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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hot Spring Poring

I really look forward to weekend especially when B is on leave. We love to go for a long drive on holidays. This week we planned to go north again but further to Poring that is! Poring is famously associated with its hotspring, a tourist spot. They also have other places too like butterfly park, water rafting and water falls. The journey took approx 2 hours to reach Pekan Ranau and only took minutes to Poring.

They say Ranau's KFC is famous for its chicken. They claim it tastes different. B wanted to give a try. Not only he received the wrong part, it was extraordinarily oily and uncooked. So, never listen to rumors!!

When we reached there, it was drizzling and the condition is not that convenient for an open air hotbath. So, we decided to rent a closed one. Only RM15/hour. You want to be really careful because it is literally hot, boiling hot, so be cautious while filling in the tub with hot water. There are two taps, one for hot water, and another is normal temp. It is advisable that you open both of them at once to get a 'just nice' water temperature. The water may look a little brownish but worry not, it means it is mineral saturated. Muahaha.

I can assure that skin dipping in hot bath is really relaxing and rejuvenate. I can't feel any refreshed after a two hour dip. B claimed that his skin feels moist than ever. So why wait, try now for only RM 3 entry per pax!

The entrance

On the way, you will have to cross this bridge, very hard current below! suitable for water rafting

Open air hotbath

We stopped by Kundasang, thought of buying jacket from bundle because I forgot to bring mine! SO freaking C.O.L.D!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Ayra Maysaa has just turned 9 months this month. Seriously time flies so fast, I missed some of her development (I think this is normal for fulltime working mother) for she discovers new talent at her babysitter's place.

Talking about babysitter, what recently happened to Baby Hareez, (maid lambung baby) really freaked me out if not all mothers! But, from a mother's point of view, I dare not to judge why the baby is left alone with the maid but as working mother, sometimes you are left with no choice but to put 100% trust to your maid and babysitter. And she has effort of fixing a cctv to monitor her baby. If you have trust issues, Don't talk much, you might as well quit and full time looking after your child. 

Like myself, I really try hard not to be so fussy with my babysitter, actually she is my priority than my boss! I always drill it into my brain, any action/words from me, towards her, the effect and impact will be on Ayra! Knock wood, we'll never know what she's capable of doing during the 8 hours with our child everyday. I really take care of the relationship between me and my babysitter. She even took Ayra out  for some days that her husband is on off day, and they would have to run some errands. I give permission.

And the fact I have no better choice than her, she lives in the quarters, so basically I like it this way, me and Ayra within the same perimeter, same way to work and only steps away from my office. 

So far, she (the babysitter) is close to excellent. What I mean by this is, Ayra is the happiest baby everytime I pick her from her BS. B said this is the most important. They actually have this inside joke which makes Ayra laughes her heart out which I never successfully did. And if Ayra is lacking of something , they would advance it first.

Last weekend, I raised my concern about Ayra having a hard time to eat. She just does not like eating, but she's on  milk a lot! So I put the status on FB, and my babysitter quickly sent  text and called me worrying about Ayra. The even asked around for tips and had them forwarded to me.

Recently, my colleague had adopted a baby, who is only days old. She decided to share my babysitter. My BS has one and only daughter, and my friend's child happens to be a boy. So they are like loving and admiring the baby so much. Everytime I picked Ayra I will see the husband feeding the baby. They even advanced a baby cot because they are afraid that Ayra would poke or roll over the baby! haha

I can say that I am lucky in the babysitter matter. I hope the situation will stay like this until Ayra reaches school. I have the instinct that the babysitter loves Ayra and I hope my instinct is correct.
Ayra follows mommy to work

Ayra's 9th month check up

Monday, February 18, 2013

PMS jokes

Have you ever bought the exact dress in multiple colors just because? ehe, I did, many times! *guilty*

And I have 1 more in white! :D

Annual Dinner 15.2.13

Whoever came up with the idea of black and white for our dinner is a genius! Last night we successfully had our annual dinner after weeks of planning and preparation, I was once again appointed as the decoration committee.
Back to the theme, it is very convenient that everyone could easily don their dress perfectly comforming to theme accordingly!
Thanks and congratulations to the committed dinner team.
We decided to wear our wedding outfit! Luckily it still fits although I really need B to zip the rear. Ahahaha

The most important is I won a lucky draw that night! Of cash! Wowee!

Make up by moi



the backdrop

Performance by our unit

my lucky draw!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

CNY holidays

One random guy asked me what am I doing for CNY holidays. It hits me that it is a big deal when someone actually thought of the CNY holiday to break the ice. The 4 days long stretched holidays was sweetly occupied because Mom was here!! 

Mom always complain about she's never been to Kundasang everytime she is in KK. So, we granted her wish and we went to Kundasang a day after she reached KK. She's losing control when we went to the tamu selling veges and stuffs at very2 cheap price! We didn't go up to Poring because of the unhelpful weather. 

Mighty Kinabalu

Poor hungry kitty, bought her whiskas

Ayra Maysaa and daddy

Ayra Maysaa and Mommy

Mak rambang mata

Gimbaran Abadi. sebijik.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

PMS the devil

Imho, 99% of diets program are screwed up by PMS! No one can simply say no to PMS cravings, agree? The funny thing is, it is not the urge to eat, but the urge to indulge! I no crave for cabbage soup duh, But I iz craving for that double chocolate brownies with icecream with chocolate syrups and peanuts. The craving is so bad that you would kill for cuocolates. And the funnier ( and frustrating) part is, you know you'll regret it but you just continue to get carried away and feeling suicidal after that! Huhuhu,

PMS is not eating when you are hungry but continue to munch munch and munch as long you eat, you will feel good. My experience, I have ever gnawed a whole pot , read: rice cooker pot, of rice just by mixing it with butter and soy sauce! Then, I ate another bowl of maggi!

This is not only about cravings but emotional wise, your mood could be like a tidal wave, at one time you feel like whipping someone for no reason just because a sight of him/her. And maybe you start finding faults with your spouse or your family.

And i am not mentioning yet about feeling bloated day and skin breakouts urghh, PMS is just like an ex taking a revenge, so mean and devilish!

The reason I am writing this up is because I am having one and I just finished a burger bakar, ( you know how XXL burger bakar is right?) AFTER a round of peanut butter brownies. So this post plays patron and just to reduce the feeling of guilt. :(

Thursday, February 7, 2013


I was browsing through my old pictures because I wanted to see my pictures pre braces, but it leads to something else.

Reading my blog entries, suddenly I was taken aback when I was jobless  I received slurs and comments about "go get a job" . I admit that was one of my downest moment of life. Everyone would asked and negative perception would rot their minds into judging me as the unluckiest and laziest bum ever. 

Honestly, I was stressed out to the core myself, I was jobless for a full 7 months. If any of you are jobless now, I feel you! Every now and then people asked, how can I answer, I APPLIED BUT THEY DIDN'T CALL me yet! Can I just bombard the office and yell 'HIRE ME?' Even my then boyfriend was not supportive, every time we had a fight, he would touch about me being jobless. Not to mention comments in my blog who judged and intimidated my personal life to live a tai tai life, the comments were too horrible (as if as they know me!!!), but I strongly think they know me, they are people around me. I hope you'll get the taste of what I have been through soon.

Even mom nagged me everytime whether have I applied for jobs or not , she even questioned about my results. That time the whole world is against me, I only turned to Him, I even swallow sleeping pills so that I can sleep early because when not sleeping I think too much. I would think God is unfair, life is unfair. Astaghfirullahalazimm, I questioned Allah...........

Being where am I now, I am really thankful that I have gone through that because I appreciate what I have now. Buy what I want, not being sidelined anymore, because you'll be dismissed when you are jobless, pendek kata, YOU ARE NOT VALID! 

So friends, don't judge and comment to quick, we'll never know how we could switch shoes. Trust me, patience is the best remedy.

Monday, February 4, 2013


Last, we attended B's friend's wedding at Ming Garden. The first appearance of us in 3!  I was rather excited because my workplace will hold a dinner at Ming Garden on the 15, so I want to inspect what Ming got to offer.

The food were superb! If not because Ayra had become restless, we would have remained until dessert. The wedding is of Bajau family, so they have this havenly Bajau dais and costume. (Personally, I don't prefer wearing national costume for wedding. :)) But nevertheless, the pair was stunning!

 The dais
 Nice setup
 Yours Truly
 Ayra Maysaa and daddy
Ayra and mommy

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