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Life has taught me a lot about never to put hope on anything but ALLAH. Because when it turns out otherwise, the pain is unbearable. What crashed my past can never crash my present. Please do not use my photos without my permission. AidaThePinkGoddess™ © 2010 all rights reserved

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Thursday, September 27, 2012


Isn't this spells out aidathepinkoddess the best???? #lesportsac

Monday, September 17, 2012

Travelling Alone with An Infant

I have just got back from SIL's wedding reception in KL, it was a very short trip considering I reached KL at 4 am!!yesterday(after a filthy delay) and now i am bound for Kk at 630 am, blogging on board :)

I did not want to go to where my flight was delayed from 810pm - 1 am, i better try to get over with it and make some useful entry instead.

After raya homecoming last month, this is my 2ndtime travelling alone with Ayra, so I would love to share some travelling tips with 1st time travelers who has to travel alone with infant. And I expect some tips from you guys too!

Always prepare beforehand what is essential as follows:

1. Milk (ready & stock at least 3 extra servings)o lupa nk mention this tips are applied for flights less than 3 hrs journey
2. Diapers (at least 3 pieces)
3. Clothes to change ( 2 pieces)
4. Ointment
5. Mini termos for hot water ( for FM mommy)
6. Lots of napkins
7. Wet tissues
8. Try to avoid flights at odd hours that mess up with your child'sleeping time, she will be cranky and troublesome
9. Avoid hand carry luggage, trust me minimize what you have in your hands! You wish you have 3 hands by now! (my handbag can contain all of item 1-7, so try to carry big handbag)
10.It's better to travel with stroller than carrier
11. In the flight, if you have no basinet, try to identify vacant seats in a row and change in the mid of the flight
12. Make sure your baby is in her new diaper right before the flight
13. Do not forget earplugs, if you do, ask you baby to suck on milk upon taking off and landing
14. Dress up practically. Wear your most comfortable outfit and shoes, Don't pull off a posh spice unless you have an entourage of nannies after you! If possible, try to wear top with pocket so that you have easy access to your ic and boarding pass
15. Try to choose aisle seat.
16. Lastly, pray that you have a considerate passenger beside you!:)

P/s: A well behaved baby is a bonus!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Of Luck: Bad and Good

Thought it was a normal day not until discover his car had been hit and run. His stationery car was severely dented, crushed beside the hood,at the tyre frame. We were shocked and at the same time furious, how despicable would a sane human being actually did that. So, b approached the guards to seek for their assistance to find the culprit. Meanwhile, we were always in the watch to look for cars with dent. Kalau nak kata perbuatan khianat, it really looked like hit by a car, and I don't think anyone would sacrifice their car to sabotage. 

Anyways, that evening, after returning from work, I parked at my usual parking spot when I was somehow, miraculously had my eyes locked on the Hilux next to me. I took a very close corner towards the parking that's why I could see the bumper very closely. I noticed there was scratch and very2 small dent at the bumper. Sooo, bring it on, my instinct strongly told me this was the one, this person hit B's car. I played a little bit of CSI, 

1. the paint color scratch on the bumper matches B's car.
2.The level of the bumper nicely fit the dent at B's car.
3. The position of the car and where B parked the night before was perfect to cause the accident

So, we decided to assume he/she is the one, so what we did is to leave a note on his/her car sounded something like this:

"Assalamualaikum (because she/he has support Palestin sticker) ,
Jika kamu ada terlanggar kereta KANCIL malam tadi, mohon dapat hubungi 01******* secepat mungkin. Sekian terima kasih,"

-Hamba Allah-

But we received no call, later next day, evening, B caught the car owner, but from our house window, she was a female, when she got out from her car, she approached B's car and examined the dent. Logically, if she didn't do it, she won't do that and she would call us to deny.

We got which unit she stays and knocked on the door right after she went into her house, but SHE DID NOT WANT TO OPEN THE DOOR!!! Bang! It's confirmed! She is the one, another dead give away is, her car cushion is the same set with her curtain!!!

We were so close to making police report when we received a call from a guy very late that night. He agreed to pay us and he claimed he is the boyfriend,(whatevs) and all were settled after that! :)

On a different note, on the 12 of Sept, Ayra turns 4 Months! So a little celebration for her! To date, she is adding new skills to her milestone, twisting, proning and grabbing things ! :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wasiat untuk Menantu


Attached is the Wasiat from my FIL to his new SIL. Tearjerker indeed!


Hari ini hari bersejarah untukmu,
Kau telah diijab kabulkan dengan anak perempuan ayah,
Kini ayah serahkan puteri ayah sebagai amanah
Oleh itu terimalah anak ayah seadanya.
Terimalah dengan hati yang penuh reda.
Hiasilah hidupnya dengan hasanah,
Pandulah cintanya menuju Jannah
Berlemah lembutlah jika kau menasihatinya,
Kerana sesungguhnya lemah lembut adalah hikmah yang paling baik,
Berilah kasih sayangmu kepadanya nescaya dia akan membalas kasih sayangmu.

Anakanda Hafeez,
Pastikan aurat isterimu terpelihara ketika keluar rumah,
tidak berhias dan berbau-bauan kepada bukan mahramnya.
kerana jika auratnya terdedah kau akan ditanya oleh Allah SWT
di akhirat nanti.
Berilah nafkah zahir dan batin sekadar kemampuanmu,
kerana setiap ringgit yang kau gunakan untuk keluargamu merupakan sedekah disisi Allah SWT.
Carilah rezeki yang halal kerana keluar  bekerja mencari nafkah seumpama berjihad dijalan Allah SWT.
Berikanlah ilmu agama pada isterimu,
Jika kau tidak mampu ajaklah dia ke masjid supaya ada guru yang mendidiknya.

Anakanda Hafeez,
Kau telah terpilih menjadi nakhoda bahtera kehidupanmu,
Maka teruskan perjalananmu dengan berhati-hati supaya tidak tersesat diperjalanan,
Jika tersalah haluan kembalilah kepangkal jalan.
Ambillah panduan al-Quran dan sunnah Nabi-Nya
nescaya kau tidak akan sesat selama-lamanya.
Jauhkan daripada bisikan syaitan dan nafsu amarahmu
kerana kedua-duanya boleh menyebabkan kau lari daripada rahmat Allah SWT.
Hidup berumah tangga tidak sama semasa bujang,
kini kau perlu berkongsi segala-galanya.
Ranjau, onak dan duri perlu diharungi bersama.
Banyakkan bersabar dan bertenang dalam kau membuat keputusan,
jangan mudah berkeras dengan pendapat sendiri, banyakkan berbincang kerana sesungguhnya bersyura banyak menfaatnya.

Anakanda Hafeez,
Bersikap tegas dan lemah-lembut terhadap isterimu kerana sesungguhnya kaum wanita itu dijadikan dari tulang rusuk dan  luruskannlah dengan perlahan dan apabila tidak diluruskan, ia sentiasa bengkok selama-lamanya.

Berilah pujian terhadap isterimu kerana wanita suka dipuji dan  berilah hadiah ketika menyambut hari kelahirannya demi mengeratkan kasih sayang.
Nabi SAW sering memberi hadiah kepada isteri-isteri baginda.

Anakandaku Hafeez,
Laut tidak sentiasa tenang, ada pasang surutnya.
Begitu juga kehidupan berumah tangga, adakala gembira ada kalanya bergelora.
Jika kau dapati isterimu menderhakaimu,
maka berilah nasihat yang baik kepadanya,
Jika tidak berkesan pisahkan tempat tidurmu,
Jika masih tidak berhasil maka pukullah sekadar mengingatkannya bukan untuk mencederakannya.
Carilah pendamai yang baik , bertolak ansurlah kerana tidak rugi jika kau mengalah dalam perkara-perkara kecil.
Sesungguhnya Allah merahmati  suami yang sabar dan tenang mengatasi krisis rumah tangganya.dan mengelakkan perceraian.
Ku kenali puteriku berakhlak mulia
Ku kenali puteriku tekun beragama
Jangan cintanya kau persia
Cinta yang kau tawarkan penuh bahagia
Jangan nanti ada cinta yang dikhianati
Anak isteri terasa sepi

Berjanjilah sengan syarat ta’liq
Jika tiada lagi cinta ikhlas
Bebaskan puteriku
Sebaiknya seperti ianya diserahkan

Ayah sentiasa mendoakan kesejahteraanmu sekeluarga insya Allah berkekalan hingga bertemu di syurga.
Oleh itu jauhkan dirimu dan ahli keluargamu daripada seksaan api neraka.
Doa ayah untuk kamu berdua : “ Semoga Allah menghimpunkan segala kebaikan untuk kamu berdua, memberkati kamu berdua dan semoga Allah meningkatkan darjat keturunan kamu berdua menjadi pembuka rahmat, sumber ilmu dan hikmah serta pemberi rasa aman bagi umat “

Monday, September 3, 2012

Barakallahuma Iffah-Hafeez Akad Nikah

Alhmadulillah, my SIL is finally married to the love of her life, the fine event took place at our home in Putatan, and the reception was held on the next day at Sinar Mustika, the same place where I got married last year! KLMJ betul.

SIL is the sweetest bride I have ever seen, carrying simplicity in her own way, but not void in the gorgeousness department. She looked happy, calm and heavenly!

The highlight of the event of course not a few advice from Abah, of which I weeped myself. It's not hard to hold a wedding in a very humble and Islamic way, berkat..

This SIL of mine is a rare type of lady to be found nowadays, I keep telling that to my husband. She is sweet, smart, beautiful, too good to be true! :) Hope she finds her rights in the man she has chosen and they bring goodness out of each other, for she deserves better than the best!

*Reception entry will come later!

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