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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

About Wedding Dress

 For my wedding dress, I was 100% involved for both occasions for his and her outfit., from selecting color, material and seamstress. For my akad nikah, I chose to settle for classic kurung moden with minimum embellishment for the sake of wanting to outstand the guest, biasalah tetamu sekarang kan OTT, nanti orang cannot tell the bride from the guests. My akad nikah veil is inspired by mak and it was custom-made. I chose pink ombre for the color inspired by Gwen Stefani's wedding gown :)

As for my reception dress, I demand it to meet all the criteria of me: Pink, Lace, frills and ruffles all in one and it was inspired by Elyana and Siti Sarah's outfit by Hatta Dolmat. Lucky me, it was correct at first attempt except for size alteration and there I was, donning pink, lace, ruffles and frills all in my reception dress. Although it is simple, I love it to the max. And the tail for the bottom was upon my tailor's initiative.For my head gear, the veil is a ready made and for my tudung, it is all what I already had, mix and match, lace for inner, another inner, I sew beads on it and a normal shawl and the veil over. And I decided to choose flowers over tiara inspired by Bienda. I find it unique and sweet. I requested the florist who made my hand bouquet to produce something like a brooch with flowers and she did it excellently.

Finally, for my KK reception, I am done with pink and we agreed to go for black. Since Hubby insisted wearing suit, Mak suggested I wear a simple dress to match his. My dress was inspired by Kate Middleton except it was fully laced with beaded empired waist. I maintain with roses as my head gear. Initially there were three roses too but bunga Sabah sihat2, they were too large for my head, so I wear only one, the rest I put in Hubby's pocket because we failed to find for a red handkerchief. He. Why red? because it goes oh so well with black, something outstanding amidst the dark hue. For my veil, I wear normal shawl inside with lace inner and Mak's tudung Siti over. Ngeh ngeh ngeh...

For wedding shoes, I just wear whatever I have in my collections, I have tonnes of never-worn pink heels hehe and for KK, My sis came to the rescue to lend me her black pump tp tak nampak cos my dress's too long.

Up for next entry : Make up Artist :)

11 chemistry(s):

ElyaElmo said...

macam artist tau u!!

reena said...

Cantik sangat semua dress u! Bunga kat telinga tu unik. Jarang kot pengantin Melayu buat.

husna said...

congratulations on your wedding. Both of u are super gorgeous!! sangat cantik..
like everything about your wedding..really admire your work for the wedding arrangement.

ztie said...

congrats again on ur wedding. seriously nang kacak eh. huhu... I love the black dress. mmg nampak menyerlah ktk sia. apatah gik pink. hhehehe.. laki org kk ho?

lily said...

kak aida love all ur dress and all about your wedding!cntik sgt.
simple but very nicee.! :)

Dea said...

u r so gojesss... kaler pon cantekk..:P

LaLaLovy said...

black dress lawa sgt. thumb up!

nurulfaridah said...

i really love your pink wedding outfit :)

Siti Syazwan said...

semua kacak:) love all:P

Mia Suci said...

aida..recep kat kk xde sanding ke?

lady-rara (; said...

sis! sy silent reader ur blog..wah2..suke sgt tgk wedding dress sis! cntik sis yg cntik amat ni..mmg terbaik! :) moga kekal hingga ke akhir hayat ye..

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