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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday; Lagu Tema: Teenage Dream by Katy Perry

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Breakfast On Me, Offer Lasts Until 31st March; Lagu Tema: I'm Loving It

I am sure by now everyone is in trend with this extraordinary promotion by McDonald's. With minimum purcahse of RM5, you'll get 2 Big Breakfast for FREE. and they are worth RM13.80! This is for real! Since they don't come with drinks, this is my suggestion, you only need to purchase one drink and get the breakfast for two for free!Or if you guys come in trio, one of you can buy a set and get another 2 sets for FREE! Make sure you optimize the coupon in the sense that, if you think you want to purchase more than RM7, then, you should make it RM10 and split it into two bills, to enjoy 2 redeems= 4 Big Breakfast for only RM10!! Kiamsap or not?? HAHAH

Like today, Mak said she wanted the hot cakes. So if I order only one set, I could only redeem one, so what I did was, I ordered coffee and tea under one redeem and another ala carte hotcakes under one redeem. So altogether I got RM11 for 4 free Big Breakfast. Tapau la, seharian makan McDonald's sampai boring. 

So what you are waiting for, rise and shine for the eggs-traordinary breakfast!Hurry up, get up early. This is why...

 McDonald's uber crowded

Hopeful faces. But luck was coming my way, the moment I stepped in, They opened a new counter. :D

 Dad and my bitten sausage McMuffin

Another 2 free sets take-away.

Sharing is caring right? download this,print and bring it to nearest Mcd. Black and white coupons are accepted. Wasehh mcm mcd ambassador gitew..

Friday, March 25, 2011

Aida The Pink Goddess; Lagu Tema: Breath by Taylor Swift ft. Colbie Caillat

Shawls,crisp-freshly-ironed-from-the-laundry, pink. All my favourite things in one. Bliss.

Dedication; Lagu Tema: That's the Way It is by Celine Dion

Last two nights I watched the Machinist for the first time. Aside from the mind twisting plot, another thing worth marveling is Christian Bale's srawny build. So, being submissive to curiosity, I did some googling reading of how he managed to do that. He lost 63 pounds altogether and only weigh 50 kg for the lead, that's a normal weight for an Asian lady fgs! !!! FYI, he stands at 6 ft =1.83m! He wowed the critics when he even wanted to scrap off another 15kgs after the bony 50kgs! And according to the director, it was Bale's own will to lost so much weight as he only needs 'to look like a man who didn't sleep for a year' character, and he's got really into his character. Heath Ledger for The Joker remember? 

For the period of 4 months, he only ate apple, drink coffee and smoke cigarette. "There is no specific food to avoid because I avoid all food."

Soon after he finished filming the Machinist, Bale got an offer to play Bruce Wayne in Dark Night. Yes, he buffed up another 100lbs to his weight. Look, to become fat is easy, but to beef up your body, with all the packs, thats another different thing altogether. And all this lost and gain thing happened within only 9 months! Well, that spells dedication, hats off to Bale.

Bale in the Machinist and Batman The Dark Night, all in 9 months!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SPM Result Day; Lagu Tema: Got to Go by Najwa Mahiaddin

Wetsemenet! Only 10 posts in March? My bz-o-meter is at the highest peak. Multitasking.One man show, at 1 point, I don't know which one to attend to first.

Today's SPM result release day. Pretty much reminds me of my own experience 9 yea...oh Gosh NINE years???? alright face the fact, 9 years ago. During the eve of the release, I just couldn't sleep, just like waiting for a death verdict. Expectation was high on me. The only thing on my mind was - What If I F.l.u.n.k? Mom will chase me outta the house, No man will want me, my nosy aunties will judge me for the rest of my life, I could never fit in because definitely my friends will bag lotsa As, in short, it's the end of the world. Few days prior the release, I performed countless solat hajats and I sought for apologies from everyone, I passed an angel. SPM was EVERYTHING for me back then. 

On the day, elder sis was the one who accompanied me, butterflies were having good dance in my stomach. I was totally mute and could only tawakkal. Que siera siera, whatever will be will be. Journey to school seemed like forever, as much as I was petrified to face my result, I was eager to know too. Upon reaching the school compound, (I was still in my car), I caught my junior showing six fingers to me. At that point, although it's not many amount of As, but really I was thankful. I hugged my sister. One thing, I resented the fact that I knew before hand my result, not by combing through the list which is classic for me, and in fact that thing happened to me for my UPSR and PMR as well. I never knew my result on my own, people who always informed me! pfft!

In my 25 years of life, there's nothing more coercing and petrifying than SPM. After or before that, I was never that nervous. My advice for adik2 who get their result today and it didn't turn well, remember, it is not the end of world. Your journey is still far and there's  billions of prospects that you can view through. Trust me. Congratulations to those who nailed it :)

Year 2002. Last Paper of SPM.Biology Paper. Aida, Aifa, Azza. The Powerpuff Girls. Dewan SMKA Tun Ahmad Zaidi

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Am Hormonal; Lagu Tema: Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars

This particular veil....

.....I touch it up a little bit, Gigih!

MAD Deal of the Day: RM25 instead of RM56 for 12 Cupcakes + 10 Cream Puffs + 7 Cheese Tarts from Irenebakelove Online Bakery, Shah Alam. Today, we've got a really MAD deal! 12 cupcakes, 10 cream puffs, 7 cheese tarts for only RM25! You could host a tea party with that. Then again, you really should! Grab this MAD deal today!


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Original; Lagu Tema: Lazy Song by Bruno Mars

Attention 1: Demure Wardrobe is selling hot shawls now! check it out [here]!!

Attention 2: Who is not really a big fan of Bruno Mars but lucky enough to have the rock zone ticket please let it go to Sabrina Mahili. Will give you much much better offer. Please PM me ok?

I know right, I have been a terrible blogger, idle form entries, I am just storyless, nothing interesting to brag about other than my recent KL trip. Then I have been loyally married to my work. Today, Mak tagged me along for a relative's wedding. That's considered off the job activity right? Finally.. hehe

Eppa, remember I told am ingga with this turban style inner? I decided to give it a try hehe

You know this particular candy right and I uber love it, I only know one place sells this-24 hours kiosk @ the Hills. Remember I have been complaining how expensive (24 hrs junction, whddaya expect?) it is? It used to be RM3.80, Worse, they even increase the price! OMG, now it's freaking RM4.20 for a tube!! Kopak la saya. So, am asking for your favors to alert me if you can find this candy with cheaper price in Kuching alright? Thanks.

Anyways, Demure Wardrobe is selling hot shawls now! check it out [here]!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Quartet; Lagu Tema: My Sacrifice by Creed

Two of my Unimas mates were here for school holiday. So we decided to have an idyllic reunion. It has been a while. Of course the whole context is different because of the 6 years gap since our undergrad years. But we have one common ground, all of us are educators. Laughters filled up the moment when each of us brought up hilarious stories back then. We just couldn't believe how carefree life had been at that time. Well, reminiscing is the most ideal activities during reunion right. At least its a benchmark of how each of us is a somebody now despite the antics and rascals we have done 6 years ago. Couldn't be any thankful than that :)
The quartet, 2005

The quartet, six years later, 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jalan2 Cari Makan Edition; Lagu Tema JJCM

Apakah Pengisian Paling utama ketika vacation? MAKAN! You know what my mom did, everytime JJCM is on air, she will jot down the address and informed my sis the place. So, here we go, hunting down the places that she had shortlisted. wah gitu! The places are: Murtabak Singapura, Restoran Wau Bulan & Asam Pedas Muor.

Murtabak Singapura is 180 degree off our imagination, I mean place-wise. Sunyi, tak happening langsung and disappointing level of hygiene. But, the murtabak played hero. "Memang sedap, memang kuat rasa daging dia"memetik kata-kata Qi Razali, hos JJCM.

Our next list on JJCM edition is Restoran Wau Bulan. This place, we don't think we could find it sans GPS, quite remote. Its speciality is of course, from the name, you can tell, Masakan kelantan, so, everything is extra sweet and extra spicy. But Mom didn't quite like it especially the desserts. They were only mediocre. Worse, Mak didn't get to eat the Lompat Tikam (the main purpose she wanted to go here).

Column 1: Soda Kelantan, Wau, Ubi Kelapa & Pulut Ikan Masin
Column 2: Popia sambal, Pulut Manis, Sagu, Pulut sambal, Apam Kelapa, Lempeng Pisang

Last destination is Assam Pedas Muor, the best assam pedas I have ever tasted. The place is clean and the desserts are also delightful. So far the most reliable place from JJCM. We ordered all types of fish and the meat are well absorbed with the gravy, and although all are assam pedas, but each menu's taste is distinct from each other, you can tell, the best thing is they are all tasty in their own way!I'd recommend this place to everybody!

Row 1: Mi Bnadung Muor, Puteri Berdua (or berkawan??) lupa.., Kuih muih, got bingka, kacang,kole
Row 2: Asam Pedas Pari, Ikan Jenahak & Merah 

I think, all kedai sedap its just that, different people have different taste. Like, not all can accept Laksa sarawak, but for Sarawakians, it is our pride that we think the best food in the whole universe! Actually there's more in the list but time constraint, so tak sempat..

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Papi's Birthday Celebration; Lagu Tema: Seindah Biasa by Siti Nurhaliza

What is more wonderful than having vacation with family? So, last weekend, my parents and I went to visit my 2 sisters in KL, cum celebrating Dad's birthday in advance. Sis had planned this thing wayy earlier so she secured a place for the celebration at an Arabic restaurant, Al Diafah. Lil Sis brought along her boyfriend whose birthday is also in March, 3 days after dad. So celebrate sekali la.hehe

We got plenty complimentary of this. Saya jakun tapau semua masuk beg.

Nice ambience

Mashed chick peas, yummeh to the max, altho it doesn't appear like

Dad's Lamb
Bro In Law's nasi mandi
My grilled chic, pilihan bijak, sedap dap dap

Elder sis' nasi mandi with grilled chic (nk bg makan 4 orang ke ni???)

Caramel, worth dying for

Lil Sis' sponsorship, cupccakes for the birthday boys

Couple 1 (level veteran)

Sis and her boyfie (level muka baru) We got him a lomo camera. :)

me no couple, I so boring, I made this. Narcissistic enough 

Our expanding family! Love you all to the bits

Oh ya,during our trip this time, finally lil sis introduced her boyfriend to my parents. 

The first time my parents met him, I have met him last year when I sent B to Kursk.
He brought my parents a bouquet. So suweet.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy!!; Lagu Tema: Better Man by Robbie Williams

Happy birthday to the most wonderful man: Mr Mahili Saaba

The Kardashians We Love You!!!!!

P/S: Happy Birthday to Uncle Sainuri too! Yup, my dad and B's dad share the same birth date, best kan, ko ado? Nan hado!

[click] Better Man by Robbie Williams

Monday, March 7, 2011

Addiction; lagu tema: Pretty Perfect by Pink

I have this peculiar crazy addiction for hijab. Duh, everyone knows that. Why are they always revolving?! So last 3 days, I found a pattern that I have been looking all this while (because they are quite expensive online). The boutique is run by Pakistani. And at that time, the shopkeeper is a very young boy, I think, 17-ish. Ok, back to the shawl. The price tag is RM 17.90.

SK: I can give you RM15 for that
Me: Ok. I want three of these.
SK: Punching his calculator, show RM45 on the screen to me.
Me: Boleh kasi kurang lagi ka?
SK: 42 the least la.
Me: 40 la, alang2..
SK: Okla, okla..

Wow, from RM54 to RM40? I manage to bargain RM14, that's definitely a steal!

Two days later..

Me: Looking at the same shawls, start choosing. You bagi I 40 hari tu ingat kaa?
SK: Ya, I remember
Me: Good2.. Give me these 3.
SK: Ok, and packing my shawls in a beautiful paper bag. Last time takde.
Me: Gave him the money and leave
SK: Kakak, kakak bagi lebih.
Me: Erk, cannot be because thats the only money I got in my purse. hehehe.. "-___-
SK: Saya kasi kurang lagi baaa..
Me: O_o I got three shawls for RM35! haha.. I feel so high!

The thing is, I wonder how much is actually the cost price sampai dia boleh sembarangan bagi kurang.
Alangkah bestnya perkara ini berlaku hari2 dalam hidup. haha
Tawar menawar itu sunnah. :D

Kedai tersebut ialah SES Pesona, if you should ask.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Braces Log; Lagu Tema: Never Say Goodbye by Mario & Nesty

P/S: All post entitled Braces Log are actually for my own personal inventory, kalau tak baca pun takpe :)

Remember my stubborn  tooth? Well that particular culprit took its toll on me today! I went for my monthly appointment and the dentist found out that, it doesn't come out because of not enough space, although all the gaps are closed already. So, the trick is??? Yes, to create more gaps. You wonder how? Nope, not by extraction but worse---->to trim! A blade is passed into each tooth to widen the gap. (macam konsep rapatkan saf lah gamaknya) Each of the gap's width is 0.5 mm. After he trimmed all my upper teeth, he purposely left out my front teeth because he said he will pull other teeth to the right and left so that the gap will naturally appear at my front teeth, in one week time. The whole process was hellish, but I am prepared as before this I have gone extra mile for this braces. Excess tissue la, stage formation la, so setakat trimming gigi? chewah, Pray for me yah?

This is how I will look like in a week time. hehe

This is how the blade looks like if you had to ask O_o

Wordless Wednesday; Always Keep This Handy, You'll Never Knew when You Bump into One Lagu Tema: Love Don't Cost a Thing by J Lo

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