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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Booo to MAS


Sejak dah ada layout blog baru, followers bertambah, comment section dpt berfungsi, semangat je nak update blog..hehe

I know most people (like my sis and diana atton anak paul) swear over MAS airlines of how it is wayy better than
its blatant competitor, Airasia, But I have an opposite story. As you all know,
I’m on my home ward bound journey today. I reached airport just in time
with my entourage consisting of 8 bigfat luggages. I knew right from the
beginning those will cost me trouble. I am not wrong. I have an excess
baggageof 73kgs! FGS! Dad was not happy, I was more furious. The ticketing person
has rudely asked us to rethink of which bag to put on hold or to be carried
on board. As far as I am concern, mine was a W fare which supposedly to
entitle me 25kgs, but to my surprise, I only get 20 kgs. So i decided to
surrender 2 bags to dad for him to bring later and I took the biggest bag to be
carried on board. Still, I was charged MYR50 (the way they put it duh). My
conclusion is : MAS officers now are lack of courtesy, manners and LOOK! That probably because of the LIFO procedure (last in first out), so they retain the nenek2 je.

At the departure gate, the guard was pretty jealous and annoyed of how
gorgeous,big and valuptuous my luggage is, so he ordered me to check it in.
Dad has gone,I have no cash with me, luckily, there’s this Godsent
offering her financial assistant to me and it was a darn MYR90! hohoho,
I feel really horrible, terrible and guilty.

My torture story did not stop there, I went to the stated gate, again to
my surprise, there’s no tube leading to the plane, NADA, SIK ADA,
NADAI, NOTHING, YILEK! I have to walk down the launch pad and there's
the petite, thin, skinny, malnourished Fokker!!! Demmit!! bagus naik Airasia jeeeeeeeee....
No wonder I have heard so many complaints pertaining this MASwings, (anything MAS breed lah)
And I dun even know the ticket I bought is Maswings cuz it's dem expensive.
The plane is slightly larger than a shoebox. I’m blogging on board rite now
with an old man beside me rising up his legs and taking off his socks.
HOW COMFORTABLE would that be???

I transitted in Sibu and the guy beside me on my flight to Kuching is wearing a mask, should I be worried? Is he +ve flu?

So, my sad journey leaving KK for good has become literally SAD!
Now the lesson’s learned, I touched and I was burned.
Lesson No1: Consider Airasia as your primary choice now. (tp still x suka scha awan dania)
Lesson no2: Dun ever mess with an active blogger.


me and my parents angkat.har har har

Everyone pulled off a weird expression seeing me donning in Baju Kurung carrying this.

Ok i want to berkabung sekejap, esok dah kena bangun awal report duty di Unimas. Seriously am not ready yet, Otak still KK.

4 chemistry(s):

Mr & Mrs Naza said...

ampun mbak. Jack DanieLs is d onLy bag yg muat barang2 tu. tu pun tetap tak muat jugak. ekeke

Aida The Pink Goddess said...


flower-love said...

oh my god adood! what a very tiring+sad journey... i pon consider airasia as first choice now sbb ada direct flite ke kch. EASY! hehe

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

yep hail tony!! hehe

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