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Monday, August 30, 2010

Fast-Breaking Part II; Lagu Tema: California Girls by Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dog

Yeah, another meet up again today for fast-breaking. Today is the perfect day since everyone is leaving soon. Specially Iwa who has to leave for Dublin next week (she even tapao laksa sarawak for her final supper before leaving for the foreign land hehe) . The place of our choice for today is Kim Bay in The Spring. Let's check out the menu! By the way, Kim Bay is Halal Toyyiba

Crab Rolls Dim Sum

Red Bean Puff (Yummmy)

 Chicken Mushroom Dim Sum

Ima's Lamb Ribs

Iwa Grilled Chicken with Glazed Prune (Yummy!! Recommended) 

My Honey Green Tea

Iwa's Lemon Lychee

Ima's Honey Lemon

After Iftar, we roamed around looking for potential loots. :) We checked every counter and tried every make up, skincare etc. and exchanged serious reviews out of them. Ooh, I love being girls. ;) Later,we discovered that the Stage make up is having 50% off for ALL cosmetics! So, everyone was like forcing ourselves looking for something to purchase, just for the sake of not missing the discount (girlsssssssssssss being girlsssssssssssss) ahaha.

We ended up in Ta Kiong supermarket (I superlove supermarket). and finally Secret Recipe, as Ima craved for cheese cake. I swear I heard she said Cheese Cake several times. But at the counter, she asked for Choco Fudge. Hahaha, again girlss being girlss, such hesitant.

P/S: Azza joined us initially, but later cancelled at the last minute because it is her dad's birthday today, but it happened that we dined at the same place! hahehe

Friday, August 27, 2010

Akibat berubah hati Lagu Tema: Tak bisa memilih mu by Sixth Sense

I am running out of my MAC foundation, both of them (my hantaran and Ima's birthday gift) finally. So, it's time for me to purchase on my own. Beratnya hati.. huhu. that I decided to test the water. I try to convert to Chanel. Thanks to elder sis who gave good verdict ( she just converted to Chanel too) and my best friend, Fazura. :P She is also an ardent user of Chanel. MAC has become very common, and that is another reason. 

After 2 days of application, this is my testimonial of Chanel foundation.

The Pros
Very-very light and thin albeit several application.
Nice smell
The refill is few ringgits CHEAPER than MAC.

The Cons
Poor coverage
Dusty (perei bak kata org sarawak) so it doesn't intergrate that well with the skin
Does not perform after worn out
No radiance effect
And I think I chose the wrong color!!!!! Argh  

And I decide, I will return to my MAC for my next purchase, so I hope I can habiskan foundation ni cepat2.
Sorry MAC, I will not ever go against you anymore...

Melawat ofis WWF..

Thursday, August 26, 2010

IBS. Lagu Tema: Cool by Gwen Stefani

I have a confession, I suffer from serious Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). I think it starts to take toll on me.  It literally irritates me. I feel tired, haggard and dark. :(

This comic strip gives me a new dimension of how to cure my IBS. I hope it works. 

If any doctors, future doctors happen to bump into this post of mine, please help me to help myself... 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Buka Puasa di Luar.. Lagu Tema: That Thing You Do by The Wonders

You have Pink Baju Kurung this raya and still looking for a very good bargain for matching Raya shoes? You just found it! I just did a little housekeeping and decided to let these beauties go. Still in a very2 good condition, only worn max twice and at a very2 marked down price.(excluding postage) 

Go here

Since it is Ramadhon, a nice breaking fast couldn't have been any better for a meet up with friends. So, we did. Actually we planned (oh did i just say plan?) for this a fortnight ago but our prior commitments demanded for our  attention more.

I don't know what my friends have for Kenny Rogers, but it is always Kenny Rogers that they choose for every meet ups.( Read: Purple Lady's bachelorette party.) We arrived an hour early and only entered KR at 1830. (berbuka puasa is at 1849). So we sat and chat at the food court to kill the time. 

We got so immersed in gossiping conversations that we couldn't care less about taking photos. Hot topics for the day were cats (trust me, we can go hours and hours talking only about the fur) and braces. Ima, the elder sister planned to fix hers soon as Iwa was braced during her school years. And me, in progress :)

The twins.



Yours Truly

I know deep inside, we want to spend the whole night cuz we have lots and loads to catch up. So, we look forward to another meet up! :)


Friday, August 20, 2010

Irony; Lagu Tema: Put It in A Love Song by Alicia keys feat. Beyonce

My "About Me" (saja je nak print screen sekali dengan divider)

My subject this semester

Life is full of irony sometimes..I hope I can be professional and deliver without prejudice and sarcasm, ha ha ha. I just can't imagine myself preaching "Planning is one of the vital steps in any decision making and problem solving" *Uhuk Uhuk..*

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Holy Month it is.. Lagu Tema: Manifestasi Cinta by Fiq & Mirwana

Rhetorically, Ramadhan should be less associated with food because Muslims don't eat for half of the day for 30 days, but, the reality  is so very the opposite in Malaysia (Biasalah Malaysia, everything nak celebrate hehe). Ramadhan is when some of the uncommon food come to the surface. My little sister came back to spend the beginning of Ramadhan with me and my mom. (The fact that my family members are scattered everywhere is such a crestfallen T_T).

Yours Truly in her theme color :) I feel so vain-ey in some entries, must be the hormones.

Anyways, Elin around means we concerted for food! On the 2nd day of Ramadhan we tried the KFC hot and spicy shrimp .Yummy! But they were so filling that I only managed to shove only 2 into my empty tummy.

Scrumptious Shrimps *salivating*

The whole picture :)

Trying this on after iftar, lama dah nak beli biker's jacket.. tapi harga ...
Ye masih lagi berbaju kerja...

The next day, we visited the famous Bazaar Ramadhan Satok. Seriously, the traffic (I mean human traffic) was so bad that we could hardly move and see the food sold. These were some of the menu that I managed to capture very efficiently.

Briyani Ayam/Kambing/Daging



On the third day, Mak made some bubur pedas as requested by my eldest sister. And some pais ikan terubok (grilled fish in banana leaf) too! *drool*

This is me trying to pull off the reddest lipstick belongs to my lil sis, I surrendered. I am not that daring, I wiped it straightaway after this pic was taken. So 80s.....

We are so blessed because food supply has never been an issue in Malaysia. As a gentle reminder; albeit the blessings we have, it is stated in the Al-Quran:

"Makan dan minumlah tetap janganla berlebihan ketika mengambilnya": Surah Al-A'araf ayat 31

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I wish there's rainbow for me after all the nasty pours~ Lagu Tema: Rainbow by Colbie Caillat

When I was 9, I told my elder sister, "I think there are only 4 colors in the rainbow, not 7" 

"What makes you say that?" my sis returned my statement.

"Because Orange, Green and Indigo are the combination of the 4 main color; Red, Yellow, Blue & Violet, so basically, rainbow has only 4 colors,  the other 3 colors are not 'real' colors", I shoved her doubt with thrust.

I wish that time was frozen, when there was so much hollow in my brain that I actually had all the time in the world to doubt that the 7 color rainbow has only 4 colors, rather than now when my brain is excessive with unnecessary non-beneficial problems.. *sigh* It is so difficult to become an adult, can I stay kid forever?

Resuming; Lagu Tema: Dan Bila Esok by Sofaz

For those who dropped by yesterday and found my protected blog, apologize, as I was doing some housekeeping. Now AidaThepinkgoddess shall resume as usual.  

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Seru Lagu Tema: Ku seru by Misha Omar

Tadi dengar tazkirah kat TV, ada something ustazah tu cakap pasal 'seru'. Seringkali orang tanya bila nak pakai tudung? bila nak start solat? and jawapan yang paling famous ialah "Tunggu seru @ belum sampai seru" then ustazah tu cakap, seru bukan untuk ditunggu tetapi dicari. Dan tak ada istilah belum sampai seru sebab 'seru' ada 5 kali sehari.. Betul kan? renung2kan selamat beramal..

5 hari dah kita puasa, alhamdulillah..

Friday, August 13, 2010

To be continued Lagu Tema: Lucky by Britney Spears

11 August 2010

It was the 1st day of Ramadhon.....

1000hrs: Went to Pasar Filipin to replenish my brooch collection. Mak always complain about her constantly  missing brooches, " Mesti ada orang makey tok" kata Mak, and since I am the only one staying with her, I get the message. Hence, the purchase. 10 bijik RM25, murah kan...

1100hrs: Accompanied Iffah to Ket Fah Optics to replace her glasses. The salesperson is very2 kind, I recommend all the speckers out there to go to this shop. It's at Segama, opposite Milimewa. 1st class treatment. After several try-ons, Iffah finally stored the choice, its a pair of pink-framed beauty. It's so pretty I wish I wear glasses :)

Aida is to menyemak.hehe

Her choice

Specky siblings

Jubah sempena Ramadhon.hehee

We had nothing better to do, so we took each other's pic.he

1300hrs: Visited Arif at KF for the last time before I flew back to Kch, kissed Arif banyak2.. best nya bau baby...(pelik sik, sik ngambik pic Arif??) Went home and had a good rest.

1515hrs: Went to Bazaar Ramadhon Lok Kawi. (Similar to Kem Penrissen in Kch). At this time I realised that I left my cellphone charger behind.@#$%

1605hrs: Checked in, they said the counter was already closed, but they still "accepted" me. Hello!!, my flight was at 1655, so I was not late by any instances. Whatever la Airasia. Waited at the foyer before boarding at 1615hrs. 
This is taken before the IC incident

1625hrs: It's boarding time. I failed to find my I.C. Where on Earth could it be, B checked with the check-in personnel, they denied that they forgot to pass me my I.C.. I must dropped it somewhere. Approached a security personnel, he advised that we lodge a police report. But the police at the airport told us lost of IC report need to be done at Balai Polis Tanjung Aru. Crap, I only have 20 minutes prior FLYING.

1630hrs: I decided to use my driving license, the Immigration at the scan-belt seemed to be Ok with me presenting my driving license. At the counter, another different story, I was reluctantly released by the Immigration Officer with a threatening message : " We can release you here, but you will face a serious problem in Kuching" I was ok with that as long as I reach Kuching. Hey, in Kuching I can always ask my Mom to bring my birth cert to verify I am a Malaysian, rather than being detained in KK and burnt my ticket. No No No.

1700hrs: Boarding. YES, the flight was delayed. Queuing took aproximately 15 minutes and waiting for the passengers to settle down in the cabin cost another 15 minutes. Only took-off at 1730hrs~

1820hrs: Safely landed in Kch. We only took off at 1730hrs and arrived at 1820hrs, u do the maths. Where else the estimated hours of journey is 1 hour and 20 minutes. Pantas kan? Well...AirAsia bah tu..

1830hrs: Passed the Kch immigration with NO PROBLEM AT ALL. All they asked me to do is to make police report a.s.a.p. Chey, The KK personnels were so dramatic, bikin takut saja...

1850hrs: Mak picked me up, breaking fast in the car. Told Mak I lost my IC. "How many time already you lost your IC.?? It is expensive to replace a new one if you already lost it to many times." Mak said. But deep in my heart, it's a good thing also, so I can replace my gambar zaman Narnia. Look at the bright side bah..

2100hrs: An Airasia crew from KK called, they informed me that they have found my IC and asked me to verify it. Oh ya, previously, B left our hp numbers to the AirAsia personnels just in case they find my IC. cuz we strongly believe they haven't returned my IC at the check-in counter.  

*update: B dah amik IC and now wait for him to mail it to me..

Thats all about my trip to KK. It is interesting to have my 1st day of Ramadhon with my beloved people at 2 different places, saya 'adil bah.hehe

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I Know What I did Last Trip Lagu Tema: What you waiting for by Mizz Nina

6 August 2010

2359hrs: I arrived in KK at 1130, B and his lil brother, Amat picked me up, they just came back from watching SALT. When we reached home, everyone had already slept, I quickly settled down and went straightaway to bed.

7 August 2010

B had arranged a badminton match for us at the nearby hall taking place at 8-10pm, so we decided to spend the day time indoor. We just went out to buy some groceries and play with Baby Arif!! (antara punca malas keluar cuz baby Arif ada di rumah!~~)

2000hrs: Played badminton with the whole pack minus Kakak and Mak. This time around I sweat a lot. And points were counted, so real game la kiranya.. 

2230hrs: Went home, everyone collapsed.

8 August 2010

B had an invitation to a kenduri, so B is kind enough to release me to spend time with my BFF Rostika, it turned out that Yukhta (Ika's housemate) had to see her friend, so we couldn't go anywhere. We just stayed home, and Ika cooked me the best Ha Liao Noodles! Ada udang kering and bawang. She modified the instant fried mee into a 1st class meal. Thanks Ika. 

1600hrs: Called Babah to borrow the car. Babah came and we went off to City Mall. That time I learnt that Pappa Rich is opened in KK! Planned to give it a try.

2000hrs: B picked me up at Ika's place, we went to have dinner with Abah. If I should stay a lil longer, I could have tasted Ika's Nasi Lemak sambal udang. wuiyoo..

*after 2 days in KK, I suffered a severe indigestion and bloating. Stress2!

9 August 2010

0830hrs: B had a CT Scan and Ultrasound appointment at Queen E. All the procedures were smoothly executed. Babah did the CT. The Ultrasound result turned out to be normal, and CT showed a slight, non-serious prolapsed at his spine. 

1140hrs: Went to Pappa Rich for brunch, nice place, nice food. B ordered Penang Char Kuey Teow and Vegetable Pao for me. The pao is so fluffy am gonna die! Hahahaha... The Milo Dinosaur was phenomenal too! But the downer would be the price. Quite pricey..

Look at the scrumptious udang..


1300hrs: We went to OBorneo cuz B wanted to fix his glasses and replace his watch battery at OBorneo. Visited Arif and Kakak at Kingfisher cum Zohor. After that, we went to every shopping mall in KK if possible, but we were just not in the mood to shop, so, basically nothing pleased our eyes and heart.hehe

1825hrs: Stopped by at Masjid Negeri for Maghrib and later the whole family including Kakak and Abang Naza had dinner at the famous TLC-Tanjung Lipat Corner. Amat could not join as he was busy entertaining delegates from all around the world for some Petronas event. 

10 August 2010

It is Puasa Eve..

1000hrs: Met Babah at Queen E to take B's CT result.

1100hrs: B had to go to Bundusan to pay his fee,then we fulfilled my craving for Salmon at The Upperstar. But I think I should have ordered B's grilled chicken. Sedap. And we had a cheese cake as well. Pun Sedap! After that we went straight home. Penatttt..

Petak lagi...

Yummy cheese cake, rasa Ice Cream, it reads UpperStar

I love this pic, I took it! hehe SLR-ish hehe

My grilled salmon.. The carbonara gravy is too filling


1730hrs: After resting for the whole afternoon, we planned to go to Tanjung Aru beach together with Mak and Iffah, nice weather accompanied us. Steamed Corns and peanuts were mandatory. We even had durians!

Gadis2 manis. coklat color scheme, sejuk mata memandang..hehe

Tiba2 ada si teruna..

Ni dia teruna pakai baju Pink

It started to rain.. tudung da basah.. If you thought they were stains, you are wrong. hehe

2000hrs: 1st Ramadhan was officially announced to commence on the next day. B, his lil bro and his parents went to the mosque for terawikh, I just stayed home with his sisters.

2200hrs: We had tadarrus. Alhamdulillah, we completed one juzuk. The halaqah consists of Mak, Abah, B, Amat and me. Siti joined us for a while and Mak released her for SPM revising. Iffah cuti.

0430hrs: We had sahur, a loud and full of spirit one. I just ate bread with peanut butter and delicious cheese from Egypt; and tea. Awal pagi, nafsu makan mmg down..

To be continued.....

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