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Sunday, June 8, 2014


Wee huu! I hope there's still living souls visiting my blog...
I am guilty as charged, feeling a lot lazier to write because of my new found affair with Instagram! But, since my blog is my first love, forever she will be . :)

Anyways, let me begin of telling about my being. I am now undergoing the seven months course of which every PTD has to go through for confirmation, and we just hit the 100th day last2 days! What I can say is, last time, I don't even want to listen to any DPA associates but now I have to admit , I am going through the course very very well indeed. Especially the kind new friends I found. The distance with my loved ones? I can bear so far because all family members give their undivided supports especially taking care of my daughter.

The thing I enjoyed the most about DPA is the outdoor modules. We have three outdoor modules, Polis, Bomba dan Outward Bound School. The one I enjoyed the most is Outward Bound School. Like their motto has it, Back To Basic, once you registered for the module, you must surrender your cellphone!!, junkfood , money and any gadgets possible to make any contact with outsiders. Imagine life without handphones for one week. At first few hours and days, I suffered the withdrawal syndrome! Every did. Checking their pockets for handphones and not knowing how to break the ice the the room! Look what social networking has made us become!

I will surely tell the whole story about my Outward Bound School adventures in my next entry, till then...

Monday, February 24, 2014


Aida Homestay. Please contact 013 898 8830 for booking.

6th floor apartment.Fully furnished with washing machine, 4mb speed wifi,astro and cooking facilities.
2 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms(additional mattress provided)
nice environment,security guard,swimming pool and gym

20 minutes from MAS/A.Asia airport
8 minutes from 1borneo 
1.5 hours from Kundasang(mount kinabalu)
8 minutes from RUMAH TERBALIK
8 minutes to GAYANG SEAFOOD RESTAURANT(cheapest seafood in K.Kinabalu)

RM 250/night(negotiable)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Diploma Pengurusan Awam

The date is confirmed and it is imminent. The waiting game is now on. I will be going for my 7 months course up in the north. My 2014 is gone just like that. When I complete the course in September things will never be the same again. I will again move into a new workplace and I cannot expect what happen during the 7 months. I have to send of my precious princess to my Mom in Kuching.

I thought I would be ok because I'm looking forward to DPA (diploma pengurusan awam) , a compulsory course to be attended by PTD prior to confirmation, you miss this, means you lost your seniority. Last time, they went for DPA just 4 months after appointed, but now, we have to wait for a year or two. It's difficult to carry yourself as course participants when you are already comfortable managing in your respective offices.

Like me, during my service since appointed in 2011, I have worked in three different organisations, Kementerian Sumber Manusia, Institut Tadbiran Awam (INTAN) and Jabatan Imigresen Sabah. I don't know what awaits me after the course. Lets hope for the best. I'm prepared at the moment and I hope it will not be to harsh as the theme for this final course of ours (there will be no more DPA because PTDs are now appointed through cadets in a 1 year course) is 'engagement'. If there should any problem, we can discuss and get engaged with the top management.

I'm still in the midst of preparation and thanks to whatsapp and facebook and even instagram, communication is no longer a barrier, we can easily get infos from friends heretofore.

Well, at the footnote, I try to see this at the positive side, macam masuk slimming center hehehe

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