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Monday, January 10, 2011

Rostika's Trip To Kuching: Day 1; Lagu Tema: Everything by Michael Buble

My friend has just returned to KK last night. I am still in recovering mode. Still very in the vacation mood.

I never knew that I would ring in 2011 with a  visit from my best friend! Yup, Ika came to visit Sarawak for 4 day trip. It was an impromptu trip because all was done after I got back from KK in December. Ika touched down at 9 on the 6th. First place we brought her is... Rojak Kuchey! She was persistent about that.

 Right after she touched down, we had breakfast at Rojak Kuchey

 After breakfast, we went home so Ika could freshen up, later after lunch, we went to Taman Sahabat

Paling Sabah

 Berhala laksamana Cheng Ho
 It's a wishing well

 Running out of interesting thing to pose with
The host :)

Ika's first experience with the water taxi aka penambang
Suruh adik depan kami tolong amik pic

After that, I brought her to Kek Lapis Dayang Salhah and she started blindly filling in her cart. lol!
Rambang mata yer kak?

Cakap nak beli sikit jer, padahal.hehe

 Since I parked my car at Waterfront, I suggested to her to get done with all the souvenirs at Main Bazaar

 One happy tourist
 I thought of bringing Mak along together for dinner, so a brief visit to my favourite place in the world first  :)

Top: Nichii
Necklace: Park Avenue
Skirt: D&D
Sandal: Sachs

Later that night, we had dinner at Kubah Ria, Ika got to try Nasik Kerabu, and forced by Mom to try our pride, Pizza Ria.
Nasik Kerabu with Ayam

And she fell for it in no time :)

To be continued...

2 chemistry(s):

ika said...

what a way to start d new year!!!!!...sgt2 seronok, nda rasa pg bcuti pun, mcm d tmpat sndiri...hahah...thanx byk2 syg ku..

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

no prob hrp ko sudi dtg lagik..:)

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