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Life has taught me a lot about never to put hope on anything but ALLAH. Because when it turns out otherwise, the pain is unbearable. What crashed my past can never crash my present. Please do not use my photos without my permission. AidaThePinkGoddess™ © 2010 all rights reserved

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bos Aza

Hari ini saya ada urusan penting di Unimas, so, I thought of paying Azza a visit. She is now a lecturer at FK. Azza served me with delicious raya cakes and cookies....

on the way


Miss, leh sy jumpa miss? hehe

Kerusi bos!
Engineering student sik menjadi..hehehe

After that, I brought my, err actually it is not mine, it is a stray, happens to scavenge for food at our backyard. She looked so sick, she had flue and ulcer. Mom pitied her so much that she decided to bring her to the vet. Yep, she is diagnosed as having viral infection...

And I met these fellows!

THIS IS A REPOST i wrote it on OCT 29, 2008 (exactly 11 months ago)

I know I am a little bit late for this and yes I resented it for not watching SEPI in the theaters. I watched it last night at the wee hours of 0100 hrs.I think it’s the best movie which is emotion player and with substance at the same time.It has a laid back set yet very deep chronicles all the way. It serves you with 3 very heartrending love stories of Sufi, Imaan and Adam that is although we could assume happen in our everyday lives, but difficult to accept if it really does take place in our very own lives.

SEPI teaches us to appreciate what we have, DO NOT TAKE our partner for granted, make your love visible, I mean, say it out when you have the opportunity. I immediately text my b after watching and weeping (a very heavy weep tho) throughout the movies. I hope I did not wake my SIL up..malu nya kalau dia tgk..I just couldn’t stop crying and end up crying myself to sleep. Today I have to be behind my shades all day!!Believe me, you will definitely love your other half more after watching this. I think it was gorgeously written with flawless script. Not a typical aku cinta kamu, kamu cinta aku movie.

  • Love knocks not only once, and more cruel, more than once at the same time.
  • Yes, one can actually have their ultimate love. cinta mati does exist.
  • Do not live with someone you love, live with the one who loves you.
  • Do not take your partner for granted

I love you so much b, I promise you, me. And you’ll become before me for the rest of my life…

Monday, September 28, 2009

Ima Munir Aifa Azza Aida

It isn't my birthday yet?! But I already get my share! Thanks to IMA!~ One of my wishlist is checked, MAC studio perfect that is! Thanks again ma! She's gonna leave on the 3rd, hope to c u again ma!

Camwhoring while Ima settles the bill

Ima cuba try test! (she's satisfied) hehe

Syukran ya jamila!~

Ima sempat camwhoring at my house.ehehe

Lunch @ Kenny Rogers'

Ima flashing her toy
Ima ckp muka dia macam Faizal Manjalara.hehe

My meal

Time to go home

Here's some Raya pics at my house, of us, the powerpuff girls (taken from azza) hehe


Sorry for my construction yg x menjadi, the new layout turned out to be ugly, so I changed back to the old one, anyways, I'm still in the mid of revamping the blog sebab hilang kan. That explains y my blog could not be accessed today.. Can somebody suggest cute pink layout for me, cuz i dah bosan dgn layout ini..

anyway, these photos make my day! =) 13 roses instead of a dozen.he

Sayang. no DSLR!~

Saya macam jatuh cinta sekali lagi pada selendang~ =)

(lagu tema: DUA by KRU.hehe)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Important Announcement

Since Babah and lil sis r going back tomorrow, I hereby would like to declare that Eid is over for me! (T_T). Things to look forward now are my convocation and of course my 24th birthday, both will take place in Oct. Therefore, I would like.....errmmm, nope, I think I deserve to demand my birthday cum convocation gift, so, anyone who thinks she/he LOVES, CONCERNS, CARES and WANTS TO SEE ME HAPPY, please take note... cuz I x selalu minta. =)

Below are my wishlist, I rank them according from most wanted to the least. hehhe

MAC studio perfect SPF 15 foundation REFILL~yes, i only want the refill.. I almost finished mine, so I hope there's someone out there who is noble enough to give me one..

Maybelline Quad Eyeshadow- I would love to have the copper brown and lilac mauve..currently I already got the wine pink.....

decent looking jewellery box...been wishing for soo long already~

Miss Dior Cherie EDT, happy if i get one

A pair of Oxford heels (preferably in Mustard) Oh Love!~

And of course i wish I'll have a happier and blessed life!~ happy shopping people! =P

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