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Friday, January 21, 2011

Miss Chok Fui Na; Lagu Tema: Leaving on the Jet Plane

One of us is leaving today. She got better offer and did what a wise man does, to choose the path of security. We feel happy for her but at the same time, of course it's hard to let go, because we have been so close for the past 6 months. Fui Na will be remembered as a sweet mannered girl who loves to wander around the staff room and chat with each of us. She loves Karaoke so much! We will certainly remember you for that Fui Na. And also the fact that she is a very2 independent girl, she commutes around by bus, never complain, let alone to ask for our favor. We gonna miss you so much Fui Na. If you crave for MBO or Delizze, just give us a call alright? Fui Na! I will also ingat I always say this to you " Qu na li chi fan?" huhu

Today we had a farewell dinner for her...

This is Miss Chok Fui Na. Very2 adorable young girl. She is a year younger than me :)

The complete bunch. 1Malaysia, tagging NajibRazak.

Me & Fui Na during Annual Dinner last year.
 wo men hui hen xiang nian ni!

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