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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nazrin Arif

Who would've expected to celebrate 1st day of eid at the hospital. Me neither. And no one would expect B's nephew prolonged fever is something else. After 7 days of on and off fever, he was admitted to the ward with Kawasaki disease. Poor Arif. Being the apple of the eye and the cream of the crop, everything else falls second, including Raya, There's no fun celebrating Eid knowing Arif is in the ward fighting his illness. We would drop anything for him. He was admitted on Raya eve, and everyone takes turns to look after him between rise and snooze. He's progressing well as he gets the best personal and medical attention. Can't wait for him to discharge and continue to paint rainbow in the household with his antics! Me too almost succumb to the evilness of fever with a slight indication of sore throat.. God Bless there's B muax!~

At the Background:Arif is fighting his disease..

  IV line..poor arif..

Arif's support system..

........ : /

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Aidilfitri 2011

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Husnul Khotimah

Raya is just 3 days away...Am not coming home this raya as I am celebrating with B and Family here in KK. Trip to Sandakan has to sacrifice because B's nephew is ill. All prayers for his speedy recovery..

Alhamdulillah, we completed the Quran 5 days before Raya. So long Ramadhan, we are looking forward to seeing you in many years to come. Nothing can beat the tranquility and benefits that you offer Muslims each year.So are so gonna miss you! :)

Quest for Nachos; Lagu Tema: Raya oh Yeah by Yuna

After a mean tag by elder sis, I had this instant craving for Nachos. Read: Severe. My experience with nachos in Kuching (Pondok Anis) and USS Singapore makes it more profound for me to begin the quest for Nachos in KK. Ika suggested Upperstar and Kakak suggested Fish & Co. Yesterday, we decided to give Upperstar a try but what a downer, they didn't serve Nachos. B being so thoughtful by getting me Chachos but it's the dip that do justice to my craving. hehe...

 B browsing thru the menu

 We ordered a pitcher, kusmengat, mbak sa nyawa posa

 I ordered this instead : Taco Mexican Roll, something closest to Nachos? geographically. ehe It's yummeh to the max! For the 1st time I am being submissive to LAMB. Only RM7.90, with a generous portion of fries and coleslaw

 B's chicken chop ..yawn~
 If life gives you lemon, you make a lemon coke. hehe
 Upperstar Suria

Apple of my eye

B's advanced Raya gift *woot*woot*

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So, me and hubby were in Kuching for my medical check up and some official matters. After all were settled, we utilized the time for of course food hunting and the what nots.
 Suddenly we went to an art exhibition.haha
 Break fast date
 Oh my Spring
Art Exhibition
 Kek Batik in progress
Mini Murtabak @bazaar Ramadhan
 Kuih Bongkol @bazaar Ramadhan, Only in Sarawak
 Sarawah also got penyaram
Melepas rasa di Spring Food Court sikit..
Kuih Perahu, it's similar to bongkol

Monday, August 22, 2011

Traveling with AirAsia ; Warning: Fulltext entry Lagu Tema: Takeover by Mizz Nina feat Flo-Rida

I am not being prejudice, but traveling with Air Asia is never a pleasant experience. We wll definitely be physically and mentally tired after we reached our destination. Quoted B: If you travel with Airasia, you have to clock in yourself to the best mood and be prepared for any ugly event before you and he is so correct. Everything that they impose, is never beneficial to the customer, (I wonder how they can bag the best airlines for three consecutive years, considering it is based on votes. hmmm). 

Today, we were going back to KK, so we have two hand carry luggage which far exceeded the permitted allowance of  7kg. Our experiences had it, its according to your luck, sometimes, there is no personnel, sometimes they don't check it and sometimes, they even permit even you exceed the 7kg grant. But, obviously luck is not ours today, as expected, we were denied. We were ordered to have our excess baggage checked in. We refused, we transfer some of the things into our bag-pack instead. So, simple maths, each of our luggage weighed 14kg, that was twice the permitted weight after, we transferred some of the stuffs, the most our cute bag pack can accommodate is 3kgs, so our hand carry luggage were still excess. We tried our luck to walk pass the entrance and WE DID IT! They did not screen it for the 2nd time. I have the thought, you can bulk up your bag pack as heavy as you want because they did not check that, and they are not consistent in screening. We the hooligans, transferred back our stuffs into the luggage and had a good last laugh over Airsia.

Don't get me started with the RM10 imposed on counter check in. Pffft! I wish one day, money is never an issue for me, I could pass Airasia as my airlines.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Call

 Finally, the leisure time bubble pops! B was called for interview today, means he's gonna begin serving anytime soon. After more than a month honeymooning, I admit I enjoy this break-free life, but we have our mouth to feed.
 Hubby in coffee, I love this color

 Last minute revision, kami tersampai awal kat that place sebab takde jam pulak.
 Me being me
Buying loots for Mak kuching, Yep we are going back to Kuching tomorrow!!

 Is it typo or it exists?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Some things never changed, some do.

For the past three years, it's been my annual routine to send B off and stayed overnight at KLIA. Recently, my flight to KK was at 6 am and we decided to crash in the airport the night before. It was a rerun of what we used to go through before but I had this feelings of epiphany that this time around, this man ain't going anywhere, he's coming home with me. :) That relief, can't be any relief. It's funny when we really care about someone, we can't never cheat feelings :)

Year 2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Original Coach Wristlet for SALE!!

AUTHENTIC coach for sale, why go for the FAKE when you can buy the ORIGINAL at a ridiculous marked down price? Perfect for your Raya flaunt. What are you waiting for, grab it before anybody else does. Go [here]

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Universal Studio Singapore, the whats, where, when and How.

Am currently in Kl right now, with hubby exactly. The story has it, he is allergic to cats (my sis has 12 cats!), so last night he was feline-challenged: sleep deprived, sneezing and wheezing all in one, we have no other option but to eliminate the cause, nope, we don't harm the cats, we move out to the nearest hotel instead. Poor him, let him rest while I'm at my sister's place, helping her with the iftar dishes. All the preparations were ready, lemme take advantage of this swift Unifi connection for my patronizing update yeah?

I think I have yet blog properly about my visit to USS - Universal Studio Singapore. I better put up an assisting post for those who are interested to visit that place next time.

We stayed in Tune Hotel Johor Bahru and from there, we purchased a return bus ticket at RM25 per person and it directly dropped us at USS. The bus counter ( is available at ground floor of Tune Hotel Danga Bay and it's up to you to choose your embark and return time. 

For the USS ticket, we bought it online at They said, this option is smart because especially on weekends, it is difficult for you to buy ticket on the spot, they even have limited entry on weekends. The ticket is S$66 per person (to date it is = RM132) for one day pass which is 24 hours. Like for us, we choose embarking time at 730 am and return at 1030pm. Sebab tu sempat jalan2 singapore city at noon.

For more information on USS, you can go directly to their website for better information. As, from my own experience, USS is worth the price, it's fun and clean. If you think you can finish all in one day you are wrong. You will find yourself struggling to catch up with all the seven attractions namely Hollywood, New York, Madagascar, Far far Away, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt and The Lost World. Each of the attractions will have their own characters appearances at every hour. So, you will need time to catch up with them at every park at every hour. You will also be tempted by the souvenirs shop and restaurants. These shops and restaurants are according to the attractions' theme.

Not to forget, the games they have, and paying such amount, you want to play everything don't you? So, it's logic to spend an entire day at USS. For Muslims, worry not, for there is a prayer room provided near the entrance at 'Annual Pass' counter. 
The entrance

Penguins from Madagascar

Walk of Fame at Hollywood

Marilyn Monroe manhole at Hollywood

 At Mel's (halal fastfood) at New York
With Gloria at Madagascar

 Academy Award's Oscar Trophy at Hollywood. (they actually sell this at S$26.90)
With Shrek and Fiona at Far Far Away 

Shrek's castle

The Lost World

 Our lunch at Mel's

The entrance to Far Far Away
If you are a shopaholic, I think this place is reasonable for you to shop for souvenirs. You can find souvenirs as low as S$1.80. For those who are interested, you should come here for your pre-visit, especially for someone overseas-virgin like me. Kalau dah mampu nanti boleh la pergi yg oversea disneyland and Universal Studio!

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