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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's about what we do for Mother Nature, not to her. (lagu tema: hijau by Zainal Abidin)

Our friend Oscar secured a post in the WWF. Since me & Ika settle in the academia, we find his job is rather interesting. We are curious about his nature of job besides the blatant mission- to put the degradation of the planet's natural environment into a halt. So it's pretty normal to watch them don casually to work. And they have nice tshirts!! Adakah saya mau tu baju, c os suruh saya p beli dari dia, aiseh.. bagi je la bha..

Amik mu, tunjuk baju

Earth Hour

Here are some of the information we got from him that I think I am obliged to share with you guys.

  • There are only 3200 tigers left worldwide
  • Cockles are in the extinction progress
  • Coal is the biggest polluter
  • The north pole is shrinking at 0.03% every year 
  • The 5 most endangered species in Malaysia are Tigers, Rhinos, Orang Utan, Elephant, lagi satu nda ingat. hehe Pangolin ka ?
  • Polystyrene usage is one of the highest rank of misconduct in WWF

You say you love animals? You have dozens of cats and dogs and hamsters at home? Trust me, that alone will not do. Os recently conducted an interview to recruit new staff and these kinds of answers for him are common and lazy. So, kalau rasa nak work with WWF ni, kena do your homework lah yer. But I think I would answer the same if they ask why would I want to join them.."Cuz I love cats, I'd cry if my cats die" ahhaha.. 

Paling lawak is jawapan dr seorang candidate ni...

"Duluuuu kan pagi saya bangun seeejuk, sekarang saya bangun pagi panas betul, tu la saya nak kerja dengan WWF." (please read with Sabahan intonation) But don't you think he has a strong point there? hehe

Last but not least, what can you do to be part of the solution? If you can't commit to financial pledge monthly, you can always take baby steps to conserve the environment. As for me, I refuse ATM receipt and I will put off the engine if my car's idle more than 2 minutes. Little that we know, baby steps approaches can make a huge difference. Kalau dah banyak duit nanti, leh la beli Prius kan.. hehe

I am not a plastic bag. Tapi sah2 ada plastic berdekatan. My German colleague once told us how much they despised the excessive of plastic usage in our country. 

7 chemistry(s):

Admin said...

berbangga dengan utp yg tidak menggunakan polistrin utk bekas tapau

n my village, during saturdays is a free plastic bag days. kedai xkn provide plastik bag. penang dgr2 dh start tak bg plastik kat supermarkets

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

bagusnya,i think no plastic tu patut diimpose serta merta, because its scary tgk amount plastic yg melambak, org oversea takut tgk kita beli gula2 pun dpt plastik...

bagus nya UTP. tp kwn akak ckp WWF ni tak affiliate dgn energy company.. hehe

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

good one. pakey recycle bag pergi shopping kan bgs ooo. bergaya pon bergaya.

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

eppa, dat one i really wanted to practice tp sik2 juak ngembak bag keluar..huhu

Admin said...

utp generate elektrik sndiri btw.
kami xguna tnb. ada logi blkg utp ni
siap boleh intern lagi kat situ.

energy receive energy return hehe

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

ohh mcm tu. good2!

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

dilla, thanks but sorrrry, i missed ur comment!

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