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Friday, November 25, 2011

Za New Total Hydration Range UPDATE, I am featured!

Look at these gorgeousness!My first encounter with this range was in Cleo magazine.Yesterday, I saw them for the 1st time at Guardian, (but I ended up buying in Watson's cos they have promotion.) I bought cleanser and the Aminomineral refreshing gel. Both products are awesome! So, I'd love to give the blemish care a try. You see, I have been using the 2 way foundation for a year already and I'm a satisfied customer. I have my MAC only for occasions, klu guna MAC every day to work and utk touch up setiap kali after solat, kopak arrr!! Imagine a MAC is RM 140 (10gm) for 4 months, and you can get the same just for RM27 by wearing ZA. Recently it won the BEST Compact powder in Cosmopolitan Anugerah Kecantikan Untukmu 2011. 

More information [here]

After just a couple of hours I came out with this post, I was featured in Za's FB!

leh claim komisen nih! :P

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Alhamdu Lillah....long post you see..

111111 sememang tarikh indah dan basyirah 
untuk yang gagah, 
senyum terserlah, 
terbayar penat lelah.. alhamdulillah.. 
Syukurr!!hanya itu kalimah, 
Qalbu ku kini rahbah,
segala Puji bagi Allah!

All smiles!

I have been through a lot of phases in my life, and I dare to say the greatest would be my Masters years. Great people, great place! If  I were given chance, I'd love to relive that moment over and over again. I am married to a Sabahan, that was close....

Finally my transfer to Kota Kinabalu is approved! I get to reside in Kota Kinabalu. Alhamdulillah...

Alhamdulillah to the Almighty, for he has answered my very prayer and I accept them humbly with gratefulness, I couldn't asked for more. I know things like this don't happen everyday. Seriously I didn't expect it to be as soon as this but who am I to question the rezeki? I believe it's my sweet pea's.

But nothing comes easy right. Nothing beautiful is created without struggle. I really WORKED HARD pertaining this matter. Honestly I never strived so hard for anyhting ever in my life than this one. For those who know me well,  will expect me to go with the flow and complacent for whatever things that given to me, the most is I will try to adapt, BUT NOT THIS ONE. The moment I was placed in Putrajaya, that was the moment I began my fight. From simple emails, to letters to phone calls, I did it all. You want mobility? Ok, I remember, I was in the peak of my nausea & fragile state of pregnancy, I WALKED to JPA, I remember I had to pause for oxygen at the lobby before I proceed to the floor, only to be told that my emails are inappropriate for transfer application. I burst into tears when the officer said I might have to wait for at least one year (or more) for relocation.... But at the same time (while offering my tissues) he promised me that he tried his best to speed things up for me.

I didn't stop there, I listened to LOTS of rumors and facts about relocation, of which I myself couldn't verify; some said pregnancy is the strongest reason, you'll definitely get it, others said, you are still very new, you'll only be entertained after 3 years, post confirmation and the rest said are you kidding? Who are you to be entertained, there are more still in the waiting list and they have applied for years...................

I become a cyborg, I didn't buy any of those, I resumed to fight for my relocation. This is the chronology:-
  1. I wrote a letter to my department to be released and it got approved.
  2. I keep shooting emails to JPA for updates and status.
  3. Remember the guy who offered me tissue? He got transferred to SPRM, there goes his promisesss...
  4. I spent one whole day to identify any vacancies for my scheme in all ministries and their agencies and departments in Kota Kinabalu.
  5. I sent emails to all departments and agencies in Kota Kinabalu, and I got some replies.
  6. I got one reply from one guy in INTAN Sabah, he called me straightaway after several emails. Apparently, he had applied for transfer to Kuching for the last 4 years but to no avail because he has no one to replace his position. In INTAN, he does training and development for government officers, God's will, they are looking for someone who has background in teaching and Human Resources for the replacement. I got both. It must be my rezeki that I found this guy because anything right after that, he got it done for me. 
  7. All I know is , I received my letter on the 11.11.11 of my posting order. And yes I owe him so very much. 
  8. In the midst of this excitement, deep inside, there's still a part of me in my current place. KSM is a superb place so far, everyone is so warm and despite the stacked workloads, it's the most peaceful and positive working place I have ever experienced. 
Finally I can lay all my worry to rest, I am ready to go through my pregnancy at the certainty,at the same time a working wife. After 6 years of LDR, I couldn't afford another LDM (long distance marriage) I hope this is the beginning of all good things in my life. Hats off to those who wait for years!

P/S: Like in my previous post, I am supposed to report duty in KK on the 21st of November but due to keperluan tugas dan kepentingan perkhidmatan, I was given an extension until 29th Nov, so, see you KK!

But of course, the cherry on top gotta be ze reunion with my husband!  :)


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I just can't keep numb...

"For my head gear, the veil is a ready made and for my tudung, it is all what I already had, mix and match, lace for inner, another inner, I sew beads on it and a normal shawl and the veil over." -July 27th 2011

If you think I'm provoking, it's the other way round.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Today's supposed to be the day...

..... I report duty to my new place if I should secure the relocation...but... it didn't happen.

Never mind, my heart goes to Harimau Malaya for the finals tonight against Garuda. We get to witness our team being transported in the Barracuda again tonight. Go Harimau Malaya go!(patriotism spirit seems to elevate sejak dua menjak keja gomen nih.hihi)

Don't forget to show your support by donning our jersey. You can get it here [Farid Sports House!]

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Something You Would Want to Know- Farid Sports House

Do you find hard time shopping online, because you don't know whether the shop is still valid, the reliability of the stuffs sold are questionable and the classic risk, will the stuff purchased will be at the best quality?

I have the solution for all those poisonous doubts. I am a very fussy online shopper myself. So, this is reliable. hee..

Presenting Farid's Sports House, a newly opened shop offering  Original, Replica, Triple A, from jerseys to sports shoes, you can feast yourself .

Individually packed in high quality packaging

Premium Quality Replica at special price. Stocks are very up-to-date from the latest collection based on surveys from customers 

Among the original collections

For early birds, every of your purchase comes together with this exclusive badge you won't get anywhere else!

Talking about 5 purchase at 1 price!

Well, another speciality about Farid's Sports House, they offer both online and premise service. For those who stay in Kota Kinabalu and nearby locations, you can visit the premise at:

Tadika ABIM Pasir Putih, Putatan

or you can settle for the easy method, just click 

Trust me, this will never let you down, pre and post purchase service quality guaranteed! 
5 purchase at 1  price!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Monday, November 14, 2011


Allah, if one thing I should ask and you could grant above all, please protect my iman, so I can endure your tests sans questions.. 

another diffrent story, recently I was chatting with my colleagues and bosses, when the conversation lead me to saying "aaa muhasabah diri". And serentak, they all said "eh org sarawak tau perkataan muhasabah"...And I was like......:-/ Seriously?

Friday, November 11, 2011

Chilled 111111

I applied and been expecting for this since 26th Sept 2011, finally the result came out today, after countless harassment made and tears dropped.   I am chilled down my spine, I don't dare to click on that!! Please, Ya Rahman, be it good news! Please let 11.11.11 be a lucky date!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pre-Loved but almost brand new Guess items up for grabs!


A head-turner for sure!

A set of authentic Guess wallet and satchel/tote up for sale!!

Mint condition. 

Patent leather with fabric lining.

Modern, sleek palette of black, grey & white.

The handbag is spacious, high durability, can be used as a tote or a satchel as it comes with a shoulder strap.

The wallet has numerous compartments and card slots. 
A girl's best friend indeed!

Purchased sometimes in August'11.

Yours now for only RM350/set!

Original price was RM429 for the bag and RM159 for the accordion zip wallet.

Purchase will come with a dust bag for the handbag and an original box for the wallet.

Excellent bargain, a fraction of the price for two authentic, best condition items!!!

Remember this item? Authentic COACH with the coveted boutique's paper bag included!

It is reduced to RM170 with free postage!!!

Make them yours!

sms shopkeeper now at 019-8793731

Monday, November 7, 2011

Aidiladha 2011

Mom was here to visit us for Raya Haji Holiday.It was great despite the limited time. It's been a while since us, all girls, spent quality time together. And, since I first knew I am pregnant, I haven't met my mom yet. As usual, an obligatory visit to the famous TAR and Pasar (which up until now I think  I was being broad-daylight mugged by the hawkers. T_T lesson learnt, I could never resist tudungs, tudungs and tudungs. Then, we went to Haji Shahrin's Low seafood. YUMMEH, It's a chinese muslim restaurant and they claim it is Siti Nurhaliza's favourite restaurant. Dekat rumah Siti kat Bukit Antarabangsa. Untung2 dptlah jumpa siti sana.hehe

On the Aidiladha itself, we went to visit my sister's BIL place in Nilai. Ada makan2 sikit.. We brought acar ayam and puding jagung. Mak had a good reunion with her besan after so many years not meeting each other. Later, we sent Elin to her place in Genting Klang and we went browsing for food. Mak being mak, told us about this place she watched on JJCM and insisted us to bring her there. ok now,it's time for piccas!! 

While the dress still fits. pakai2la. hehe...

 Kelihatan warga arab di belakang menyambut aidiladha

 Abang Long's house
 Mak and her besan with her grandchildren

 Sis,BIL and their nenek

I adore this boy like so very much, never failed to amuse us with his antics. Plg best tak pandai sebut 'R', Laksasa suka makan askelim. hahaha

 First try
 ok, 2nd one
Almost there, 3rd one
Lagi sekali..

 Ok, bolehla! hehehe

 Jalan2 kat Sunway, Mak teringin cinnabon,

.......And suddenly am craving for Ice cream, stop lagi. hahaha

 Dear sweet pea, this is mom carrying you at 13 weeks :)

This one is for you, sweet pea he

Gastro cafe


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