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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bubbles Final Days of Bachelorhood. Lagu Tema: Powerpuff Girls by PPG.

It is 3 days prior to Bubbles' wedding. Blossom & Buttercup decided to celebrate Bubbles' final days of bachelorhood today. Buttercup suggested PopWave karaoke and later we headed to Kenny Rogers' (upon Bubbles's very choice) for dinner. We had a blast together reminiscing a step back in time and  failed to justify how time flies. At one moment we are busy worrying about our PMR & SPM and now matters as big as a wedding preparation cost us our attention.

Buttercup with her endless penchant for Faizal Tahir

Amongst the number of our choices. I think we sang 40++ of songs altogether, and the songs varied from Di Alam Fana Cintamu, Bad Romance to Bole Chundiya & You are My Soniya.. shiok owh.  Organizers ended up over dari orang yang diraikan..

We just realised that TOP OF THE WORLD has the nicest lyrics. Bubbles intended to make it an entry song during her wedding! hehe

"Everything I want the world to be

Is now coming true especially for me

And the reason is clear

It's because you are here

You're the nearest thing to heaven that I've seen

I'm on the top of the world lookin' down on creation

And the only explanation I can find

Is the love that I've found ever since you've been around

Your love's put me at the top of the world"

Blossom. Bubbles chose Kenny Rogers.

Semua bertukar selera, order Jacket Potato instead of Ayam. Sedap!

We were given complimentary soup because of the 40 mins delay of our potatoes. :)

P/S: All the best & congratulations to Bubbles. We pray for nothing but endless blessings and happiness for her marriage.

Hasta Leugo Portugal- Lagu Tema: Run Joey Run by Glee casts

The only thing I got following Por-Esp match early this morning was SLEEP DEPRIVED. After Portugal's quest for their entry into the quarter finals shattered in Villa's net, I just knew what I am gonna face today. Just like what the Portugese felt, I am mentally prepared for whatever disdain from my fellows. So far as early as 8, I already received four mean remarks (resulting from amounting grunge I supposed?) from the rascals. Honestly Portugese played horrible last night that I think if they played against Malaysia, we secured the chance to win! C.Ron as usual is being overrated and remained shineless all through. 

"She also said that she had found out earlier on in their relationship that the only love in Ronaldo's life is himself.
His house is full of mirrors so he's always walking around glancing at himself, she revealed.
Besides preening, the 23-year-old winger also liked to scrawl his initials and the number seven all over the place, even on doors, coffee tables, and mirrors, and he even loved looking at himself and playing with his hair." _
He has curly hair and liked me to use my hair straighteners to do it for him, she said. - (C.R ex)

Wahahaha, That is hilarious! Who'd expect you to guide a football team when a captain behaves this way?

Well, see you in 4 years time!Maybe I watch it with my baby (s) ! :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nil-Nil CR is again elected man of the match Lagu Tema: I gotta feeling by BEP

It was anticipated as the best meeting in World Cup, Por vs Bra. I took out the ASSP from our Astro since my dad moved to KK, & since RTM did not broadcast the match, I have to go out la. 

Premier 101 (near choice premier) 
we got the 1st class seat! :)

Maroon for Portugal! I think I was the only Portugese among the crowd. wahahaha

Portugal para manter 0 é bom o suficiente! Parabéns!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Lagu Tema: Kau & Aku by Aizat

Amidst the world cup stir and excitement towards Purple Lady's wedding, there's another reason to celebrate
My baby is home. Finally I am complete again :)~

25th June 2010 BRASIL vs PORTUGAL LAGU TEMA: Amor Mio by Cristiano Ronaldo









































Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's international pink day y'all lagu tema: pink by Aerosmith

Well, at least that's what according to JayJay and Ian, and my friend said it's actually a celebration to world health day!

So I would like to wish everyone pink of health!Lets maintain the good connotation of pink! :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

a saraiva Portugal, graniza o capitão! Lagu Tema: Amor MIO by cristiano ronaldo!

7-0!!!!!!!!!!6 goals in 2nd half, 3 goals in last 10 mins!
Portugal is definitely in 7th heaven, and has elected their captain to be man of the match!

6th by CR the captain

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Eu enraízo para Portugal! Lagu tema: Amor Mio by Cristiano Ronaldo

Pose in your favourite Jersey and win exclusive pass to your Favourite team!
In my dreams. 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sex And The City Lagu Tema: True Color by SITC OST

Catching Sex and the City with my Boss & my mother today. Hold on, I am lost of words to review the movie. What I can say, it's fashion, fun, friendship, love, advice and Abu Dhabi in one! The girls seize the middle east this time around. These fashionable foursome need no introduction. The you-can't-take-away-fashion-off-her Carrie, conservative Charlotte, workaholic Miranda and Samantha with her sexual antics. But, I love the messages chimed out of their problems, family, love, work, even hormones! 5 stars!

Moral of the story:

Marriage is made of TWO.
Women need attention ALL the time.
Private space does not exist in marriage. 
Women love to make issues out of smallest details.(it's in the gene)
Men's attention isn't in linear correlation with their love. ( he attends you less doesn't mean he loves you less)

P/S: I love it! 

Weehuuu, invited by my blog name. :) 

This beauty reached me today, Thanks Purple Lady! Pity la siapa tak dapat.

CULPRIT Lagu Tema: Have you Ever by Brandy

The small battery in my CPU has expired. And this has made my internet settings haywire. Could anyone explain to me why? My FB is suddenly unavailable, my blog is inaccessible and my YM setting is in disorder. Is everything with DATES and TIME affected? Please advise. Thank u. 

*I almost fainted when my blog cannot be accessed last night. I thought I 've been flagged OR else there must be a good technical justification, when it finally recovered, all the comments had disappeared, but now they have been restored. My point is SAYA SANGAT MENYAYANGI BLOG SAYA. It's a 2 years of work ok!!* 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A tale of a language - Lagu Tema: Mari Membaca by Malaysian Artist

Everyone knows and I am frequently criticized for my poor BM acquisition. B makes it a laughing stock &  Purple Lady pun cakap pelik.  I got A2 for SPM and I was the only one while the rest of the class scored A1 (T_T)Sorry Cikgu Teng.. Anyways, today I rest my case. I would like to declare that BM is officially shabby  indeed.

This is what happened. I was assigned to teach one subject in Bahasa Melayu for the Consumer Behavior subject. In BM it's Gelagat Pengguna. Since it is an inaugural for other BM courses, I have to prepare everything from scratch. I try my best to translate notes for the students since the BM reference is scarce. 

When I finished with my slides. A student raised up his hand. I thought to myself, what a good student because the others seem to be coyish.

"Miss, mana Miss dapat nota ni, buku Indon ka Miss?"
"Miss, where do you get the notes? Are they from Indonesian books?"


Another different story, I found this exact shawl at The Hills (but they don't have it in PINK. Thank GOD!)  for only 29.90. Means saya rugi RM20, but its ok, we learn from mistakes don't we?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A++ for A-Team Lagu Tema: Breaking the Habit by Linkin Park

I am dying to watch A-Team because I Love the letter A (hey How can I not love it, its my and my love's initial!), and of course Bradley Cooper. Mom said hell no she's gonna watch a war movie. I told her it's not a typical war movie but she claimed she had seen the making of and wouldn't change her mind, bla, bla, bla,  Luck's on my side when cousin Asmah vacant her time to watch that movie with me! (and stillll, mom refused the offer even it's on my cousin) what a perseverant fellow!

It's official! A-Team is the best movie I have ever watched! I don't remember laughing so hard to a movie since Date Night and the fact the the movie has actions to its capacity!I'd give 10 outta 5 stars!I guarantee that you'll be glued to the silver screen that you wouldn't even want to blink you eyes. Hyperbole is necessary for this movie. A+ for A-Team! 

A-Team 1983 version

2010 version of A-Team

P/S: And I have watched Karate Kid too! Nice movie, talented kid. 

Monday, June 14, 2010

A TTP.R.U Post- Lagu Tema: Pink by Aerosmith

Please beware of unnecessary amount of vanity.

Bila la saya nak berezeki DSLR~  ( -___-")

To date, All my shawls are priced below 10 or the most pricey pun will be around 15-18 area. I am very3 stingy reluctant to respond to any purchase of shawl higher than that (except for bawal). But one day, when I saw this, (It definitely looks better on the mannequin) an impulsive purchase had successfully occurred. Too edgy, daring & pretty to resist. hehe. 

Another addition to the family. Its an Arabic Shawl (yang org Arab selalu pakai persis kain buruk, yang edgy and stylo). If I could, I would put all colors into the cart but $$$$ is ALWAYS an issue. And I momentarily eclipse other hue when Pink's coming my way.

Celebrating purchase haruslaa amik pic berangle2

Pink and the lace is my kryptonite issue! And it got both! So yeah!  

P/S: Just in case some of u wonder, TTP.R.U is Tak Tanya Pun.Random.Unnecessary. Expect for lots of it in the future .hehe

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to the only one who could break my Heart. Lagu Tema: God must have spent a lil more time on you by N'Sync.

Today, 25 years ago, Mr. Sainuri & Ms. Anisah had done wonders to the world.

To my friend, my enemy, and foremost the love of my life: Abu Ubaidah Sainuri,
Happy 25th birthday, I wish you all the happiness in the world and countless blessings ahead.

 I have a self made poem for you;
God must have spent a little more time on you!
You're my classic-dream-come-true! 
I'm glad I don't settle for the ordinary,
I Love You So Much My Baby...

This is the response for Kau Tercipta :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Congratulations! Lagu Tema: Kasih Suci by Amy Mastura

Congratulations to My FSILaw Nadhirah and hubby Naza for their latest addition to the family a real sweet, cute cuddly boy (as my FMILaw described him) has safely stepped into the world at 1040 am this morning. I couldn't agree more, he is the cutest newly born I have ever seen, I fall for him at the 1st sight! :) And he is a world cup baby!


Comel gila2 kannnnnnn???

P/S: Mak Ngah Aida gitew.... hehe
P/S: Pic from his daddy's fb.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Syukur nikmat.. Lagu Tema: Al Itqan fil Amal by Ustaz Mahyuddin Saidin

I have never been this haggard, dispiriting and lust-less before. Everything about me is at at the 0 axis. My skin has never been in this horrible state before. Very dry and one pimple on the FOREHEAD the size of a tyrannosaurus, which I think, decided to call my forehead its home. I just dun know what happen.I just don't have the heart for anything as much as I don't have the desire to vent it out either . Practically anything, even my most favourite or beloved don't cost me my attention and interest! I even contemplate to close down my FB account as I don't find it interesting anymore and the fact that it has been tainted by TOO MANY OF SALES & APPLICATION. (ooi! considering I did buy some things sold and also got enticed by the applications, Shouldn't I be the last person to complain about this?Boo!Pfftt.)

HELP ME!Give me my spirit back!


Walaupun proses nya berkurun, it's def worth waiting! Love u Nuffnang!
Thanks to U my readers!! and anonymous.. U helped me indirectly! yeay!

Hope nobody 'wakes up'!!

My routine in Kuching has deviated 180 deg from KK's. Now I serve as Mom's royal driver, to send & fetch her and also my sister's. Sending lil sis would be fun cuz she is working at the mall, so, can you feel when you are obliged to go to the mall? while others go for leisure? hihi...

But, speaking about sending & fetching mom, we know, SGH is currently under renovation, thus, the hospital is very congested it's impossible for us to find a decent parking. So, most staff opt for being sent to work, My mom is no exception, plus, I pity her for having to drive every single day, since I am around and jobless, why not.. Actually since babah moved to KK, I can't wait to go back to Kch although I am in love with KK. Mom is always home alone cuz baby sis works from dawn to dusk. So I come to the rescue to assist =) At GH, you can find desperate people park anywhere they could. When I say anywhere, I really mean it.

This is my route every single day at 430 pm...give me 3 more months, am eligible to become a doctor already! ha ahaha, ok not funny!

This is where I park. "Anywhere I could"

Baby sis just got her paycheck, so she got her beloved sister this! A pink tiered dress by United Colors of Benetton! It costs her a fortune, so we have to share to pay! Thanks Elyn, I love u so much.

Terlalu happy sampai upload byk pics narcissism. Notice Gabriel tries to interframe.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cinta, Love, Hubb, Pyar, Ai, Amore- Lagu Tema: Amor Mio by Cristiano Ronaldo

I love someone if, someone is loved by me if:

I don't mind splurging for him/her
I keep his/her text message
I love to dedicate him/her song
Everything I do for her/him is never enough
She/He is my priority in life
Whatever happens to her/him affects me too
I am happy if she/he's happy and I am more devastated if she/he is sad.
I only give, I don't bother about taking.
I can make every thing linked to him.
All things about me boils down to him.
Everything about him is perfect in my eyes.
He/She can make me cry

She/He can break my heart
She/He can make me go crazy jealous

And foremost, I will never ever force him/her to Love me back! :)

Outta the sudden, the love bug bit me after watching this super cheesy video. 

What was he thinking?? I strongly think that he should stick with his leg skills. But he's CR, he can get away with anything!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Pink is always there to cheer me up Lagu Tema: Time After Time by Quietdrive

It is officially the beginning of the new semester, so it's a lil bit haywire at the office. Including the air cond gone kaput! Teaching takes me a step back in time. I remember playing poker with Diana, Ivy, Syah, Alic while in class and laughed to BINGO game just under the lecturer's very nose. What terrors me is KARMA works in circle . Aiya!

Sitting for too long exerts my spine. I thought bringing this fellow to my work station will be a lil bit OTT

So, I brought this instead. This was given by my buddies back in matriks 7 years ago. They chipped in to get me this. So sweet.. 

My current addiction. Nothing beats coming home sipping this after a long day :)

No matter how dispiriting my day is, Pink is always there to cheer me up. Be it in any form! :)

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