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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Homecoming Queen; Lagu Tema: Homecoming by Kanye West

I am still in the state of disbelief. After 2 1/2 years, finally, my Kelisa found its way home, for good. Dad and a friend drove all the way from KK to Kuching exactly in 22 hours. 

Step back in time.. *mata berkaca*, Dad drove all the way from Kuching to KK somewhere in June 2008 because I really need a car when I was doing my postgrad in UMS. So Eliza (my kelisa) had become a very close companion, a witness through my thick and thin especially during my academic era. If only she could speak, Eliza would proudly share that she has been exerted to its core to Kundasang 7 times! Punctured, overheated, leaking, all of these priceless experience with Eliza were nothing but interesting. :) When I wanted to return to Kuching after I completed my master, fate twisted itself, Babah got transferred to Queen E hospital, leaving Eliza with no choice but to resume her duty, serving dad. While with daddy, Eliza is very2 well taken care of by dad and Rostika everytime Babah on vacation. 

The moment Eliza came back to Kuching, it felt awkward though. Because I can't properly recall what's the last memory we had together in Kuching. But for sure, it certainly so far from where we've been now. If she's not lifeless, I think both of us will be exchanging story about KK *tears rolling* 

To Eliza, I will try my best not to replace you for now.
To Dad & Uncle Haimi, thanks a lot, I owe you so much, my scroll is especially dedicated to you to compensate the 22 hours on the road, and all the sleepless night. Mak cakap susah nak cari org tolong tenaga, berbanding wang ringgit.
To Kakak, Ayusz & AhmadFarid; thanks2 a lot for being there when I was immobile and thanks for taking care of Eliza when she was ill. You guys are godsent.
To Ika; what can I say, you have done so much for me and my family, Eliza will certainly miss you the most :)

4 chemistry(s):

Khairieah said...

wow.. bestnya kak aida ada kelisa. sy minat kelisa ever since it was first produced lagi, tp skrg nda suda kena manufacture kan. sy belum sempat berduit pun nda dpt memiliki kelisa. sedihnya.. wuwuwu
tahniah sbb ada kelisa :))))
klu sy ada kelisa pun mesti sy buat memories2 mcm kakak sama eliza hihihi

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

takpe, nanti K beli yg lagi best dr kelisa.hehe

my eliza byk witness my ups and downs.hhehe syg sgt kat dia. hehe

ika said...

Me too!!! syg jgk dgn Eliza!!!..hehehe..byk budi Eliza, P sdh tanggal kan??? Uncle bwk smpai Kch ok..hahahah..

Rindu syg kamu eliza!!!!!

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

ika: eliza miss u more.he

P sudah diambil hadi. ehem.he

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