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Ayra Maysaa

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Ayra Maysaa has just turned 9 months this month. Seriously time flies so fast, I missed some of her development (I think this is normal for fulltime working mother) for she discovers new talent at her babysitter's place.

Talking about babysitter, what recently happened to Baby Hareez, (maid lambung baby) really freaked me out if not all mothers! But, from a mother's point of view, I dare not to judge why the baby is left alone with the maid but as working mother, sometimes you are left with no choice but to put 100% trust to your maid and babysitter. And she has effort of fixing a cctv to monitor her baby. If you have trust issues, Don't talk much, you might as well quit and full time looking after your child. 

Like myself, I really try hard not to be so fussy with my babysitter, actually she is my priority than my boss! I always drill it into my brain, any action/words from me, towards her, the effect and impact will be on Ayra! Knock wood, we'll never know what she's capable of doing during the 8 hours with our child everyday. I really take care of the relationship between me and my babysitter. She even took Ayra out  for some days that her husband is on off day, and they would have to run some errands. I give permission.

And the fact I have no better choice than her, she lives in the quarters, so basically I like it this way, me and Ayra within the same perimeter, same way to work and only steps away from my office. 

So far, she (the babysitter) is close to excellent. What I mean by this is, Ayra is the happiest baby everytime I pick her from her BS. B said this is the most important. They actually have this inside joke which makes Ayra laughes her heart out which I never successfully did. And if Ayra is lacking of something , they would advance it first.

Last weekend, I raised my concern about Ayra having a hard time to eat. She just does not like eating, but she's on  milk a lot! So I put the status on FB, and my babysitter quickly sent  text and called me worrying about Ayra. The even asked around for tips and had them forwarded to me.

Recently, my colleague had adopted a baby, who is only days old. She decided to share my babysitter. My BS has one and only daughter, and my friend's child happens to be a boy. So they are like loving and admiring the baby so much. Everytime I picked Ayra I will see the husband feeding the baby. They even advanced a baby cot because they are afraid that Ayra would poke or roll over the baby! haha

I can say that I am lucky in the babysitter matter. I hope the situation will stay like this until Ayra reaches school. I have the instinct that the babysitter loves Ayra and I hope my instinct is correct.
Ayra follows mommy to work

Ayra's 9th month check up

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PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

lucky you!! untung ayra di sayang urg gya.. best ada jak babysitter awak~

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

ameen arap sampey ke ujung

Lina Fung Hashim said...

Salam Aida. Benar bah kata ktk sik boleh berhitung berkira gilak dengan babysitter. Mun kita considerate, Insya Allah babysitter pun considerate juak dengan anak kita. Kdg2 mun terima bonus, kmk pun hulur sikit dengan babysitter juak. Heheh. Syukur Ayraa dijaga oleh orang yang penyayang. It makes a huge different for a mother whether nya dpt babysitter yang boleh diharap ataupun sik, kan?

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

Benar yaa! Not calculative thats the word! And yup it does make a huge diff!

m&m said...

syukur alhamdulillah for having a good n loving BS like yours..and mine.
i was having hard time with 3 BSs before while nabil was 8-12 months old.. one too demanding like a boss, one too lazy to even change diaper and d last one, claiming an expert BS n had working experience as BS at Saudi, but i hv to guide every single thing (?!)..WTFish. finally we settled with d current one.. my hubby's niece (altho it was such a long 12hours journey to fetch her from her home to live with us..worth it). now nabil n her is like a loving couple.. nabil so manja, n she's so memanjakan.. i pulak pening seeing my son being spoilt brat by her. hehe.
nevertheless, itulah our dilemma, full time working mom..yet not many understand. some think, we're lazy mom who only depend on BS to take care of our baby n replace our role as mommy.. but hey, i proved them wrong when alhamdulillah i manage fulfill duty as mommy, to exclusively BF my son till 6 mnths old n continue BF till he's now almost two. n despite he's too manja with his BS, he's still so much attach to his mommy, n by the end of the day, he wants no other but his mommy. some fulltime stay at-home-mom even amazed with my achievement n annoyed by d fact that my boy is sooo attach to me. lika gam gajah..anywhere, anytime. haha
neway, i love my BS as much as my son loves her ;)

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

m&m: lucky u!

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