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Monday, March 30, 2009

Kris Dayanti depan mata

Everytime we passed the gigantic billboard with Kris dayanti's face on it opposite UMS, me and ika wished that we could attend the Malam Amal Anggun. But the tickets price are so pocket burning that we just left that as a wild imagination...

But, the lucky charm decided to pay attention to us! We could watch Kris, at one of the best tables.......FOR FREE!! how's that? I swear, we didn't look for it, instead, it came to us! An RM10K per table is really something I never tought of, well, at least, fer the time being. Future nanti, toksah cerita lah.hehe..And I am not ashame of admitting that I am a Jakun fer all these.I mean, watching Kris Dayanti right before my eyes.hehe..not the dinner thing.eheh

ANyways, we got the tickets from our classmate, who works In DBKK, a co host for the night. Actually it was a charity event, where auction took place, where companies spent the best of their companies' money, bought expensives tables, widened their networking and showing off by placing high bid without being anonymous.

Although we wish we were in the position, where their husbands fought the bid just to get it as gifts to their wives, obviously, thats not what me & Ika were there for. We attended first, because it's free! and 2nd because of Kris!
The night was so beautiful, although again the menu is Chinese...After the walking mannequin (models) had successfully killed my appetite, the night was ended with the songstress Kris Dayanti. She sang 5 numbers if I am not mistaken, my favourite:

Pilihlah aku jadi pacarmu! yang pasti setia menemanimu, jangan kau salah pilih yang lain, yang lain belum tentu setia...Jadi pilihlah aku! hehe

Behind the scenes...dun blame us, we are pre-warned not to under dress!

Clutch? checked

Shoes? Checked!

The sweet and mystery

A dedication to someone special.hehe

When east meets west!

Matching stilletos

We are ready

Grand entrance

Another entrance

Ika looking so gorgeous!

Me caught in the act fixing the gloss

Pout baby pout.

Look, there's Kris.hehe

Sunday, March 29, 2009

What am I up to during the Earth Hour

Dear elder sis, just what you requested, here are the things I got with your $. M)phosis wedges platform and a nine west clutch. Both fer 50% off.

Yeyeye..finally I got the wedges just like what I wanted !! fer 50% off!!


My 1st ever purchase from the store

So meeee,pink, bow,cougar print!

Cougar print-pink! what more can I say??

Isn't she gorgeous?

All the acknowledgment shall go to my beloved sis! Thanks fer the fund! hehe

In conjunction with the Earth Hour, me and ika decided to celebrate the first taste of it by going around town, not much to our expectation, Malaysians are as ignorant as ever, the city was ironically brighter than EVER!! wawawawa...This was the topic I chose fer my Shell interview, the social responsibility. Yes, I admit, malaysians are lacking of that..We are so ignorant yet busy body, dun u agree? hmmm, its ok, I heard they r gonna resume this Earth Hour event fer many years to come, still have time to improve! chaiyo2.

Today, I accompanied Ika to shop fer her RM10K per table sort of dinner! wawawa...

A kid in a candy shop?A girl in a shoes store is even worse!!

Ika-obviously spoilt with choices!

Friday, March 27, 2009

A celebration for no cause

Yesterday, Ika and I celebrated we-don't-know-what @ New York New York, (being a typical Malaysian, celebration often involve food, good food)..

I think I better get them depicted because the food are so good that I have no words to describe them. Being an ardent fan of chocolate, I decided to go for only the dessert, Chocolate Mud Pie in Choc Lake with Ice Cream! What a name....huhu...And Ika dunked in Teriyaki chicken chop. Also a fork and knife licking good experience.

They are simply worth your money. We could all these get below RM30.

Monday, March 23, 2009

I am Old

Of late, I tend to be so forgetful, ignorant and absent minded. Maybe because of the age factor? huhu. Not to mention how many times have I misplaced my stuff but lucky me, I managed to recover all of them successfully, my camera, my watch, my pendrive, my brooch, my notebook..huhu...

Recently, I lost my favourite shades, I emphasize=favourite! Little that U know how unreasonable I could be if I lost my favourite stuff. I will make all the people around me suffer what I am suffering! I'll go ballistic and difficult than you could ever imagined and act as if it is the end of the world. You'll be able to see the best of my drama queen character. I love that shades so much cuz I think it compliments my face the best compared to my other pairs. After searching and browsing all the potential place e.g my house and my car, I failed to find it. So I tried to remember where did I go the day before because I swear, I never taken out the shades off my handbag and this was the first time. I even forced Ika to assist me to trace back the places we might have been the day before, and she told me, library, bank and One borneo. Being difficult and unreasonable I am as I mentioned earlier, I went to all the places she informed me but to no avail. I have this habit of getting the exact stuff if my favourite thing is missing. Like, if I lost my shades I will buy the clone, if I lost abu, I will go for Rangga or Fahrin. get me? So I determined o buy the exact one @ Padini altho I know mine was the one and only when I bought it.

Ok, to shorten the draggy story, I went to One Borneo & I walked pass Old Town, when I heard my name (tipu) ..err when I heard someone actually called me. I turned my head and there was this waitress asking me: Did you leave anything behind yesterday?? while handing me my SHADES! have you guys in your wildest imagination, would recover ur stuff this way? My, lucky me being a regular customer of Old town and It must have been destined that I chose the Old town route. hehe...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Marley & Me

So, I have watched Marly & Me as suggested by my sis. It is indeed more tearjerking than my sis had pre-warned me. The story is about a dog named Marley belongs to John and Jenny.
It actually tells us how much attached human with pets can be and like my sis said, how to deal with a family's departure. I couldn't hold up to my tears and weeped like I never did before especially when it's time to let Marley go. He got sick and he didn't have much energy to endure it and had to be put to sleep. It reminds me a lot of my gone Hafiz as John's son said "My friend said if the dog's gonna die, he will go far away" ... sob sob sob. This movie is strongly recommended for animal lovers.

Btw, still in the same scope of animal lovers, look what I have got myself after Marley and me..I got it @ Colours for 50% off! It is actually a kid's longsleeves.hehe

A cat-print longsleeves

Mom and sisters would certainly love it! =)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Mak informed me a very happy news justnow, Babah has just got promoted and guess where he is transferred to? Dubai?Sudan?Russia?Hungary?Ireland?Dublin?Egypt?Kapit? No! It's Kota Kinabalu! Now I am busy house hunting fer him and prepare to face the fact that my car has to be shared! Mak is giving a second tought to either follow him or not. I hope all of them can come over and share the excitement of KK together! hihi...

i loike!!

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1. What were you doing 5 years ago?

1st year Unimas student
got this severe cling with hp, fer a particular reason
into zinedine zidane so much
hopeful and wishful girl
single and available

2. What were the 5 things on your to do list today?

complete the research proposal
book hotel fer dad~! YEY DAD IS COMING OVER!!
survey rumah fer dad
complete dr. pat's and prof rose assignment
change my shoes size @ Padini

3. What are 5 snacks that you enjoy?

Golden Beach roasted anchovies
Any nuts, peanut,cashew,party snacks

What are 5 jobs you’ve had?

Kindy teacher (2003)
Tuition teacher (2003)
HR SEDC (2007)
Pink Slave (4ever)
Mom's driver (2003-present)

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As much as I despise fake promises, I have fulfilled my promise even towards my soulless companion, Eliza. She got her new wheel after I have compromised my safety enduring journey by journey with a bald wheel.

Me, trying to examine the injury with my cam's magnifier

The revealed thread I am talking about

Thanks to Kak Nadh and fiancee fer accompanying me to get it settled.

Seri paduka baginda Permaisuri Agong
"hidup ini umpama roda, kadang di atas, kadang di bawah"

Monday, March 16, 2009

Poor Eliza

Hi peeps, am back in KK..I think this is the last time I returned from Kch before I left KK fer good... sob sob...Loath to think much about that. Anyways, my homecoming this time around was welcomed by not so good news. Eliza has become very ill, one of her wheels has gone bald revealing the thread that should not be visible! Before, her exhaust had fallen out, that means another flowing out of money will occur! Did I tell you, I forgot to bring my credit card along or Mak intentionally forgot-cum-confiscate the plastic after discovering the itemised bill varied than only SHELL KINGFISHER SULAMAN as it should be. But, there's Levi's, there's MAC, there's bodyshop, there's giant, there's guardian, there's Padini and there is, of course DEBT.

Now Eliza craves fer my attention which I could not avoid. I need to replace the bald tyre. huhu..And I came back to a messy house..hoho, extra task fer me besides the very tiring unpacking. Plus i think I overstretched my arm after a longjourney with heavy bags..

So, I decided to cheer up myself to pay my bf a visit. 10 days apart had made me long fer him and I must not wait any longer to meet him. So, I drove to the handsome and dashing ONE BORNEO!

I got myself 1 pair of ballerina pumps, a belt (which I have been eyeing in Kch) and a MAC chatterbox lisptick to make up my gloomy day! Note: All of them fall under impulsive purchase. Ok Eliza, tomorrow is your day k!

She, who makes up my day, her name is Amanda .hehe

The 1st time I saw it in Kch

Mine, now.

Friday, March 13, 2009


I am in a very desir-ish mode right now.. Wishing and hoping, and praying, and thinking and planning ! But D*&**^ it! I am not capable, can't afford and handicap of so many resources especially $$$$$....huhuhuhu

These are the stuffs that compromise my sleeps....huhu







Anyways, have you guys heard of Ed Hardy? I never knew, until my sis bought me one Ed Hardy...haha..

Ed Hardy

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