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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Where's my four-leaf clover?

Think you are unlucky? Think again. I have:

crashed my lappy today

chipped my printer today

lost my sony erricson today

I am so devastated and distraught, I need some time alone.

Seriously I need this:

Monday, July 27, 2009

Kerna kau yang akuuuuuuuuu sayangiiiiiiiiiii

While sending babah to work today, this song was aired, it reminds me of my childhood with cousins, cuz we were fanatics over man baiiiii.hehe. I still have a vivid memory of us posing for a photo with a giant poster of Gersang.

And I think this song makes a perfect break up song. I sang along in the car like Babah is invisible. :p Love tis song.

Sejenak aku dikejutkan
Bersama ombak cinta luka
Perpisahan melanda kita
Hanya kerna peristiwa itu

Kiranya takdir mengizinkan
Inginku kembali padamu
Meneruskan cinta yang lalu
Kerana kau yang aku sayangi

Akan kusimpan kenangan cinta kita
Yang tak akan terpadam selamanya
Kehangatan cintamu masih aku terasa
Seperti baru semalam kita berpisah

Tangisan sedu di hatiku
Menahan kepedihan ini
Sendiri aku mengenangkanmu
Hanya engkau yang aku sayangi

Sunday, July 26, 2009

What's up?

If I were in Kuching today, I must have gone to Jom Heboh with the bunch ..Of all the days, they have it in Kch when I am not there. Mak called me justnow telling how she wished I was with her.

Yesterday I almost created a scene at b's place when I threw up after quite a long impromptu nap. Although the feelings of nausea and dizzy were extraordinary out of this world, I tried to fight cuz I don't want to make fool outta myself and seen as trying to attract attention. I was treated with Ginger Ale, (a fizzy can drink) it tastes good and really dispenses wind out of your body.

I think I have lost track of date and time, couldn't care less about FB and online, expecting for tomorrow as much as I want to freeze the time, and not in the mood to committ to any work-purpose task. Is anything wrong with me? Or am I just in love? :p

I think It's not me if it's an picless entry. So to accesorize this entry with pics. I put up these.

Despite being an ardent fan of skinny jeans,and come out with "no2 to flair and easy fit jeans" statements, and once I ever thought dat Boot Cut is a fashion crime, I think boot cut can actually look nice. I know the underlying secret: For my case, I took a size smaller so it girdles and contours my legs nicely.

The Pink Goddess is not in pink! *WajibulPout*


P/S: Al-Fatihah to Yasmin Ahmad who passed away today due to stroke.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I'm the Lucky!~~

Ku persembahkan satu cita ku..
Setulus hati hanyalah untukmu
dan ku lakukan semampu aku tuk menyayangimu
hingga kau merasa jadi pujaan ku
meski bercinta kadang tak indah
tapi tuk buktikan kau yang terindah
dan kupastikan..i'm the lucky one..
nikmati cinta lebih dari segalanya....

jiwaku ini yg tak tersentuh
kini terasa sejak bersamamu
berikan hangat hinggaku tak mampu berjauh darimu
kerna kau yang bisa buatku bahagia

meski bercinta kadang tak indah
tp tuk buktikan kau yang terindah
dan ku pastikan i'm the lucky one
nikmati cinta lebih dari segalanya

caramu membuatku tak berdaya
hatiku pun ribut terjaga
kau ubah hidupku ini jadi sempurna


To tame the scorching hot weather today, sipping self made pineapple punch is my idea of spending the hot sunny saturday, reminds me of my grandma. She loved making fruit punch during the good old days...

I gave Fahrin a good bath today, lost track when is his last bath. Been owing Mak to wash him since I came home. After compromising with the sun, I showered him at 6. Fuh, more energy ripping than a good round of jog! he. But then again, no one can beat Babah when it comes to car.

Its only Kris and Kim at home, I miss Khloe so much, I hope Kourtney is taking good care of her. Miss her when it comes to cooking and quarelling.huhu (lantakla org fhm ke tak.hehe.sapa fhm mmg bijak la.hehe)

I am currently watching 6 sharifahs. Interesting movie. The six actress are real-life sharifah.

I am bound to KK AGAIN this Monday for something big!

Got this pic from here

Berhaluslah terhadap suamimu

"Wahai kaum wanita, seandainya kamu mengerti kewajipan terhadap suamimu, tentu seorang isteri daripada kamu bertindak akan menyapu debu dari telapak kaki suaminya dengan mukanya"- Sayiditina Aisyah

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Am not done with the engagement pics yet

For the past few days, mom kept bugging me to develop my engagement photos. Cuz she does not believe in soft copies. Since I left KK the next day after the ocassion, I did not manage to get photos from Biena's Mcbook. Thus, the only file I have in keep is the the DSLR version. Mom being conservative, she is yet ready to accept DSLR's artistic angles and blurry effects...
"Nakpa gambar camtok, sik puas mak nangga" of what she uttered.
I obey and demand sis to email me her Leica's version and same goes to Aifa.

My other friend (Buttercup of the Powerpuff Girls) Aza has been in Kuching for good, so, I decided to visit her to get pics cum gossiping and catching up.hehe..lamak da sik lepak umah Aza...we used to park at her place during SPM, kononnya nak study..he...I saw Montok (aza's very2 old cat, 15 years human years rasanya za o??), yep she's a lil bit senile dah.

What's interesting about Aza's place is.....they serve aek soya! hehe Even for Hari Raya, you can choose Soya Bean or Sundrop. They do not serve aek menet (carbonated drinks).Very the sihat... biasalah, anak badminton coach.hehe

Here are some pics from Aza's camera


Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Banyak yang bertanya, saya pun sudah berjanji....

My English Rose Pink hantarans and Dais were made by:



LOT 420



(belakang qamilla, berdepan ngan S.E.S Pesona)

pic: credit to dasz

Monday, July 13, 2009

Dr. or Puan?

During the closing of my Viva Voce, our dean delivered a very inspiring speech..that of the uttered was this

"You guys did a very brilliant job, I think none of you realize that you are one more step to your doctorate"

After a few days, I begin to wonder, this year marked 2 significant things for me, another step to doctorate and becoming a 'Puan'... *sigh*

Friday, July 10, 2009

Siapa ada adaptor hp compaq presario v3000 yang tidak diguna?



Thursday, July 9, 2009

The eagle has landed, Elvis is in the building.

I have just won my own time to pen down this entry after a long haul of my engagement ceremony hassle and foremost, undivided attention to my Viva Voce, Alhamdulillah, both went well, very well.

4th of July has witnessed the knot half tied between me and Abu Ubaidah bin Sainuri held at my home in Kuching, ( I think I am lost of words when it comes to cover my own big day.hahaha) All I can say is I love everything during that day and I am beyond satisfied. Now at least it is an assured relationship, thus I have no problem to declare that, yep, I am so lucky to be half-owned by my then crush, beau and now fiancee. Although, it was thorny bumps along the way but our love topples the temptations and shows no signs of withdraw and surrender , hence this engagement. We agree to embark to this journey to ultimate happiness and I can't desribe how happy, relieved and proud I am, and I demand nothing but prayers from all of you.

To Mr. Fiancee, I know this will not be a walk in the park, but I hope our love will always have it's head held up high.

My greatest thanks goes to my parents, my siblings, family and friends for such an excellent job, and the willingness to bear with my difficulties.

Now, the ceremony had passed, what's left now is, to buff myself to be a great woman to suit my great man. Insya allah...

I think I'm done with our pics in the previous entries, hence, this post is about the hantarans & the details..7 for me and 9 for him.

My humble invitation card

The dais

to Aida : English Pink Roses Theme

The Band

Sirih Junjung

Sirih Junjung

The band


Aldo Shades
Liz Claiborne Handbag

Gucci by Gucci and Chopard Toiletteries

Water apple

Fossil watch & Matrioshka



To Ubaidah : Escada-Summer-Tropical-Rainforest-Worldmusic-Festival Theme

Fruit Tarts

Kek Lapis

Chocolate with the tag: "My heart melts with every bite of these, the same way whenever you are near"

Hugo Boss and Body Shop Tea Tree with the tag: " I want you to be the sweetest smelling thing I have"

Fossil Watch & Belt
with the tag : "The final diagnose: I suffered from you-OD, hence I need my Mcdreamy fix"

Esprit Shirt
with the tag:"You surely look dashing in these, just like Lucas from One Tree Hill :)"

The Band

The only 1 who could break my heart

Couldn't actually believe dat this is the guy yang I come to kuliyah during matrix fer.hahaha..




(belakang qamilla, berdepan ngan S.E.S Pesona)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

alhamdulillah V2

Thanks a lot to Aifa...for writing this beautiful version..

Sunday, July 5, 2009


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