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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kelakar sorang Lagu Tema: Apa2 lah malas nak berlagu2 tema.

I learn / realize one thing today. Aku belajar / sedar sigek perkara aritok. IBOH kencang gilak nganok orang. Jangan nganok orang sampey orang imagine ko tek persis Cristiano Ronaldo or Megan Fox sebab perfect gilak sampey boleh nganok orang camya gilak... jangan pernah rasa kedudukan kau ya tek selesa gilak ko ilek2 nganok orang open2, SEBAB kita siktauk bila Allah akan tukar tempat kita dengan orang yang dianok ya.

Macam ko tek nganok orang berdengah, few months or years pas ya, ko tek nait pangkat, dapat bonos, KO LEBEH GIK BERDENGAH, nakkah sama jak ko ngan orang nak ko anok ko? nakkah PADAN MUKA KAU? tok la maksudku tuhan nukar tempat kau, jadi ko boleh nginyak semua kata2 ko balit lah. tok CONTOH ajak.........

Maybe tok time kau, tuhan berik ko nikmat, tapi k ko nganok urg, mun orang ya nganok ko balit, sik sakit gilak, tapi mun tuhan dah narit balit and tukar tempat kau EXACTLY dengan orang yang ko anok ya, baruk ko terdudok terbengam sia. Paling best, Tuhan narit balit semua nikmat kau sekali gus. Kita sik di atas selalu bah, oh? Mun bukan kau kenak, maybe famili kau, keturunan kau, mun bukan nektok, maybe isok, lusak, next year, next 20 years? mun dah nama balasan Tuhan, sik nya kira masa, balasan tuhan bukan nyaman.....


P/S: sigek gik: boh nak terasa sukati bukan sapa2 bah, aku kelakar sorang..

Monday, July 26, 2010

Despicable Me Lagu Tema: Despicable Me by Pharrell Williams

Just so you know, I have just watched Despicable Me. I think after the mind-provoking Inception, I need to divert a little bit. There it is, another tear-jerker after Toy Story 3.  My favourite part is when Gru read the girls "Three Little Kitties" bedtime story and when Agnes threw tantrum at the funfair demanding for the Unicorn. And not to forget the annoying Vector and those cute Minions! 5 stars for the reel! Seriously I weeped at some part of the movie! I think this will entice you guys enough to watch the movie : Gru plans a huge heist > to steal the MOON! after the PYRAMID was stolen by his competitor, Vector!

Margo, Agnes & Edith!

The Minions

The annoying Vector! hehe He loves Orange as much as I love Pink! hhaha
Moral of the story: everyone has a soft spot~ ;)

Another different story, I am by nature weak over ruffles and frills. During my recent trip to KK, one boutique had this crazy sale. I discovered a shawl with frilled hem, diamond studded some more! A good quality chiffon -thick and heavy, sold for only unbelievable RM7 each, (normal price 10 maybe up to 18-ish) apa lagi, tapau semua color.. :) Not.

My kryptonite :)

Datu Nazrin Arif Lagu Tema: Cinta dalam Hati by Ungu

It never crossed my mind of this itinerary of mine. A super short  work-related trip to KK yet a lot of things to share. Still I feel it was so surreal...

i hado, korang hado?

I finally met Ariff, my fiance's nephew. jodoh kami awal pula! He's ssoooo adorable, love the smell of a baby. Suka!! I want one la..

I met this guy at our neighborhood, lazying dekat foyer rumah, kalau ikutkan hati mmg tapau ni! geramm nya

Foremost, I had my 1st experience of a mild earthquake! It happened during the wee hours. At first I thought it was my imagination (cuz I'm down with fever, so it might be dizziness) but then, Ika suddenly told me, do u feel that (shaking) and we heard our neighbors shouted "goyang!!" I asked Ika to evacuate the house asap tapi Ika anggap saya dramatic, and we let it go just like that.. serious woh, gegar2!! huhu

And finally, prior boarding to Kch, I sat next to Daus AF8's mother. She was the one who initiated conversation with me by acknowledging my braces. Braces led to Shahir and led to " kamek tok mak Daus" and I was like,, ooo ok, and dengar je la the story she has to say about KRU, Daus, and AF.. hehe

sapa sik kenal daus, toklah daus.hahaha Maknya ada mention juak gigi daus  nang semulajadi puteh, iyerdeh..

Very short period but hellot of interesting experience... 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Who am I to question Lagu Tema: Lean On Me by Glee casts

Sometimes Most of the time in my case, thing happen beyond my control. I have no choice but to bend with the flow....which I make no bones about.

And am on pins and needles!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Inception Lagu Tema: Secrets by One Republic

Everyone SHOULD watch Inception, seriously! The best movie of the decade. But, bear in mind, it is not a leisure movie, a complicated (very!) storyline that you have to really do your homework prior watching. A movie that surely put your deduction skill on test.

A funny thing happened to me before Inception, I decided to watch the movie alone after Mak malas nak ikut. Everyone knows how congested The Spring is when it's weekend but I managed to get the 1st parking at my 1st turning, and the counter is miraculously customer-free!! I was thinking to myself, the force must be with me! BUT, by the time I had chosen my seat and was about to pay, then I realized that I forgot my purse and cellphone!! O EM JI! How on earth would I exit The Spring for god's sake? I have to have at least RM2 to pay the parking fee. The worst case scenario would be begging borrowing money from some strangers! my. I thought of checking out my car just in case I dropped my purse there. I pray hard that I would bump into someone I know! And.....When I opened the dashboard, 2 pieces of RM1 notes had never been that appealing! Anyone (Biena or my bro in law) who left the money there is such a genius. WE NEVER LEFT ANY MONEY in the car, so it must be them. Story short, I went home to pick my purse and mom. End up watching Inception with Mom ;-) The force was indeed with me! ;-)

Moral of the story: Fill up your car with loose cash in the safe compartment just in case things like this happen!

P/S: I wonder if I parked at the RM3 parking, then that would be another different story altogether!
P/S: My brain was forced to solve prob even before watching the mind twisting Inception! ngeh2..

oh ya, jangan lupa tengok Inception k! worth your money, time and energy!

I think I am blue-prone lately. Hormone? must be the guy-hormone.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A wedding after another. Lagu tema: From this moment by Shania Twain

A wedding after another. We are invited to join our family friend's entourage on Friday. The akad nikah was held after Isya'. When it comes to wedding, we are more than glad to assist. Should anyone ask why Friday night, it was chosen after the groom's birthday.

The groom waiting for akad nikah

The bride. Super love her dressssssss!!Its golden silk with magenta lace patches.

alhamdulillah, sekali lafaz...

Today, their reception took place at Pustaka Negeri Sarawak. My 2nd occasion here after PL's wedding. Thumbs up for their daring choice of black & red. I love their entrance song- From this moment by Shania Twain. But unfortunately, some rascals stepped on the speaker thingy and the song suddenly stopped! mmg killjoy!
The couple made the entry Cik Bridesmaid, kalau boleh, jgnla pakai sama dgn bride.. to all bakal2 bridesmaid, remember, the day is not about you ;-)

Mewah, extravaganza!

VIP table

Healthy roses along the aisle

Yours truly choice for the day: Cyan & yellow ;-)

To match my baju kurung

majlis in progress

Another 10 months to go, the result slowly shows up, braces deary, can't wait to get rid of you..

P/s: the groom's family is our family friends. Our parents work in the same department, my elder sis punya pic  time kecik even ada dalam slideshow. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Badminton. Lagu tema: Waving Flag, Worldcup anthem

B telah membuat anjakan paradigma pertaining activities to be done while visiting Kuching, while everybody else is busy about pacifying their taste bud, he suggested that we played badminton. He's a work out freak, he needs to sweat, otherwise he could feel the toxin So, I asked around and I managed to book Sports Arena (Simpang 3 on the way to The Spring) on Monday. But the hall was only released at 9pm, so we had no choice but to play from 9pm-11pm. 1 hour per court is RM10. It was even more exciting when my sis and bro-in-law joined us. Siap beli kasut baru yang sama. And I would like to acknowledge it here, many many thanks to Azza's daddy, Encik Rosli (he is a badminton coach) for lending us 2 of his most expensive racquets and a tub of shuttlecocks. wee, what a perfect preparation!

Gaya je lebih regu dari Kota Kinabalu

Regu dari Seri Kembangan, penuh chemistry gitu..

Single dari Malaysia in action! yea2

And seriously, I enjoyed every bit of the 2 hours game :) Now I don't have teman to play, who'd like to join me??, JOM!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Eclipse Lagu Tema: Love is Forever by Muse

If I could trade my life, I would choose Bella's! She's one lucky girl, having two guys crazy in love for her, would stand before a bullet and stand up for her no matter what, and she could date both openly with both of them blatantly fight for her verbally and literally. phew~

Eclipse would have my recommendation at 8 out of 10, as it is comprehensible for those who haven't had the chance to dig into the book. For girls, (ada ke laki tgk Twilight Saga? hahah) good news, you still can feast your eyes with the 6 packs Jacob Black cuz he is showing more flesh this time around and they are making it more obvious. They even have a line for it. Hahaha. 

Honestly, I have reached my marginal utility for this Jacob-Bella-Edward drama. Too much. Edward the mind reader could tell that Bella is in love with Jacob which Jacob had pre-told Edward. Bella then admitted that she was in love with Jacob but she loves Edward more and Edward is ok with that. WTH???  But still Twilight saga is a phenomenon. Proof? We lined up at 11 but the house were full until the 4 pm show! there you go!

We deliberately 'eclipse' Bella. whahaha. I dressed up according to the theme!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Eppa Eppy Wedding Scoop Lagu Tema: Everybody by Ingrid Michaelson

Hi readers, apology for the long hiatus. As all of you know, I was busy with Purple Lady's wedding. To be part of the event is really flattering and I hope our little contribution means a lot to PL. 1st day, I was assigned to be the bridesmaid together with our other one third, Aza. We even had the same baju kurung! :) PL looked breath taking in her peach nikah dress. The best part was when the groom managed to recite the akad only ONCE! congratulations Eppy. But prior to that, Aifa's daddy's speech set everyone in the room in a melancholic mode. I think everyone will have serious letting go issue :(

The next day, the reception took place in Pustaka Negeri Sarawak, our state library, where we used to study for our SPM during the good old days. The purple set up in the hall was really up to Purple lady's expectation, even better. Envy her for realizing her dream wedding oh so perfectly. 

I superheart her highlight video. It was needless to elaborate about and you can watch yourself here.

Time for piccas!

The bride and her bridesmaids :)

 They are one happy couple. Aifa is so lucky. She always say she's lucky cuz she got someone who loves her more than she does. Congrats girl!

Makan Nasi Temuan. It is the symbolic for the first feast after becoming husband and wife.

Berlulut. In Javanese costume. Berlulut is an event where the bride changes a variation of costumes and pose for the audience.

The reception. Us, the flower girls :)

The couple marching in

Eppi was so happy! He was all smiling all along. I can totally relate.

Flower girl and my sis- the maid of honor.

The wedding poster at the entrance. So unique!

The bouquet toss...

 Azza got it. effortlessly! So Azza, no doubt, you are next! :)

Thats about it for PurpleLady's wedding. It was so flawless. Worth her commitment! I pray the best of happiness and health and endless bliss for your marriage. You guys have reached the ultimatum. 

To Aifa: Respect & stand by your man no matter what. Tiket ke syurga!

To Kasyfi: Appreciate your wife, give her the attention she needs and keep up your affection. There's nothing could make a woman happier! 

P/s: Pic dicilok dari Azza and Muney's fb .. harap halalkan

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