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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hitam Putih Kehidupan..

Ke hadapan Ika lagi,

I am yearning for something dairy, bready and eggy. hahha.. 

or something like tis? :)

Am having it my way... dunk in!

The phenomenal milk tea

Oh ya, that is another self-made shawl of mine.. Interested? For kuchingites, you can spoil yourself with materials in India Street and have the sides sewn at Syn Ya Kenyalang.. 

Tips: Kalau bukak kain tu 45 inci, you'll have to buy 1.5 meters, and it produces 2 shawls
Kalau bukak kain tu 60 inci, you'll just have to buy 0.5 metres and it produces only 1! Macam my black and white shawl ni..

P/S: Imagine you gotta choose pattern of your own, and less chances of sama dgn org.. ;)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Roses are Pink~~

My craze for shawls has gone beyond limit. Today I made my own shawl. Making my own means I bought raw material from the shop and send it to the tailor to sew the sides. The thing is, the material produces TWO shawls. So, since I have TWO identical shawls right now, I'm thinking of letting go one. If any of you are interested, please contact me at

It's peachy pink roses print.

Of high quality chiffon.. Very2 easy to handle 
Size: 1.5m x 0.5 m

What are you waiting for?Grab it fast!!


P/S: utk award tu, tunggu jap yer.. 

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Currrrry Pufffff

Selamat berhujung minggu, today saya terasa nak buat karipap.. This is my late granny recipe, everything, from the filling to the dough. 

Ini untuk inti, kentang, minced meat, bawang, all diced halus2.. Tumis sekali dengan cili boh, kari and lada sikit..(Tips: gunakan sedikit minyak sapi to enhance the beefy taste)

For the dough, 1 part of margerine, 1 3/4 part of flour, baking powder, egg white, make into crumbs macam ni...(tips: use only ur fingertips, kalau tak, minyak dia keluar nanti..)

Lepas tu, masukkan ice cold water sedikit demi sedikit sampai dapat make into dough like this, takde lekat2 di jari..

Tekapkan guna acuan, mine is sebesar mulut mug..

Letak filling kat tengah2..

I dun want to fry it, instead I baked them.. So sapu kan sedikit egg yolk macam ni.. Pre heat the oven pastu bake for 30 minutes @ 190 degree celcius..

Tadaaa! Molek for hi-tea againts black coffee! Yummy!

P/S: The last time I buat was in KK, aunty & akak, if you are reading this, I am making my own curry puff from scratch!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Its Earth Hour again!

It's Earth Hour, just came back from outing with mom and cousin. Besides being an obliging citizen in the middle of the dark, I reminisce what I was up to during the previous earth hour. I was having fun, we were roaming about KK town to escape the silent darkness @ home, and I really miss it. Sik berasa, dah setahun... :(

P/S: Pic earth hour mestila gelap..

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


They have one interesting topic @Martha Stewart show this morning. Blogging! Everything about blog from A-Z. Useful tips and she also invited all bloggers from the US to be in her show. And of course there were recommended blogs from their own niche- food, fashion, politics, gardening, entertainment (the infamous Perez Hilton was in the house babeh) etc.. One of each category was featured and they are beyond doubt popular! When I mention popular, I am talking about 1 million visitors per month to 9 million visitors per DAY!!

These caught my attention: (Just click the links) Compiles everything cute from all over the world. Recipes that you can DIY! Two friends 3191 miles apart from each other, take random photos everyday and compile them side by side for everyday for a year.Sometimes the photos are startling  complimentary with each other...

This is too cute to handle!I can spend all day looking @ this. hahahahahhhaha99x! From

smittenkitchen's most viewed recipe- chocolate peanut butter cake she made for her husband's birthday

 one of the photos in a year of mornings.. dated october 17, 2007

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Lovely Bones

"My name is Susie Salmon, yes, like the fish. I was murdered on December 14, 1973"

The Lovely Bones is taken after a novel by Alice Sebold's 2002 novel. This movie is about Susie, a victim of a serial killer, who narrates her story from her 'place' between haven & earth. And we can witness how she struggles to choose between vengeance for her killer and desire for her family to heal. 

I strongly recommend this movie, it itches.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My very own composition :)

I am having fun 'shopping'. Hence these.... :). I come up with 3 different styles, after picking and choosing each and every detail.hehe I WISH THEY ARE FOR REAL~~




I stumbled into this blog!  RAMBANG MATA OK!!!!

I'll just let u guys see for your self lah, these are among my favourite picks, ada banyakkkkkkk lagi, argh!!

I want to transform this look into any or all of these...............




















Ok here come the pink ones first!!!

You will never go wrong in these!!

AND my personal favourite goes too.. (drumrolls please!!).....








I have always loved Burberry!!

P/S: For more of these, silalah ke blog tersebut k!
P/S: Which 1's your fav?
P/S: The amount of exclamation marks in this entry explain my excitement. XD

Friday, March 19, 2010

A tale of a boy

I chose to jog at the park today. I need some fresh air and sunlight and the smell of chlorophyll. I kicked off late as the sunlight is still piercing at 530pm. 

At the finishing line, suddenly a huge bulky man overtook me. We headed to the right at the pavement for some cooling down exercise. I just can tell, that man is Chin Jing Shen, my primary school classmate, he hadn't changed much, exactly 15 years ago only in larger scale and a beer belly.

During the school years, Jing Shen was the meanest, baddest haha, jahat gila2, biggest bully at school. He was a hyperactive boy and beyond rascal. At primary 3, he towered among us and almost as tall as the teachers. He always wear his uniform with the collar erected and would throw tantrum anywhere he pleased. His size made him easy to make anything his conquest. Even teachers gave up on him, they would give in and allowed him to do anything he liked, sat at the corner of the class or just simply ignored him. And he did not perform as well, he finished last in the class. There was one time I wrote his name on the blackboard sebab buat bising (kan dulu mcm tu, siapa senyap, padam hiihi) he went bonkers and threw chairs across the class!! Everyone was shaken by his presence even NOW I still have the heart-thump upon seeing him. hahahha Trauma2!

He seemed not to recognize me, then a bunch of his friends called his names and they chat nearby. I eavesdropped. JING SHEN IS NOW A PILOT.

When I drove home, I was overtaken again, that's Jing Shen in his red sports car. Hmm...

P/S: A destructive child usually grows up into a smart and intelligent adult. I have seen many living proofs.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Old time..

Ke hadapan Ika, 

Hari ni ku makan di Old Town sorang2, sayu hati ku, aku tak ingat when is our 1st encounter with Old Town ni tapi yang aku ingat kita pengunjung setia Old Town. Memang tempat kita berkhemah sebab pencahayaan baik untuk bergambar murah kan Ika and makanannya tak heavy sangat. Aku rasa kita dah cuba semua menu dalam Old Town tu. 

Ko ingat time final, sini la tempat kita berkampung study last minute sebab ada wifi free dan cepat. Oscar pun join sama. Kalau ko order ko takkan mau kongsi tu, aku suka kongsi sebab dapat jimat, dapat diet sharing is caring. Menu TM aku is Polo Bun takde mentega, kosong jak dan Soft boiled eggs and toast asing2, kau pulak nasik lemak, adakala kita dpt ayam extra. And kita semua suka Milk Tea dia. Ko ingat ka hari tu kita order sampai 3 kali. 2nd time tu rasa dia tak sama dah, kita suruh orang yang buat tu rasa sendiri. Antara Xi Nut or Milk Tea biasa. Hehehe

Sebab terlalu selalu pegi sana, kita berkawan baik dengan pekerja2 nya, ko ingat time shades aku lupa di sana? Diorang tolong simpan dan esoknya bagi kat aku. Pastu Abu balik, aku rekemen Old Town kat dia, dia pun suka, hari2 nak Old Town jugak. Macam kita jugak, kalau nak makan luar punya susah nak decide, last2 Old Town jugak. 

Tapi yang pasti, di sini sangat berbeza walaupun semua nya sama, bezanya ketiadaan kamu orang..

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Remember Me

I just couldn't believe it when Mak told me in an excited tone,

"Ju nangga Remember Me, nak orang muda Twilight ya berlakon, maok mak nangga"
(Lets go and watch Remember Me, it features the Twilight hero, I really wanna watch it)

This movie is about a rebellious young man, Tyler (Pattison) whose life changed after he lost his brother to suicide. He took it out on his wealthy father who is a workaholic and couldn't be bothered with his wrecking family. By the twist of fate, he met a girl who witnessed the murder of her mother when she was a kid. See how they shared their mutual experience, and how it ended in an unpredictable means. It is set during the September 11 event.

For me the movie falls into 'not bad' category. With his signature 'sick' style of acting, Rob Pattison did it quite well, albeit the dragging storyline. But don't expect for a sparkling Edward cuz he looks rather sloppy this time. I think he could be the next Johnny Depp, you know, working his charm sans the metrosexual manner.

P/S: Caught Pattison in his signature Way Ferrer in this movie! I want a pair!

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