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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Make Up

Initially, I wanted to go for MAC make up artist for my make up, but when they charged me RM800 for only one ocassion, I have to forget about it. After that, I considered to do it myself but mom and sis were not keen about that, they advised me to go for pro, as I was no Kate Middleton, after a make up trial and highly monitored by B, the end product turn up excellent, well at least for me. My MUA from Petra bridal had done a good job. I chose sweet for akad and heavier for reception. One thing I must say: 80% of the make up is mine. In other words, I only use her skills.

 I did my bridesmaid make up :)

For KK reception, I played Kate Middleton, I did it all by myself, of course I learned some from my MUA, and I was fully satisfied with the result although not at par with pro :D

11 chemistry(s):

Cinderella said...

love the way u where your scarf!! It the typical way how we would wear it everyday.. but the beads, veil and flowers made it all look soooo lovely. =))

ztie said...

dah nikah duhal! tahniah! sama la pakey petra bridal. nang kacak make up sidak. hehe... tahniah ktk !

Juliet said...

Very nice pictures, I love the way you do your make up. You are such a pretty girl, I just love to read your blog.

reena said...

Aida, u makeup sendiri pun cantik ok! Tak byk beza dgn MUA.

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

tq all :)

nurulfaridah said...

kakak pnye makeup lg cantik dr MUA :)

Anonymous said...

overall cantik. tp the fact that you selalu mekap heavy, orang tua tua cakap takda seri bila kahwin. nampak biasa saja mekap kahwin you. thats an advice actually. tak perlu mekap tebal2 24jam. mmg orang tak dpt beza nnt bila kahwin.

hani apandi said...

ktk make up kedirik pun dah kacak! suka mek nanga.

Ernie Khairina said...

hi aida, gorgeous as this entry.

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

thanks all
ano: yup sebab sy selalu make up so kawen sy nak my makeup hardly there, based on what u said, I nailed it! :)

-ilyannur- said...

everything abt ur wedding adalah sangat cantik. make up sendiri pun x byk beza dgn pakai MUA. sama cantik.

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