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Monday, January 10, 2011

Rostika's Trip To Kuching: Day 2; Lagu Tema: Hooray Holiday by Boney M

Day 2, I planned to bring Ika to Kuching Utara, and what ever along the way and explained to her how's Kuching Utara and Kuching Selatan different. (same scripts everytime guests come over, lol) 

Yup, My Eliza has came back to Kuching, will blog about it later.

Denim Outwear: MNG
Pink Frills top: Nichii
Pants: Vintage
Slippers: Roxy

 We had breakfast at Coffee o Corner, I have been bragging about how nice the place is after renovation, yada yada yada and she must come to experience herself.

 The host :)
 Ika stuffed on the famous Mee Kolok
Together with this, it's telur masin goreng Yummeh!

 Then we continued our journey to Cat Museum
 Again, another berhala :P


 We visited my school! (SMKA Tun Ahmad Zaidi) My school hasn't changed much in a way. I visited my hostel, Aspuri, and this is the public phone where we used to queue up to call our family. huhu, Nangis2 nak balik bermalam. And guess what, the phone is in coral! NICE! I am obviously much2 taller than the phone now. hhehe Can't  believe it's actually 9 years ago! Oh my..

On the way back, we had lunch at Kim Bay. 
She had Belacan Chicken with rice.

Char Siew Chicken Feet, I was telling b, I ate this, He was not very keen and he came up with this metaphore: "Nak tak makan kaki yang telah dibasuh dengan sabun bersih2 (he meant kaki orang) and tu kaki yang berkasut, imagine kaki ayam, entah apa dikais2 nya, poo ke," HE GOT A POINT, ok no more kaki ayam for me ever again "-_-

Watch us for this space for our trip to Serikin next! Yeehaw!

4 chemistry(s):

Fatul Akrul Ramli said...

telur masin goreng? fuh, tak penah jumpa lg..

abu ubaidah said...

aik ada juak quote kamek sia,i love u babe

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

sgt sedap.hehe

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

b: mestilah, i love u too

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