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Friday, January 29, 2010

Grey Elmo

I have a new cat!! So cute, we call her ELMO.. ok, tipu, it actually belongs to Mom's colleague.. I am thirsty for feline,it's been a while since I held one.

"Mun mau main dgn pusa' Bang Man, ada nya di ofis, kak grooming cute kali!"
(If you wanna play with Bang Man's cat, she is here, just came back from grooming, so cute!)

That was Mom's exact text to me, so I went to the hospital half an hour early before Mom finished work. I got to play with her. She's just done with grooming, very wangiiiii...
put me down! put me down!

Hi my name is Elmo
Comfort Zone 

Nom Nom Nom
Liuk lentok. 
Waaaa I want a cat!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A pair of ♥ !

I want. Where I can find those?

How to make an Aida happy

Ok, not just an Aida, this applies to all females. Think women are complicated? Think again, here you will discover a conventional way of making a woman happy, the magic rule of 3As, Affection, Attention, and Appreciation. If you give the affection your girl yearns for, the attention she needs and the appreciation she deserves, you'll be surprised of how you can revolutionize your relationship. You can juice out the endorphin of your spouse.

Appreciation is not all about buying flowers & saying thank you but as little as to listen to her stories and laugh at her jokes. In harsh word: giving a damn about what she's doing. Blur? Let me give you one example, how different a woman and a man can be.

Man A: How's the wedding? 
Man B: It's great, beautiful.

Woman A: How's the wedding, now tell me!
Woman B: The wedding is gorgeous. The bride is beautiful. I love her sequined dress. Her pearly tiara made her looked like a princess. The groom was dashing, he looked better shaved up. I think their choice of golden beige couldn't get any better! But you know what, the groom got his shoe lace loosen just now, but no one realized! And I love the color of the bride's lipstick, it's coral, you know, almost nude!I think it's number 404.

Now, you get the picture how men and women are different. To comprehend this concept is the key to appreciate your spouse. She tried to connect to you emotionally through this every detail. So, next time, when your girl tells you how bad is her day, how smelly her boss is, her paper clip is broken, or she is 2 minutes late for work today than usual, share and be open enough to listen to her. Participate in her dragging, crooked to the point story.

To compliment or acknowledge her in front of your family & friends is the most actual level of appreciation. Showing the world that she is your pride is the most priceless acknowledgment you could ever done to her. Try.

Women by nature are attention cravers. When they want attention, they mean UNDIVIDED ATTENTION. What does it mean by undivided attention? Your position! Put the paper down, put away your psp, turn off (not mute) the TV, put away your cellphone, make eye contact, be responsive to all what she's saying.

Avoid taking chances! Invest your time to listen to her, and put aside whatever you are doing. And if you really can't make it, tell her honestly you need to do something and will attend to her, undividedly in just a moment. Do not attempt to MULTITASK. Even on the phone, women just can tell it when you are doing something else. Magical creature she is! :)


This is the most powerful tool to a happy relationship. Affection is a short term for LOVE and RESPECT. Affection is all about tones and proximity. Affectionate tones melt women's heart. What is affectionate tone? It's a verbal tone full of love and care. Anger and threatening free! Try this when they are sulking. Walaah! You have no idea how it works in no time!

Proximity. Being close. Allow her to be in your space bubble. Space bubble is a minimum gap you are comfortable to be around other people. To open your space bubble for her is to be affectionate. Being close brings to touch. Touch is the most effective way to end an argument or a fight. Touch makes her feel belong to you undoubtedly.

So, get to your soul mate now and try to practice this 3As if you are honestly in love with her. You'll be stunned of how immediate the results will be. Just bear in mind, you just can not fake these. Women can just tell. They are magical, remember?

Last but not least

"Obviously, a woman doesn’t want to feel like a demeaned, belittled, invaluable, throw-away possession. Nor does she want to feel like she’s obsessively controlled and dictated to like some weak-minded imbecile. But, she very much wants to feel like a prized, valuable, meaningful, sought-after lady – one who is CLAIMED by her man!She wants her man to think of her as his chosen one, his first-pick, his one and only lady."

For real-life example of this rule (here) and (here)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fahrin o Fahrin

Fahrin, I think you really love her.
Men don’t easily get their waterworks on. Normally I’d see men cry during funeral, birth or sending their parents off to Mecca. But because of LOVE? Only happen in the movies. So, what prompt Fahrin to shed his precious tears? All because of a lady namely Linda Onn. The tug-of-war affair has been going on and on between these two and pretty much unresolved, judging from Fahrin’s ultimate decision to sue his ex-beau for slander.
Seeing him so vulnerable like this got me to thinking that love can actually hurt you once you start diminishing respect and getting too comfortable with your partner. My 2 cents worth, he could have fallen hard for Linda yet his profound feeling was never acknowledged let alone returned. And what’s with Linda keep on provoking this poor chap? Simply because she wants attention, to be precise, his attention. All girls simply want to be rescued, no? Linda, should you be reading this and you are what people believe you to be, just put a stop to this madness and be transparent.
But this is just my personal opinion. Love is never blind, and neither it’s conditional. It’s too bad when things get ugly, it’s love you held at the gunpoint…

P/s: reblog from my sis.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My 4 months quest has finally ended! Kinda Joy!

My quest after this egg thing has finally ended!! I found a bunch of them in Satok, thanks to my cousin Asmah.

The last time I checked, this blog is mine, not yours, hence my face!

There's an underlying story actually. 4 months ago, during my final trip to KK, me & B went to a sundry shop to buy something for breaking fast. We were on our way to the airport to send me off to Kch. I took 2 of these and brought them to the counter and WAS ORDERED TO PUT THEM BACK. An obedient girl I am by nature, I did nothing but to obey. Eversince, I never had any encounters with these eggs. I asked around, got some infos but lack of clovers to find one. Finally, my pursuit has come to an end. hihi, happynyer..
Hamek mu

Happy3x! 4months quest berakhir!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Siapa bijak faham la...

klik untuk tumbesaran
klik untuk tumbesaran

klik untuk tumbesaran

P/S: baru teringat nk retrieve kat I HAVE THE PROOF,bak kata hattan, kalau aku tak tipu, ko kena petir nak?

P/S 2: Honestly this is very embarrassing. I apologize to my dear readers for having to read this useless, humiliating entry but I have to stand up for myself.  I hope this will be the last post about this thing. I guess it's my turn to say, get a LIFE~~ 

Al-fatihah...Merafak takziah kepada kerabat diraja Johor diatas pemergiaan Al-Marhum Sultan Iskandar


My version of weekend

We had a Lorelai-Rory moment today. With my current condition, you have no idea, how EVEN weekends outing amuse me. We watched Muallaf. So lazy to elaborate, typical late YA movie about how religion difference is never a fortress when it comes to LOVE.

We got the door fixed too and look what I found!

 This little fellow nibbling on an orange cake twice his size

When I mention little, I REALLY mean it. Look how tiny it is.. It can easily pass through the hole.

O ya, before i forget, I had this for breakfast. Sup perut & tendon + taugeh ..TERBAIK...

And it has to work with this particular pair. lengkuas-cili-cuka condiment..Yummy!

Friday, January 22, 2010

in my comment box today

"u tak boring ke ambil gambar sendiri? boyfriend you tak cakap apa2 ke? you need to get a job"

jawab saya:

"..selepas rebung tegaknya buluh,
elok dibuat ayam pansuh,
hendak dibuang seksanya sungguh,
sudah mesra di dalam tubuh.."

p/s: to anonymous, seriously u think i will give a damn?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wait Till YOU see MY SMILE

This song is such a gem
@rostika, sabrina

When the wind is blowing in your face
sometimes in life you don't see straight
Wait for him
he will show

When your head is in a certain place
Nobody around to make you say
Stand strong and you will go

wait till you see my smile
wait till you see your smile

don't they love to see you down
kick you while you are in the ground
don't let any emotions show

people always make you late
don't let them get in your way

see they say things they don't know

wait till you see my smile
wait till you see your smile

So don't you look better now
Everybody comes around
cause you don't really need much
Just don't go in and your better ready for whatever


By the way, watched this just now, how can Jesse be more BEAUTIFUL than women??? Oh dear!

For light romantic movie fans, I strongly recommend this

The tale of the girl with the most beautiful eyes in the world (nope, I am not talking about Aishwarya)

She used to be one of the world's famous face, and yet no one knows her. Her photo has been captured randomly but created a stir when her picture was selected as the cover of National Geographic 100 best pictures. She had no idea her face had become an icon after her photo became the cover in 1985, although her info, remained anonymous.

17 years later, the National Geographic team, returned to the refugee place in Pakistan in pursuit for her. Several contacts had led them to her brother. The photographer, McCurry could easily tell that they had found the right family the moment he saw the color of her brother's eyes. To confirm that she is Sharbat Gula, the EXPLORER team verified her through iris-scanning technology and face-recognition techniques used by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Since she was only photographed once in her lifetime, she remembered the moment vividly, and what interesting is, she only got to see the product 17 years later. McCurry told her that she has become famous because of the photo but she did not seem to be interested in her fame.

Sharbat Gula's photo had captivated so many people for one reason, undoubtedly, the piercing gaze of her sea-green eyes, as they put it.

And what a nice name she has-Sharbat Gula which means "Rose Sherbet" or Air Mawar kan? huhu pardon my rusty arabic...

 The famous photo of her was taken at the age of 12

On the other note, I personally fall for her eye color too, her face represents effortless beauty and strength. I admire the striking and intense color of her photo- brick red shawl with her aqua marine eyes!


I admit I am inspired so I tried to play with the contact lenses to get her color, but you just cannot beat the gene right? Mmmm....

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Farhani Tarmizi

I think this lady gains popularity quicker than anybody else, after she bustled a heated controversial racist statement pertaining Sarawakian women. Her statement had hoisted anger amongst Sarawakian generally, hence the many hate pages of her had been created. Her screen capture (here) circulates around very rapidly and  I pity to other Hani Tarmizis out there, because the crowd have intensely tried to track down that name for the past few days. Whatever she thinks of doing right now, I guess she should have thought it before she came out with the words.

I will not sink down to her level to rant back or retaliate what she said because that will make I am worthless as she is but I suggest that she comes out form her hiding place, make a public apology and clear up the mess that she has done. You touched and you are burnt baby!

On the other note, Saiful Nang faced the same thing after he commented about 'press photographer tak pandai ambil gambar', and he doesn't need to become a man, he only need to become human by making a public apology.

Moral of the story is fikirlah sebelum cakap. Weapons break bones but words break hearts. Wounds will heal but not broken hearts.

P/s: Inilah antara bahana FB hasil rekaan Mark Zuckerberg ,si Yahudi.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Siapa minat kat Bob Marley?

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