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Monday, January 31, 2011

Braces Log; Lagu Tema: What has Become of Me by Chris Medina

"U look swollen" My friend greeted me the first thing in the morning. "Tell me about it, I've been sleepless for the past 2 nights, sakit gigi" I smirked, hoping he gets the message. 

I was up for my braces appointment last two days, tightening procedure as usual but at the utmost point of torment! This time around, the see-trough rubber were fixed in chains, no more individually, hence extraordinary tight sensation. And according to my dentist, my canine tooth (my then swing but now has already lowered) is a little bit stubborn leaving him with no choice but to lessen the chains- pulling it backwards at the tightest that he could. Berdenyut nya that night ya robbi. I swallowed 2 ponstan still it didn't reduce the pain as much. Belum termasuk maha sakit bila tergigit tu, because when all set of teeth is tight, any slightest pressure will make mata berair. 

This condition hampers my ability to eat. I only consumed soup and suck on biscuit, with uncontrollable salivating. I give another 24 hours to fully recover from this terrible experience. I hope my canine teeth, jangan la degil mcm tuan dia, cepat2 lah bergerak so that my inner teeth can come out and complete the whole purpose.

Can't wait...
P/S: sama2 kita doakan friend and families kita di Mesir, semoga mereka sentiasa dalam lindungan Nya.
P/S/S: I take this opportunity to wish all my Chinese friends Gong Xi fa Chai...

4 chemistry(s):

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

bila bukak braces dood?

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

4-5 more months..

Anonymous said... pn nk pki tkot ngeri je..

Anonymous said...

if ktk dont mind me asking, cne tempat ktk molah braces coz kmk da plan nak molah juak d kch tok but xtauk cne yg bagus.ktk molah yg self ligature pun ka?or traditional braces ya?.and brp cost nya?
:) thnx

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