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Life has taught me a lot about never to put hope on anything but ALLAH. Because when it turns out otherwise, the pain is unbearable. What crashed my past can never crash my present. Please do not use my photos without my permission. AidaThePinkGoddess™ © 2010 all rights reserved

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sony Ericsson W205 to let go; Lagu Tema: Life After You by Chris Daughtry

I decide to let go Arania (my pink Sony Ericsson W205) for its own good. It never crossed my mind to have a second number, so for me, it deserves a better life with new owner, because keeping it idle for a long tme will only cause damage to the battery and the whole system. I made Mom use it as for today, akan tetapi, tak sampai pun 1 hour, I saw Arania was back in the box again. So I get the message, just like what I have expected, Arania is too 'complicated' for her.

Since Arania is very2 new, approximately only 1 month old, I think letting it go at RM160 (ori price RM205) is very2 reasonable. So any takers, please email me at 

  • Still very2 new
  • Buyer will get a complete original set (charger, 2G memory card and earphones)
  • Free postage fee
  • 1st come 1st serve basis
Sony Ericsson W205

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Patience Pays; Lagu Tema: Wishin' and Hopin' OST My Best Friend's Wedding

I finally stored the choice.

Maaf, visual kurang memuaskan, but trust me, mmg cun giler off screen!
For those who know me can tell how ridiculously impatient I could be if I want something so badly.  I simply want it NOW. And I cannot tolerate any delays. Even a sec is too much for me. And worse, if that something is pink. After weighing the pros and the contras, I made up my mind to go for the Nokia C3, thanks for all the comments guys, I really appreciate it.

I decided to purchase the phone today. Actually it bugged me since yesterday. And I deserved credit for successfully refraining myself from hunting down for the phone during the limited literally-an-hour-of-lunch-hour. After work, Mom fetched me and I asked her to straight away drop by my usual handphone shop (which I have surveyed before). Then, I came direct to the point, 

Aida: "C3 Pink?"
Amoi: "Oh, Pink belum produce oh, cuma ade warne ini mcm, kilang masih belum kasi keluar pink karer, dan kalau pink aa mau order dan ada mahal dalam 20 ringgit" 

Punyalah alasan Pak Kadok amoiiii lengluii!Punya berlambaaaaak I saw at other places!Might as well you tell me ur puppy eat the pink version!

Then I went off to The Spring, pegi Celcom Cube because this was actually the 1st place I set eyes on this pink C3.

Aida: "C3 pink, body only how much?"
Salesgirl: "520 but we don't sell only the body for now"
Salesgirl: Because we want to push our package plan sales. 
Aida: Ok, I'll go for the package, I already have Celcom number (at this moment I knew I really want this C3 so bad)
Salesgirl: "Oh, you must get new number, if you want to convert your prepaid, then you'll have to wait for next Monday"
Aida: "Bye"

Next Monday at this time is equivalent to gazillion of light years for me. No. No. No!Then, off I went to the NOKIA center at level 1. 

Aida: "C3 pink, how much?"
Aida: "Ok, I want"
Salesman:"For the time being, we don't have the stock, you can wait fo...."
Aida: "Bye"

Oh my.. I don't care, am so gonna get the bloody cell by today! So, I went to the hub of gadgets, none other than our pride, Wisma Saberkas. A car came out from the very 1st parking from the entrance. GOOD SIGN! :)

Parked my car, go to the 1st hp shop, 

Aida:"C3 Pink?"
Salesgirl: "Pink tak ade stoc...."

Next shop, there she is! beautifully sitting in the showcase. So story short, I got the C3 for only RM490 for original body, with complimentary 2G memory card and a hard pink casing. :) It really made my day..No more agitating state.

P/S: I know for iPhoners and BBers will laugh my entry off  but as much as it makes you laugh, it makes me too but for totally opposite reason :) I surely don't have high taste for gadget selection, but surely do for other picks! :D

P/S/S:Since it is still October, I regard this as a birthday gift for myself, happy birthday to me! :D


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday; Lagu Tema: One Moment in Time by Whitney Houston

Indeed, One moment in time...

What is Wordless Wednesday? you can find out [here].

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My 2 cents; Lagu Tema: Secret by One Republic

© 2010 all rights reserved

These are some of the quotes I manage to come up with based on my own experience and people around me, I have had this in draft, so, it is an ongoing project.
  1. Sense of DEPENDENCY is the key in relationship, if you lost it, you are heading south
  2. Damage can be done unto you only if you allow to
  3. Speculation and assumption are the parents of all evil
  4. Respect is a two-way communication
  5. It's meaningless work, not overwork that wears you down and robs your joy. Always know your purpose in your work
  6. Woman can never be superior than men under whatever circumstances. The highest achiever woman will always be below the lowest achiever men. Women who say they do not need men are biggest liars
  7. Admiration will lead to obsess, obsess leads to worship. Once you worship, you will start to eclipse all the bad facet of the object you admire.
  8. To be in denial is the most pathetic thing a human kind has ever done
  9. Trust cannot be measured, its either you trust or you don't
  10. Comparing can be healthy but if you overdo it, you'll be the most bitter person alive
  11. Sensitive is in a woman's gene
  12. Don't be too passionate if you like something/someone because you are at the most possibility of passionate in hating them too. Passionate swings both way.
Only 12 for now. Please add up with your 2 cents and make this world a better place to live :) life is too short to be wasted.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Please assist me; Lagu Tema: Dynamite by Taio Cruz

Nokia X3-02

Pro: Touch & Keypad sekali

Camera 5MP
Contra: 100 more expensive than C3
Too small/slim 


Hati berat kepada C3, tapi function touch screen X3-02 sangatlah menggoda jiwa..... please2 help me justify why I must choose which..

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Birthday Lagi! Lagu Tema: Super Something by Yuna

Thanks, co-incidently it was my friend's turn to buy gifts for the October Babies.. So I was given the privilege to choose my own gift (while the rest get the same gifts :P)

This is my choice, Lock & Lock tumbler, 900ml.. Sbb bawak pegi Parkson jer and limited budget, kalau di Spring sudah ku drag ke MAC.

(My principle in choosing gift is : I will choose something that I will never buy the expensive version for myself, faham kaa? So I better take this opportunity to buy the expensive version of something that I would rather buy something else) Ok , that's confusing, contohnya saya takkan beli tumbler yang mahal jika duit saya sendiri, saya takkan beli pensel yang mahal jika duit sendiri. Jadi once I got the opportunity to splurge on unncessary thing, this is the time.. aaaa mcm tu.hehe

And thanks for this treat again to my friends. best la birthday berlanjutan macam ni.. :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

This is the Money; Lagu Tema: Billionaire by travie McCoy feat. Bruno Mars

Do you know, every pimple that pops up at particular area on your face, signifies different biology glitch in your body? According to the A.Mishio Koshi Theory, a weakness or toxicity in certain gland or organ in the body can cause acne on certain area on your face.

Apparently my pimples are always caused by intestine problem, sometimes liver toxic according to pic above. 

For my skin, it is immune to pimple/breakouts but during PMS. not fair because I am at my vainest during PMS. For this pic, thanks to the oh-so-fine-natural-lighting. 
"Sunlight is always the best lighting"-Tyra Banks

You can read about the A.Mishio Koshi Theory here- *source

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Matter of Secretion: A Roller Coaster Ride; Lagu Tema: Why by Avril Lavigne

At one particular time of the month, females prone to doll up, agree? (those who don't must be from Alien Nation) Suddenly the pink floral dress has never been appealing, the long-kept bangles are pleading to be flaunted and the polka dot pumps have never looked nicer. We can't help but its hormones bonanza. But at the same time, you cannot just simply flee the devil facet; temperamental behavior, PMS, pimples, bloating, cravings et cetera et cetera! Ditch them off by:

Did I purposely omit VAIN in the list?? *grin* :P

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rendezvous; Lagu Tema: If we ever meet again by Katy Perry feat. Timberland

Had farewell lunch at the office last week, we chipped in and assigned our Hotel & tourism coordinator for the food, (there is no better person than her for this task right?) If I were, I dare to say it'd be a total fiasco. All we know, by lunch time, we saw these:


 Impatient hand detected!


 The dessert. Needs no intro

 Its Choc Indulgence, yummeh!

The celebrated, Jane, (in green)

A fraction of the academic team.

We wish Jane all the best in her new venture, we'll surely miss u!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Seasonal Cravings; Lagu Tema: Don't Love Me for Fun (Love Me for a Reason) by Boyzone

Don't you just can't escape seasonal cravings as phases in your life every now and then? It stretches from something as simple as red bean buns to expensive watches. Currently, its Starbucks Iced Hazelnut Choc for me, hari2 nak minum. And mine must come in these specs: Low fat milk, less sweet, less ice,no whipped cream, and generous sprinkles of cinnamon powder, the best thing is, the baristas kinda hafal everytime I step in the counter. 

Since I have the tumbler and my student works there, I get RM2 off and 20% discount every time. Bliss. Well, at least until the craving ceases. 

Since I lost my handphone at higher frequency compared to others, I try no to capture any of my self pic using cellphone. But today I discovered the sephia mode of my 1.3MP camera phone, no editing langsung. not bad. And I deleted this pic straight way, I swear.
Random: Sometimes, at 25, I think I am too old for some things... But I couldn't care less.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bajet 2011 in brief; Lagu Tema: Puncak Angkasa by Nik Irfan & Caprice

I put the ones that affect me and my family the most and relevant to my field/job : Human Capital / Human Resources Development.

*RM576 mil allocated for scholarships fo those wishing to further their studies, especially to doctorate level.

Special Innovation Unit (UNIK), better promotion opportunities for academics.

*Lecturers can be considered for promotion for highest grades as well as conferred Premier Professor without holding admin positions

*Income per capita will increase 6.1 percent to 28,000 ringgit while incomes in terms of purchasing power parity to $16,000. These estimates are based on moderate inflation of 2 percent to 3 percent and low unemployment rate of 3.5 percent.

*Wage council to be set up to determine rate and mechanisme for minimum pay. (Since my master time, this issue is doubted for its feasibility)

*Fully paid maternity leave, 90 days from the current 60 days

*Government will contibue to reduce the number of foreign workers. Mandatory for employers to produce health insurance for their foreign workers

*RM60 mil for state Skills development Training Centers

Housing loan for civil servants increased to a maximum of RM450K

First time house buyers who earn less than RM3k get a full loan without paying the 10% downpayment.

*40 1Malaysia taska to assist education for early childhood. (PERMATA initiated by our first lady has stole the limelight recently, at my college, Diploma in Early Childhood Education is at high demand in accordance of the emphasis to strengthen human capital development at early basis) Best dpt jadi isteri Prime Minister, paling2, kita punya program boleh sound2 kat suami sendiri.

No tax on all handphones. (nasib baik belum beli handphone mahal ..hehe)

Toll takkan naik in 5 years period, (time dia umum, ingatkan turun harga tol, okla daripada takda, but I cannot feel this, sini takde toll :))

*RM15.2 bil to build new hospitals and increase the number of doctors, nurses and supplies of medicine and equipment. Anoter 25 1Malaysia clinic will be established

RM213 mil to enhance proficiency in BM and English

The Government proposes that the rate of service tax be increased from 5 to 6 percent. 

P/S:* Human Capital Development areas

Yesterday evening, I went to Delizze for potato salad, tp dah habis :( so I ordered frenzy prawn salad with orange, LAZAT! 

*update pic salad.he

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sweeter than sugar; Lagu Tema: Tentang Seseorang OST Ada Apa Dengan Cinta

I have a new perspective of effortlessly effortful. I'm still so sticking to the conventional it's the thought that counts. This is the quintessence. Simple yet meaningful and I just can't get over with although after many days. This is surely sweeter than a Naza Forte bowed with a giant ribbon, or even a Tiffany Box.Not! hehe, I Love. Thanks b.. This is beyond sweet. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Just Because it's Pink; Lagu Tema: Kiss Me by Sixpence none the richer

Flash back 3 years ago, at the Cloak House, during my undergrad graduation day, I saw mannequins showcasing different robes of Unimas. I fell in love at the first sight with the robe for master! At that very moment, I pledged to myself that I must resume my post-grad in Unimas because I wanted to don the robe. For one ridiculous reason you wouldn't believe, JUST BECAUSE IT'S PINK. Apparently, our fate came out not that strong, we were not meant for each other, at that time when I applied for post grad, the course was temporarily frozen, hence Universiti Malaysia Sabah.

Fast forward today, a colleague of mine, just got his Master. He brought along his cloak to the office because he intended to return it today. Whoah I was so excited looking at the robe, seriously it's pink, pink as in the kind of pink that I'd  adore.. So, I kindly asked permission from him to try it on.. ngeee.. U know the Chinese have this superstitious belief, you cannot simply wear the graduation robe if you have not yet graduated OR you are not a Graduate. Bad luck they claim.

 Finally aaaah..

Nice Pink huh!
This is Mr. Ting. The robe is HUGE.

I imagine if I were to continue my study in Unimas, I'll be the happiest lass on my graduation day, because the cloak will  surely match my outfit. :)

Eh lupa, Congrats to Mr. Ting Hui Bun for his recent coronation - MBA. Naik gaji sudah, belanja saya lor...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Flu; Lagu Tema: Nothing on You by B.o.B feat. Bruno Mars

Terror! Everyone in the office is infected with flu! And leaves me with no exception. Actually it began yesterday when one of us got contact with the virus, he left early in the morning. Later in the afternoon, my friend got infected and I pretend to sound smart and told her,"you should go home, because this is airborne you know, you wouldn't want to transmit it to all your students",WHILE EATING FROM THE SAME PLATE WITH HER *SLAP HEAD* (because we had Dim Sum for lunch) When we returned to the office after lunch, we caught another colleague at the parking lot, going home. We asked her, and she claimed that she was released for half day sick leave because of flu and sore throat. 

The next thing I know was, today I woke up to a running nose, I was optimist, it is a normal one because every now and then, I will have morning sneeze but not today. I finished a whole box of tissue and am all watery, eyes and nose. I am officially sick, I warned my staff and students to stay away from me as I am contagious. My condition worsen through the day, for the afternoon class, I even sound terrible (apart from looking terrible), let alone feeling horrible! :( Please pray for my recovery because I literally cannot taste! No appetite to eat, yet I am hungry to death :(

Just like Rudoplh the Rednose reindeer! my sick face, almost scratch my nose off.

P/S: All i want for tonight is some Piriton and spend my time in the dreamland~~
P/S/S: Sick leave or no, Sick leave or no, Sick leave or no, Sick leave or no, Sick leave or no?

I love this butterscotch candy very much, the last encounter I had with this was during my trip to KK time ramadhan hari tu, then ongoing search at Guardian, Ta Kiong, sundry shops, tak jumpa, finally semalam jumpa kat Guardian, terus beli 5! :) bliss..

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sweet; Lagu Tema: Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars


What I woke up to today; Lagu Tema: Time after Time by Quietdrive

Life has taught me a lot about never to put hope on anything. Because when it turns out otherwise, the pain is unbearable. So, I prefer to go with the flow, therefore, I don't plan, planning means hope is placed somehow.

"I told you so", I tell myself..

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Acceptance is the cure for sorrow and Forgiveness is the remedy for anger; Lagu Tema: Don't look back in anger by Oasis

My colleague has a massive crush on one of the Starbucks underage barista and she tags us along to visit SB every now and then,(kopaklah pegi SB hari2) everytime we refused, she'd say, ON ME, 

and we said; "WHY NOT?" hehe

This is so high school, stalking someone you have a crush for, I think she's experiencing quarter life crisis. 

 I have Raspberry Frap, tak sedap langsung..(nope, bukan barista kat belakang tu.)

 My consultation face

 Fin, the youngest lecturer @ campus, a year younger than me

Usually, I will go for Green Tea Frap, but not today,. I miss the moment when my lil sis worked for SB last time.. hari2 dpt frap..

Friday, October 8, 2010

Kubah Ria Baru;Mari belajar bahasa sarawak; Lagu Tema:You and Me by Lifehouse

Mun kitak orang orang Kuching, mesti kitak orang tauk Kubah Ria nak? And most of you know, that Kubah Ria dah pindah tempat baru nak? dekat ajak pun, depan nya ajak. So, mengikut fitrah, mek orang pun nak try test tempat ya juak la tek...

Actually dah lamak dah tok, when my dad was here gik, and my dad, he fancies gerai-gerai, mun restoran2, fast food apatah gik hotel, sik berkenan gilak nya. Ada 3 tarikan utama Kubah Ria tok for us, 1st, of course nya pun Pizza Ria, mun nanyak orang Kuching, mesti orang Kuching take pride in their Pizza Ria, jaoh lebeh nyaman dari Pizza Hut, kata org mpun, tp nang mena pun, nyaman gilak... 2nd is Mee Bandung Muar. Orang mpun stall tok nang mena2 orang melaya, tp sik pasti dr  Muar ka sik, and my elder kakak la paling suka mee bandung Muar tok and 3rd is gerai Mee Kolok depan Mi Bandung Muar tok, sik ingat namanya..

The new Kubah Ria is much2 more better dari nak lamak pun..and more organized, LEBIH BERSI, and TERANG BENDERANG, cuz I actually don't fancy kedai lampu2 romantik tok, I appreciate lighting cuz it's good for photography. ngeeeeeeeeeee...

 Ada benda nalo time ku nak bergambar

Pusak!! hehe

 Pusak! hehe pusak di kuching tok senang carik makan, sebab sikkan diburu, org Kuching nang sayang ngan pusak.. hehe

 Suasana yang terang benderang, tersusun dah jaoh lebih bersih

 tok la mee bandung muar.. nyaman jak rupanya

Satay Kerapen, a.k.a urat/tendon. Mek orang nang suka satay tok, kurang kalori dari daging or ayam or kulit.hehe

So, for those yang belum pergi sitok try la, ada juak kedai lain seperti kedai baju, kedai kek lapis (rabiah amit ok!) and etc.. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Braces Log; Lagu tema: I never had a dream come true by S Club 7

Last weekend (2nd Oct) I got good news pertaining my braces. The doctor said I can detach my braces for another 4 months! yehu!! But then again, he reminded me, the longer I can hold on, the better. :)

For last appointment, my progress is in accordance with what he expected, now its time to bring out my back tooth (the gap) to the front. And he said, to make the gap will take 2 months, and another two months for follow up tightening, then I am done! If its true that I can detach my braces in 4 months time, that means, the period of me wearing it is only 11 months! But I think I will hold on longer. Better.

gila gilak pergi spring, alu ada spring dalam mulut!
This is called compression spring, to push my teeth to opposite ways (physics!!), so that, my tooth behind there can come out. And its so cute when my ortho asked me, "I know it doesn't look nice, do you have any dating or meeting around the corner?" haha, I answered, "Doc, if that is my concern, I would never fixed braces at the first place", After 7 months, only now he asked me that q..hehe And I think I have had worse experience when I was rongak for 2 months prior the brackets fixture. 

Can't wait to end the journey to a perfect smile! (Pic during birthday lunch with colleagues.)

Monday, October 4, 2010

4th of October, Silver Jubilee, Quater Century; Lagu Tema: Birthday by The Beatles

Alhamdulillah I am 25 today...

Since 4th of October falls on Monday which is working day, I decided to celebrate my birthday on the 3rd. Whatever day it is, the purpose counts! Azza joined me & mom for my birthday lunch. We tried out a new eating place called Delizze. Delizze is situated near Choice Premier 101, on the way to the airport (opposite Kamdar). It is a bakery cum restaurant. Very2 nice ambience.

The moment I stepped into the place, it made me feels like entering a foreign restaurant. Showcases of different food, ranging from pies, cakes to sandwiches will await you and for sure salivate you. That's the part I love the most about this place. The experience is priceless.

For the price, it is so reasonable, the most expensive on the menu is only RM29.90, the grilled salmon. Cheap right?

@ my place

@ The entrance

You can personalize your own sandwich's filling. For a thick, twice your palm-sized sandwich, only RM4.50!

Aren't they tempting??

 The menu booklet

 This strawberry pie held the role as my birthday cake :)

 Azza's carbonara spaghetti, 6/5 for taste! seriously out of this world! And the portion is equivalent to 3 normal servings for adult!! Plenty!

 Mom's traditional chicken chop, also generous portion!

  The Quintano Stagioni Pizza, I opt for this cuz it is the only one which sounds italian, seriously.haha
Thumbs up! 

My cappucino ice blended, only RM 6.50. For plain water, its FOC & free flow.

 Me humble birthday cake.. heee :)

 Buttercup & Blossom, we miss u Bubbles..

 The day is dedicated to Mak, for bringing me out to this world, 25 years ago..

 Very nice eating place..

Birthday girl..

After that, me & Azza resumed the celebration at The Spring, we watched movie and hunting for loots :))

 Ikut Aza jer..
Anyone has RM245K to spare? :P

Almost purchased this vintage handbag, not after I saw the clip fell off. :( I superlove this leather color.

Muka lepas di MAC menjadi tan kerana dikacau oleh MAC person tanpa dipinta.

 This pair, finally mine..Kalu dah jodoh tak ke mana..

Begini ghopenya I dari belakang..

My face become bronzed because MAC person kacau my face.

Remember this pair of beauty [here]? I couldn't believe it is marked down from RM 85- RM29!! *straight to the cart they go*

That wrapped up my Birthday Celebration, Thanks to mom & Azza.. Happy Birthday to me, I wish for nothing but a happy blessed life :)

.Thanks to Big Sis for the lovely thought/wish. I love u much!Pic zaman Narnia! [Extracted from her tumblr]

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