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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Worldwide Accreditation Limited; Lagu Tema: Firework by Glee

So today, we just went through another episode of auditing by something called Worldwide Accreditation Limited -International Advisory Academic Board- Code of Practice for Institutional Evaluations. 

The representative sent to our place happened to be a Japanese, Prof. Monotori Hoshi, a specialist in research about homo sapiens (yes human). With distorted perception in mind of how rigid a Japanese would be, we worked extra hard to make sure everything is well prepared. We were informed that his interest would be more on the delivering method rather than the subject content. The auditing will be school by school and our team is the second last to be interviewed. Some of us even learnt a few Japanese phrases. Lol.

The interview went well. Prof Hoshi is a very pleasant man, free of  any intimidating action/questions. Except, we couldn't quite get as his English pronunciation were very distinct-Japanese-accented. He was quite surprised of how young working Malaysians are, when he saw our Law lecturers, (FYI, they were around 40s to 50s) and when he met us, he was stunned. Our head of program is only 26. Afraid that he might doubt our credibility, we inquired for justification. According to him, Japanese students can be as old as 90!! It is their culture to retire and back to school. He is 70 years old himself! And most of Japanese will settle for more than one bachelor degree, they will utilize their retirement fund to be back to school. They couldn't just stop learning! If they have finished with physics, they will study business, next psychology and so on. And this is done after they retire. We are totally impressed by that. They really apply lifelong learning. So, for my dear readers who actually read rather than only looking at pictures, why do you think this is not happening in Malaysia? Please share you opinion, I really appreciate it :)

I think this is because they are very healthy. Just compare to an 80 year old Malaysian. Japanese is the country with the longest life span. So no surprise that they have a lot of centenarians. According to Prof Hoshi, their ratio is 1 adult : 4 veteran. So the population keeps on increasing as the mortality rate is way lower than their birth rate.

Towards the closure, he suddenly popped this question, How religious are Malaysians? One of our lecturer answered, we are fairly religious, some of the students go to church every Sunday, they even discussed it in the class, and there are some, who just couldn't be bothered.

"I am asking because recently Malaysia surfaced as one of the top in alcohol comsumption, though this is a Muslim-dominated country."  TET! you can read it [here]

No, we didn't ask him about the tsunami.

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Datu Nazrin Arif said...

Open University akan jadi peneraju golongan tua nak terus belajar. tapi rasanya mentaliti Malaysian tak ramai yg nak further studies sbb tak membawa apa2 kecuali ilmu kepada diri sendiri. malaysian mati awal. kalau dah tua, takda org nak ambil kerja. nak buka institusi sendiri, takda duit. so, saving untuk hidup sebelum mati.

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

thanks arif sebab sudi baca di mana yg lain malas.
yup mentaliti/budaya itu la msia takde, belajar to gain knowledge, bukannya nk kerja, nak naik pangkat whatsoever, sebab jepun ni study AFTER they retire. SO mmg, semata2 nk tambah ilmu. cara kita value knowledge tu lain, we are soo driven by materials.

ada satu kes, an engineer with PHD, retired, and come back to school studying biology just for the sake. best!

Jihan said...

thats why la riwayat hidup Malaysian ni lebih pendek dr Japanese. sebab belajar ilmu setakat degree, pastu kerja. kena pulak kerja yg tak banyak gunakan akal minda, maka cepatlah jadi tua & nyanyuk & umur pendek. Tgk Ungku Aziz dan Tun M, even dorang dah nak masuk 90s, tapi masih gagah untuk berjalan2, berbicara kan? Bila kita berfikir selalu, minda/otak ni pun slalu berjalan, jadilah awet muda :) Nyanyuk pun boleh dielakkan dgn berfikir dan dengan mengaji Quran, kata suami jihan :)

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

no wonder sidak hidup lmak.. otak still berkembang even dah tua.. mun malaysian, dah retired relax di rumah, tido, ngopi, ngeteh, and etc. that's y jadi babo...

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

Jihan: sgt2 setuju, mmg dr M n tungku yg jd epitome, diorg byk berfikir/membaca itulah otak progressing. Prof tu ckp, japanese, at old age their beings are progressing rather than deteriorating compared to us..

Eppa: exactly!otak mengembang bila dh tua, sebab, cdak jaga kesihatan, jg makan.sepatutnya makin tua yalah makin mobile..

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

thanks kawan2. i know there are some aho actually read :)

abu ubaidah said...

fuiyo perbincangan para intelek2 islam, yer mmg btl ,professor2 cni tampak lebih muda berbanding umurnya kerana byk befikir..negara2 maju mmg mcm tu mentalitinya sbb tu dorang maju,

malaysia perlu kena bom atom sekali utk kejut dari tidur yg pjg,

well written baby

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

b: thanks syg. anyways, mmg betul minda kena sentiasa buat exercise macam badan jgk, kurang exercise bdn gemok, berpenyakit, otak kurang exercise bukan jd gemok(berkembang hahaha), tp hilang sel. hehehe

"I am asking because recently Malaysia surfaced as one of the top in alcohol comsumption, though this is a Muslim-dominated country." TET! you can read it [here]

what do u guys think of this pulak?

abu ubaidah said...

mybe due to lack of awareness and knowledge about what alcohol can leads to,majority of European are informed abt the danger of alcohol..

political influence may also contribute,let us count how many liquor factories in malaysia nowdays in comparison with the previous year.. and NAJIB is promoting malaysia in tourism,of course we need a lot of boost

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

b: absolutely, i couldn't agree more!

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