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Life has taught me a lot about never to put hope on anything but ALLAH. Because when it turns out otherwise, the pain is unbearable. What crashed my past can never crash my present. Please do not use my photos without my permission. AidaThePinkGoddess™ © 2010 all rights reserved

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


For you, whom I love so much,

I can try to give you everything you need, you want, try to be the best in your eyes, take all the measures & effort to simi-level yours, try not to give up to bear all the unbearables challenges all the way, the simultaneous obstacles that keep crossing over, to combat the temptations that uninvitedly coming over...

But, at the end of the day, It's just an ORDINARY me that I could offer and I hope you can make the best out of it. Heart u so much.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Happy mother's day the love of my lif-mommy. Still looking gorgeous tho. I love u so much with all my heart mak. Sorry for all the let downs and speechless for all your sacrifices.

There's no one else could give me joy & happiness & unconditonal sacrifices for me as much as you do. For being here when I am sick, overtaking the long queue so I could pass to experience the best treatment of the specialists at the GH, never ever been calculative, specially when I complaint how high COL in Sabah is..=), Telling me I am the most good looking girl and will get the best guy during my downest moment (I really2 love u fer that).. Simply giving me reason of being worth living on earth. O love you so much mommy. I know there'll be no one else could do the same, giving me UNDIVIDED love, support & attention


As hot as it can be

The unbearable scorching hot weather of 30 deg did not stop us from camwhoring today, as planned before my flight to Kch. It was like the previous photoshoot-for-fun we had by Mr. Zainuddin Abdul Goyoh. First of all I would like to extend my greatest apologize for being soo childish, demanding and difficult during the photoshoot.,,sorry ah boss!

Monday, April 27, 2009

(sajeee nak bagi entrance ala2 welcoming...with the flying kiss...hehe)

salaaam, its monday..isn't it suppose to be blue? nope fer me! monday means another 2 days to go home.

Highlights of the day: paid the fee (T_T), paid the fee (T_T)paid the fee (T_T)paid the fee (T_T)paid the fee (T_T)paid the fee (T_T)paid the fee (T_T)paid the fee (T_T)paid the fee (T_T)paid the fee (T_T)paid the fee (T_T)paid the fee (T_T)paid the fee (T_T)paid the fee (T_T)paid the fee (T_T)paid the fee (T_T)paid the fee (T_T)paid the fee (T_T)paid the fee (T_T)paid the fee (T_T)paid the fee (T_T)paid the fee (T_T)paid the fee (T_T)teman ika settle her claim, bought mak's kuih cincin, teman ika with her tudung craze...ooops! OMG I think I just let the cats outta the bag.

Alhamdulillah, Ika has chosen to become better.. Actually, she has told me about her intention to cover up quite some time ago, being her friend, i support her 110% but at the same time trying not to be so pushy. Let her be on her own course. Finally today! tadaaaa...(itupun lepas berkali2 beli tudung yang sesuai untuk each baju, I yang dah bertudung 12 tahun pun x mcm tu..hehe)

tolak markah sebab lengan nampak


Bukan gambar hari ibu

Hobi terbaru: melilin tudung

Ok, obviously dah restless

Another thing happened today is, my habit of buying the papers on daily basis has finally paid off. I got a clinic redeem voucher from the sratch & win contest sticker (can be found attached to The Star today). I quickly went to the nearest counter and redeem la! Not only I got a free consultation but a Clinique cream worth Rm50! I actually failed to answer her when the beauty consultant asked what is my skin prob? Adakah itu bermakna i dun have skin problem?? Oh tidak, saya perasan saahaja. actually I have dry skin problem and of course nasty dark circle. dia cakaplah..(Mmg susah nak jwb kelemahan sendiri ni...hihehe)

SO, if you guys did buy The Star today, check it out before the paper end up in the bin or generously donated to 3R.

Oh ya about the guy I have mentioned in the previous post....

Orang handsome mmg jual mahal, org hensem mmg PATUT jual mahal.

Yeah! Look at those aquamarine eyes...ala Zac Efron!!

wait home go can't to

Noticed my followers number has increased a person from a shy of 8! haha...before I saw the message Ima left at the shoutbox ...Yeye. another blog to stalk.

Can't wait to go home.another 48 hours to go. Miss everyone back home. I bumped into a very2 gorgeous guy crashing at my car porch this morning. Managed to steal a good pic of him. Will update the pic later. Love the color of his eyes!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

sake blog seems to lost its sparks. I got so many complaints that I have rarely got my blog updated lately. and I have no choice but to admit, yes, I do! Well, instead of updating my blog, I spend my time reading others' and I find there's a lot of awesome, a** kicking blogs out there.

Thus, when I come back to mine..I was really determined to update my blog with anything under the sun, just like what I have read. They complaint, they sing,they capture pics, they sell things, the camwhore, they met the famous, etc. SO, i would like to do the same,from the movie I have watched to how I looked like when I was small. Anything, therfore I dare not to specify the direction of my blog as long as it is of good cause. Btw, I have watched He's just NOT into you as recommended by my sis and it was great! This movie really sting you up to your heart!

For the sake of updating my dusty blog, I have to pre-warn you, I have no interesting materials but like at the "about me" section has stated earlier. this blog is about me,me,me,me...and I find most of the blogs are about themselves per se!

Thus, I would like to just share some random pics of me with you guys, to compensate the hollow effect of my blog!

This is hairless me with a guy, I think he's my cousin

I was a huge baby, with my sister

And I was a happy baby too!

I laughed like its nobody's biz


Sunday, April 19, 2009

AIDA's Boxing Day!

before that box there means BOX=kotak, not BOX=tumbuk
Salaaam all, I was doing a massive packing of all my things yesterday (to post it by sea to Kuching) and end up with 4 HUGE boxes of only my clothes. Therefore I decided to let go off some to downsize the postage number. How? By selling it HERE with very reasonable, marked down price. I am still working on them, choosing the best and taking up pics and will be put up here soon..

So, if you have something on mind, or have u been eyeing on something??? Just let me know, who knows I might have them??? right?

See you guys later! =)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

THE handsome Gabriel

Mom & sis finally had a new companion upon Babah's transfer to KK.. He's so gorgeous, adorable and handsome. With a sunkiss colored skin, I guarantee anyone would fall head over heels fer him..

I present you, whom my sister calls Gabriel

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

turning a new leaf

Salaaaaaaaaam....i hope this latest entry strikes a difference for all those who check out my blog religously. 1st of all, I would like to apologize for the dusty blog. Not updated for such an unreasonable period! Since my last entry, a lot of things have came up and needed my attention. These include entertaining my family and completing my thesis as the final is approaching.

Ok, there's a lot of things need to be highlighted in this particular blog..Before that. notice my new header? Credit to b fer that. Glad I got complimented for it.

After considering several advices and two cents from the scholars and wise men, I have decided to twist a little bit the direction of my blog, to a more substantial gist and knowledge based rather than my usual empty overexposed posts of myself and things I bought. Thanks to all the critics and I try to be a chameleon, to be able to adapt to any situations but still holding to my self identity.

One issue I would love to ask the member of the floor to think together with me. Just now, in one of my classes, one issue has been brought up..If you are a muslimah, an ajnabi come up and offers a hand shake, would you accept?

So, what say you?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Gisele bundchen? anyone?

As promised to one of the readers, I would like to share some of my weightloss tips. This is the real thing that I exercise religously. My tips are not tied to any available diet program out there. Its just a mix and match.

1. Restrict your food. Like it or not, weight loss has to begin with this, the less you eat, the less calories you'll earn, so your readily activities can burn more energy. So begin with this. No need to take a mammoth step, try with little step first. If you usually eat one scoop of rice, try half. This little difference will surely give large impact.

2. Move. Not necessarily exercise or sports. But simply move. Be mobile. Park far from your destination, walk, take the stairs instead of elevator. Go window shopping. A 2 hours window shopping compared to 40 minutes jogging=which 1 is more fun? =) so, move!!

3. Drink lots and lots of plain water. Make this your only water. With 0 calorie, drink this before you start ur meal, this will control your food intake after that. Plus, this will save up your calories intake. You can't save on the food, sacrifice on the drink, lost some, gain some. =)

4. Buy a scale. But dun weigh yourself too often. Try every 3 days.Having a scale is like giving urself a reminder everytime not to over eat.

5. Share! Always share your meal with your friends, not only you eat less, but you can make your friends happy! =)

6. Drink green tea, this can increase your metabolism.

7. Take whole body pics everyday, also to monitor your weight.

8. Do not ever skip breakfast because this will cause you to eat more towards the end of the day which is a no2! So, no harm having a heavy breakfast, instead of a heavy dinner.

9. Exercise! In whatever exercise that defines you.

10. Count your calories. Roughly. So you know when you go overboard. Like bun=200kcal,milo=130kcal, roughly. Always go for the round, more figure. If its 185 kcal, round it up to 200kcal, so, you will stop when actually you are taking up less. =) Try to stop before your reach 200kcal per day.

11. Start now, not tommorow, not lusa, tulat, next week.

12. This is not about losing weight per se, its about Loving and being kind to your body, eating unhealthily will cause you lethargy, begin slowly, Do not expect speedy result. This is all about WILLPOWER3, NOT TOO AMBITIOUS & REALISTIC !! (ika aku tau ko tgh senyum, baik ko berenti senyum sekarang).

So, all the best fer you who love your body~

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