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Thursday, January 26, 2012

One can never Have One Happiest Moment

I never seen this! Found this in my friend's FB, of me but untagged. 
I miss every single second of this moment. 
Just when I thought graduating was the happiest moment,
there came my post-grad convocation,
then came my engagement,
then my wedding...
Now something awaits in my tummy! 
Perhaps that'll be the happiest moment!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Baby Stuff

Yesterday, I did an OGTT test, (Oral Glucose Tolerance Test) and that means I have to fast for half day before my blood was drawn prior and after fasting. Alhamdulillah, both test turned out excellent. Fasting even for half day during pregnant is seriously a tough task! haha, I don't want to repeat this test at any circumstances anymore! Luckily B is expert at withdrawing blood. 

While waiting for the second test (that was after I drank a concentrated glucose drink. the gap is 2 hours) I went for window shopping at Suria. A lot of shops were still not operating. Me and B plan to go for a haul baby shopping starting next month, so far, we haven't bought anything yet (except for some rompers just because they are cute and cheap) neither that we have any knowledge about baby stuff! @_@ Last two days, we bumped into our family friend and he was excited telling us about their purchase of baby stuff and the details. His wife is 28 weeks pregnant and it is their 1st child too. That was the moment when I feltthat I must start eyeing and purchasing bit by bit from now on. Am 25 weeks and 7th month will pass by before I knew it!  

Being first time parents and the fact that we just started our lives, budget is our concern. As much as I want to pamper the 1st newborn but it is for her own good too. So we decided to settle for simple and in-exorbitant brand and what is necessary only. I did the same thing for my wedding :) he

So mothers out there, what are the most critical thing to get a newborn? Feeding set? warmer? clothes? please drop your 2 cents. Should you have any recommendation about the best brand, anything, please share yah! I appreciate it! :) The clock is ticking, I must start now!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Real Weekend

Nowadays, it's rare to meet weekends when B is not working, finally the waiting ends, for this weekend, B happened to be off and we gotta have a hubby and wifey time. 

Some of my skirts, they shrink ( ya right, if u understand what I mean). So because I need to cover up my belly, technically, the shorter they become, so I thought of modifying it by adding lace at the hems.This morning, after B played tennis with his brother, we went to Pasar Filipin to get laces and my skirts modified. 

Waiting for my skirts to be completed
While waiting for my skirts we go for some Coconut Juice nearby

Yummeh, so refreshing!
Yesterday, Astro was supposed to install the dish at my unit but the management of my apartment did not permit because they were having their CNY holiday already, so things had to be postponed next week altogether. So means NO ASTRO for us yet! Pfft!! Since both of us were on leave, I thought of making laksa sarawak and invited my family in law to our crib.

Success at 1st attempt! Definitely more to come after this!

Finally I have a friend at my new place. She always walk me up to my unit at level 2, but she runs up the staircase although she's pregnant!! No way I can beat that! All I have to do to thank her company is to feed her Frieskies! hehe Gotcha!!

Of course she wins everytime! hehehe

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

wordless wednesday-6 months and counting!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Never that I expected my trip to my hometown would be horrible, nope the the place, neither the treatment but it was me succumbed to constant vomiting on day 2. Just imagine, I vomited for 5 times in one day! I turned flaccid towards the end of the day as I surrendered to all kind of food. I mistakenly (I think so) I was having late morning sickness (because I never had one since my pregnancy period) but B insisted it was not, he suspected this is because of food poisoning or the amount of DURIAN that I consumed. Yeah,at RM10 for 3 durians, who can resist of settling for one whole durian by yourself? Came next day, I went to gynae specialist for my routine scanning and I asked the gynae about my condition. She also denied the late morning sickness and also suggested it might be caused by food poisoning, I strongly the culprit was Pizza Ria that I had the night before because the peas tasted weird. 

Up until now, I don't know what is the real cause yet, because the gynae insisted me to do urine C & S and B just performed it on me justnow including full blood count. Ok, enough of my condition.

I did my antenatal check up at Klinik Syafa' in Kuching, specificallyfor gender scan at the clinic and treatment was awesome. Actually she was my mom's acquaintance because she ever served in General Hospital one time ago. I recommend this clinic for ladies in Kuching, you will not regret it, 1st class treatment with 1 star price. It's located near DIGI centre in Satok, near Klinik Dr. Kon, next to Bank Rakyat.

I hope I recover soon, (fyi, I just threw up justnow) and it was torturing!! huhu...

Baby M says Hi!!

The best angle the gynae could capture. 90% possibility of a hamburger! 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday-When B cooks.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Clothes and some

Last time, I rarely buy cloth towards my PMS mood because of that bloated feelings, girls will understand. Everything you try on would be the ugliest thing you've worn. True? It's called feeling-fat-day. 

Come my pregnancy, seriously I feel like a cow. And it's not feelings nor delusion, it's literally a weight-put-on , BUT I am so driven to buy new clothes. I never failed to purchase at least one when ever I go out with B although sometimes it had to be the biggest size. And that awkward moment when I am one to two size up, and thanks to housemanship, b is one size down. Just kill me already. Maybe am carrying a girl? That's what the famous saying says, when you prone to doll up during your pregnancy, you might be carrying a she. Ameen. ehhe. We don't know the gender yet, maybe we will do a check up in Kuching later. where she/he was conceived :p  And I just did a make up purchase two days ago of mascara and eye shadow. Note: I rarely wear mascara and I only have 2 eyeshadows in 3 years period of time. What's about that? Hmm..

Terlanjur memblog, lemme just squeeze in an entry about my SIL birthday on the 4th last week. B treated the whole pack at Hang Li Po Restaurant and the cake was our idea, half choc cheese and half durian. hahah. Both the dishes and the cake did not disappoint us, happy birthday akak! And I deserved a facepalm for not inserting the SD card back to our SLR hence, the camera phone pics. B was totally mad at me that night. So did I really pissed off at myself. 

Kakak and her bundle of joy
The family nickname Akak as "coconut"
 Yours truly.
Dear sweet pea, this is mom carrying you at 22 weeks 5 days. 9 more days to 6 months!

Now gimme this. Craving!

P/S: The falsies mascara by Maybelline is just awh-some!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

My Kinda Pink!

I am going back to my hometown this weekend! can't wait, This week sure runs slow for me! cepat2lah Sabtu!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Anak oh Anak

Right now I am watching motivasi/kuliah pagi oleh Ustaz Hassan Din at TV3 of one interesting topic. The talk is still in progress so this is kinda live update. 

Some of the gists are, many of us don't realize that stubborn children are created as early as it's still fetus in the womb. According to the ulama', children will emulate 100% of the mother's behavior while she is pregnant. Baran ibunya, baranlah anaknya. Maka, emosi ibu hendaklah sentiasa tenang dan gembira sepanjang tempoh kehamilan. Banyakkan membaca al-quran dan berzikir as well as banyakkan amalan2 baik ketika mengandung including your daily speech. People around should cooperate of making the environment conducive for the mommy's mental along her pregnancy because you wouldn't want your sweet pea to emulate the bad behavior from the mother. That is why, in the west, they really pamper the pregnant mothers so that their emotion is well taken care off, this includes giving them spa and VIP hotel treatment. And these also based on their valid research.

Setelah lahir, dimulakan dengan ta'lim,(mengajar) iaitu dengan memberikan makanan dari sumber yang halal. Setiap dari makan pakai anak hendaklah dari sumber yang halal toyyiba, bersih dan tidak shubahah, kerana ini juga akan membentuk perangai anak tersebut. Setiap makanan yang dimakan akan menjadi darah daging yang mengalir dalam badan anak itu. 

Setelah itu, tarbiyyah, iaitu mendidik anak tersebut dimulakan dengan panggilan yang baik2. Nama yang baik jika tidak digunakan dengan betul akan menjadi sia2. Contohnya nama yang baik seperti Aida yang bermaksud tuah (ehem :p) janganla dipanggil adood atau ida, kerana panggilan itu merupakan suatu doa terutamanya dari ibu dan bapa.  

Akhir sekali ialah ta'dib iaitu mengajar adab. This one learning from example, ibu dan bapa hendaklah practce what they preach.Memberi contoh yang baik terhadap anak especially ketika mereka dalam fasa observation cos like it or not, education starts at home. 

Ingat, degil atau nakal anak itu semuanya bukan 100% salah anak itu sendiri, ia sebenarnya bermula seawal dalam kandungan lagi. Kita tidak mahu anak kita akan menyusahkan isteri, suami dan orang lain bila dia sudah dewasa nanti, maka sama-samalah kita membangunkan masyarakat yang cemerlang bukan sahaja dari segi pendidikan malah mulia dari segi adab. Insya allah...ameen...

This is yours truly @ 3 months..

And this B @ 1 year old. Heheh

 Perhaps snippets of how our baby would look like.. ehe

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