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Life has taught me a lot about never to put hope on anything but ALLAH. Because when it turns out otherwise, the pain is unbearable. What crashed my past can never crash my present. Please do not use my photos without my permission. AidaThePinkGoddess™ © 2010 all rights reserved

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Raising Ayra

Maybe the term 'raising' is too early to be applied to me, for my daughter just reached 1 month and 8 day old today. Though such a short period, I learnt a whole lot! Like I always proclaimed, I was a self centred during my old days. Was. Everything evolved around me me me. I don't even share wardrobe with my husband. Until Ayra came into my life. And I think it's not wrong to admit I am not fond of kids and neither am I their favourite Ha  ha Ha. In the sense that I am not the type who kids will approach to play with or to ask something, probably someone they hate! haha, I am not the type who go to mothers with kids and ask to carry their babies, admiring from afar will do rather than held responsible for dropping someone else's child. Hahah 

But, having my own, with my despicable attitude, has taken its toll on me. I became scared and not confident. I have never handled a kid before what more to say baby! And neither I am the diligent one like most of first time mothers now who read all the books in the world and become expert prior the birth of their 1st child. I prefer to go with the flow. First few days of Ayra homecoming, it's Mom, Dad and Hubby who handled her. The vision of her falling down, getting hurt really scare me! Until B has gone back home and my parents had returned to work. It's only me and Ayra at home!  I tell you for 1st time mothers out there, with pride, I HAVE NO PROBLEM handling Ayra, (so far) maybe its a gift from Allah to mothers. All my fear is useless! I gave her bathe like I have done it forever. Even I myself was amazed by this, so far, I don't have any major problem 'raising' a baby. Except when she decides to become nocturnal. See, I never stayed up in my whole life, be it the most important exam, I never compromised my sleep. So this is a tad hard for me. Sometimes I gave up and passed her to my mom should I become a zombie. 

So far, Ayra is easy from month 1 of my pregnancy, she never gave me any problem up until labor, I hope she stays like this until she leaves home. Still a very small fraction of the beginning of her milestone, there's still so very much ahead to look forward for my Ayra. :)

Ayra 4 days old

Ayra 7 days old

Ayra 13 days old

Ayra 23 days old

Ayra 36 days old

Mommy 30 days of confinement. hahaha

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hubby's 27th Birthday

9 years ago, I had a crush on this guy and fast forward to 2012, he is now the father of my child!Fairy tale much huh? 13 June is his 27th birthday, his first birthday as hubby and wifey yet I can't be there to celebrate.  Since B's birthday is only a day away from his nephew's they decided to celebrate them together today! So, what I did was to plan with his sister to surprise him with gifts. Glad he loves them!

Happy birthday and Happy fathers' Day b! Thank you for being a wonderful husband and daddy. Believe it or not, I still have that butterfly in stomach effect whenever I see you (especially when you pick me up from airport after I return from travelling)! ;p I love u so much, I always do, and I wanna grow old with you! Muahs. Syukur at 27, you're a Muslim, you got a job, a child and of course an awesome wife! hahahaha!

These are the most I can do

Nice bouqet!, credit to Kakak for the awesome kawtim!

Friday, June 8, 2012

My Struggle with Ayra's Jaundice and I hate pantang

Every mommy would agree if I say handling babies with jaundice is such a tedious task. For my case it's prolonged jaundice! Ayra's jaundice episode began as early as day 3. OUR BIGGEST MISTAKE is we did not refer her to the Mother and Child clinic (how can I overlooked the fact that I need to register toKlinik Kesihatan after I was discharged?!?!). We chose to self treat. B retrieved her blood everyday and sent them directly to the lab. Ayra's SB level increased up to 15! So, we took another WRONG step, we rented (rasa kaya) blue light from Klinik Astana for a ridiculous RM80 per day. Ayra was laid under the blue light for three days, then B had to go back to KK, means no one was there to retrieve and monitor her blood. Honestly saying, I was close to depression during that time, mentally and physically painful. 

After the phototherapy, Ayra's SB level showed decrease but still high, 11-12. But the trend was decreasing.  During the last day of her phototherapy I had to ask favor from my doctor friend in GH to take her blood, yes, her SB decreased. Short relief, we tried everything to treat her, Goats milk, green grapes, sensei, ambuyat (sago),  I even delayed my supplement intake to assist her recovery. Talking about mother instinct, three days later, I decided to check her SB again after seeing her sleeping all day and very passive. (signs of jaundice), my horror emerged. Ayra SB level rebound! Being a typical mother, it worried me to hell. I felt so stressed, Ayra had been poked so many times, not again! But I have no choice! So, with guilt I went to Klinik Kesihatan (all this while I thought we only need to register at Klinik Kesihatan for the 1st month jab). I took her blood at Gribbles and went to the clinic for 5 appointments! From day 13 until today Day 28, she is finally discharged! 

Honestly, my control measure for her jaundice is BF. I became sick of all the tips and petua I became pessimistic towards them, So I stopped them altogether and continue to BF her contiously. I tried to make myself less stressful by .....GOING OUT. Yes, I know I am still in my confinement but what good is to confine yourself when you feel physically and mentally pressured? Only then, I felt relieved. Scientifically, there is no pantang2. It all depends on your body capacity. Don't start lecturing me on kesannya bila dah tua nanti. You eat right, you rest enough, then nothing's gonna be wrong with you bila tua, it's a prolong thing, kalau tak pernah2 jaga makan, tak pernah exercise, harapkan 40 days pantang je jaga, u expect you look good bila tua nanti??

Alhamdulillah Ayra's now discharged. Thanks to Dr Klinik kesihatan Sekama yang super gorgeous mcm model, she is something like Nasha Aziz minus the botox, he,  I love the way she dresses up, today she wears milky yellow pleated dress, last week she wore mint dress with golden belt with platform, cantiknyaa! harap2 Ayra terkenan. hehe... On top of all, she is kind, kalau jahat, automatically tak cantik. hehe Syukur2... To mommies with prolonged jaundice babies, I can feel you, be patient and stay +ve :)

kesian Ayra, so yellow.

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