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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding; Lagu Tema : I do by Colbie Cailat

I know right, the most anticipated Royal Wedding of the late Lady D's son is overly-covered but I don't care, I want to review it too! U got me, the dress, for someone who is effortless beautiful, Kate nails almost anything. Her wedding dress although predictable still making her look like a billion dollar! She is just epitome of a future queen, poised and demure. It is astonishing to see how natural she was in turning regal. The moment I saw her stepped out on the red carpet, I thought of Grace Kelly's dress and yep, that's what everybody is saying bout the dress now. That girl is so lucky, no need to try hard to look gorgeous. Aaaaa.. less is more applies here the best. I think Kate resembles the Australian Princess Mary of Denmark who is also a commoner. Don't you think so?

 Awwwwwwwwww .....
off the market!

William is soo in love with this lady I can tell! Lucky Kate. My heart moved when I saw Kate racing down the aisle, in her proud daddy's hand, ogling at her literally Prince Charming, who has this -cant-wait-to-marry-you expression upon seeing Kate at the altar! Priceless! 

P/S: I go bonkers over their hats! I want to get one for myself!
P/S/S: Did you catch the Becks? hehe
P/S/S/S: William must be touched and wished his mother was here :(

Inspiring.. *cough*

Today is also my Beloved Mom's birthday. Happy Birthday Mom. We love you sooo much!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

An Extraordinary Day; Lagu Tema: Extra Terrestrial by Katy Perry

Things began differently for me today, As I am taking leave (just for a break) I decided to take an early morning jog to the market. Last two weeks, I lost my running shoes at the gym, after I left them in the locker room, so I have no choice but to replace them, just in time when Lea Center holds a clearance stocks sale. Everything is 50-70% slashed! EVERYTHING. You know how hideous the stocks they actually put on sale when there is a clearance stock sale right? Or maybe I am too late, because I only manage to grab this ugly yellow silver (yes sparkling silver mind you!). Much much off track than what I put up in my previous post. Plus, I don't think I could find Nike High Top at such decent price.  But I couldn't care less, they are meant to be worn out eventually. But I still have this excited feeling of wearing new things, that I woke up so early today to run in my new shoes. 

The market is only 5 mins walking running distance. Image of being a 'lady who lunches' start boggling my mind, chewah. It feels so good to have an unproductive days once in a while,a time to yourself....Perks that your working life will never offer. 

 Something that you would never expect aidathepinkgoddess would have chosen. Very extra terrestrial. Katy Perry-ish. Lol!

Additional pic: Just look at my friend's interior! I am jaw-dropped myself.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Red Nike High Tops: Lagu Tema: How Far We've Come by Matchbox Twenty

Definitely in my bill this month. Been a while I don't appreciate my self :)

Last but not Least

Friday, April 22, 2011

Of Field Trips; Lagu Tema: Rocketeer by Far East Movement

Kuching has gotta do something with their places of interest. We are running out of place to go! Since my KPI is to organize at least 2 field trips per semester, I think I have a hard time on this. Just last semester, I brought my students to SSPCA and SCV. And for this semester, after 2 other lecturers visited that place, I had no choice but to follow suit. We went to Jong's Crocodile Farm. The last time I went there was like 10-12 years ago? Haha. Yup, JCF changed a lot, the place is bigger and better. Increase in the population of crocodiles and some other animals too!



The otter were so cute I could die. They can speak!

For my second field trip destination, guess where? 

MBO! hehe We successfully proposed and justified why we choose MBO for educational trip. AHaha! And of course my students prefer the latter. Pfft. 

P/S: For Kuchingites, should you have some attractive places in Kuching to visit, please share ya!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Mari belajar Fiqh~ Lets do a revision!

Banyak yang tak sedar, lupa atau termiss hal ni. Apakah status menantu dengan mertua. 

Ibu saudara sebelah isteri TIDAK termasuk kepada MAHRAM kerana Mushaharah (besan/ipar) Atau Sebab Pernikahan. Kerana mahram kategori tersebut hanyalah terhad kepada :-

a. Menantu lelaki dengan mertua wanitanya, atau ibu dari isteri (mertua wanita).
b. Suami dengan anak wanita dari isteri (anak tiri yang wanita).
c. Mertua laki-laki dengan menantu perempuannya, atau isteri dari anak laki-lakinya.
d. Lelaki dengan ibu tirinya, atau isteri dari bapa.

Ibu saudara Ipar statusnya adalah Mahram muaqqat (sementara). Yang diharamkan adalah berkahwin dengannya (semasa dia masih bersuami), kerana dia adalah isteri Bapa saudara kamu (isteri orang). Hukum yang lain termasuklah :-

a. Haram bersentuhan.
b. Haram berdua-duan (khalwat).
c. Haram bemusafir berdua.
d. Haramnya untuk melihat atau terlihat sebahagian aurat seperti kepala, rambut, tangan dan kaki. Seluruh tubuh wanita itu menjadi aurat kecuali wajah dan kedua telapak tangan.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Specially for Anonymous Lagu Tema: Can't You See by Notorious B.I.G

Khas untuk Cik/Encik Ano...

Maybe this will lay you a more comprehensive exhibit

Found at Batu Tiga traffic light

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Poster paling bangang; Lagu Tema: Heal The World by Michael Jackson

Definitely a head turner right. Can be seen at Precint 88 junction. It is natural to bring down each other when they contend, but this is a sensitive issue(duh even my cat can tell!). The moment I saw this, I felt really disappointed. I have A LOT bunch of non-muslims friends and they have hearts like gold. So, this statement however make me sick to my stomach, nasty thought start fueling my mind, IS THIS REALLY WHAT THEY WISH FOR? See, the effect it has done? I even doubt my own friends, how ugly could that be? I am not pinpointing, maybe its a trap or maybe to steam the fume. To both parties involved, please clarify. Don't just take it for granted before the maggots swarm this already smelly pus! To the culprits who initiated, I can never imagined Sarawak has very brainless, moronic idiots, selfish, stupid, stupid, paloi who is this desperate. CHEAP! What were you thinking?? I assume you are drunk when you designed the poster, edited the poster, printed the poster and hung the poster! Even a 4 year old can tell this is menacing the nation! Even in a circle of friends of different races/religion, you don't say something sensitive OUT LOUD! Sikkan la ko nak madah ko sik suka Islam rah tempat yang banyak org Islam, nakkah paloi namanya. Mun ko nang menar BN, cdak Najib, dak bapak Najwa Got to Go ya bukan Islam? Ayihh bodo eh, kenak benda simple camtok sikpat fikir? Dah ko madah gia, means ko sik target orang Islam ngundi kau la, ada indah target group k ngundi kau, bukan election ko collect sebanyak boleh undi ka? ayih Double bodo eh!! Bodo nang disoso lah!

Come on! Stop the imminent mess!

* what an energy draining post. I need my Red Bull!

[click]Heal The World by Michael Jackson

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WOrdless Wednesday Lagu Tema: Somewhere in Brooklyn by Bruno Mars

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

UPDATED! Bruno Mars Live in Kuala Lumpur 10 April 2011 Lagu Tema: Talking to The Moon by Bruno Mars

If it’s not because of Maxis, I would never stand a chance to listen, let alone to watch the most anticipated-to-hold-a-concert–in-Malaysia, the phenomenal musician Bruno Mars; in flesh. On April 10, 2011, Doo Wops & Hooligans Tour took place at Dewan Merdeka PWTC. Believe it or not, the foyer was swamped by anxious spectators since 3pm!, And Mars only appeared at 9pm! But the waits were all worth it! Clad in a red denim vest over a printed tee, and of course his signature fedora, Bruno literally overwhelmed the crowd with 10 songs (I think) including the famous Just the Way You Are, Grenade, Marry You, Lazy Song, Billionaire and Nothing on You. He also performed two numbers of Jacko as a tribute to the late singer.

Famous with the tag of ‘Woman Worshipper’, when it comes to making women swoon, just give it to him! Mars did it again when he randomly picked a female audience and sang Nothing On You especially for her, one on one! Imagine the buzz? His vocal is out of question, it isn’t too much if I say his live vocal is much2 better than his cd. FLAWLESS. Grammy winner for best vocal, whaddaya expect?? He ended his concert with Runaway Baby and promised the audience to return anytime soon, and the respond from the crowd was “We Want More”!

Maxis did a great job by ensuring everything is within control and all the spectators could have the most of Mr Bruno Mars! Born Pete Gene Hernandez, this Puerto Rican, Philipines definitely spells TALENTED.

These are the pics of him performing captured using my humble compact canon. I am fully satisfied with the photos. I even record some videos, to be uploaded soon…
 "Today I don't feel like doing anything"

 "When I play, I'll never stay"
 my personal favourite shot!


My Personal Favourite!

Still surreal..
All dressed up
Fedora: Vintage
Shirt: Nichii
Dress: PDI
Watch: Fossil
Necklace: Flee market

 Am famished while waiting

For those who are curious of his physical, he is lacking in the height department hihii, sunkissed skin, but he definitely got an amazing smile! Seriously, but I have to brag about this, he could pass b’s brother! They look very much alike than B looks like him. Haha.

*Updated, his video performing "Just The Way You Are" live in Kuala Lumpur April 10, 2011 from my VERY OWN camera!

Monday, April 11, 2011


Source: My camera!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Preoccupied; Lagu Tema: Luar Biasa by Shahir

I don't know you, but I have so used of getting my time occupied. So, now, whenever I got free time, I feel restless. Just early this week, I had a large portion of my work done, there comes a hollow in my schedule. As much as I want to sit back and relax, psycho-motor demands for tasks, that's when I began this craze. Beading. 

I started off with this one...

Now I am done with these!...

















I even made one during office hour. Guilty pleasure :p

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Easy Come Easy Go; Lagu Tema: Count On Me by Bruno Mars

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