the antibiotic he just got and right after that, allergic reaction occurred. That explained the bluish part. That's why he quickly asked me to drop by A&E. Fortunately nothing is serious. B was happy because he's granted 2 days MC. hahaha... 

1. Nasib baik bawak Kelisa kalau tak, lain cerita because sya tak pandai bawak manual.
2. Nasib baik he managed to call me, before dia pengsan ke apa ke to transport him to A&E.
3. Moral of the story, take not ubat2an/apa2 yang uols ada allergy to. Sebab effect allergy can cause death!

For the time, both of are really busy with work and house hunting, as much as I don't want to leave my in law house, I loath that my current workplace is literally one hour drive from Putatan sans traffic jam!Plus, B now is working at Likas hospital.

So, nak buat iklan berbayar kejap, should any of you know any apartment, terrace house nearby Likas, Sulaman, One Borneo area, please inform me asap aight? Because we have two potential houses now tapi both tingkat 3 takde lift, pengsanla saya nanti... huhu...

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