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Monday, October 5, 2009

An-Namimah (mengadu domba)

An-Namimah is a hated and evil behavior that should be exposed and warned against. It means to convey calumnies or speech from one person to another, from one group to another, from one tribe to another, etc., to spread division and disputes between people.

It entails exposing what is hated by the involved party, the one who receives this news or a third party. This includes conveying An-Namimah with the tongue, by writing or by thinly veiled description or body movements, whether the speech or actions that are being exposed entail ill-descriptions of the exposed person or not.

The Muslim is obliged to always keep silent regarding what he sees or uncovers of people’s secrets, except when warranted by a benefit that will be brought to a Muslim or to fend off an evil. The driving force behind An-Namimah is either to cause harm to the exposed person, to show affection to the person receiving the Namimah, to indulge in a type of speech that one prefers, or to indulge in joyful and heedless play. All this is prohibited for Muslims. Further, it is the obligation of all those receiving the Namimah to refuse to accept it as a factual. This is because the Nammam (one who indulges in An-Namimah) is called Fasiq (sinner or rebellious), and thus his testimony must not be accepted.

Allah said, what translated means, "O you who believe! If a Fasiq comes to you with a news, verify it, least you harm people in ignorance. [49:6]". Also, Muslims
should forbid the Nammam from indulging in Namimah and warn him against its harmful effect, for Allah said, what translated means, "And enjoin righteousness and forbid evil.[31:17]." Also, Muslims must hate this behavior from the Nammam and not suspect the backbitten person, "Avoid much suspicions, indeed some suspicions are sins.[49:12]." Furthermore, the Messenger of Allah said, what translated means, “Avoid suspi- cion, for suspicion is the most false speech.” [Al-Bukhari & Muslim].
Furthermore, the Muslim must not try to investigate what he has heard from the Nammam, so as not to fall into what he has forbidden the Nammam from, by conveying what he heard from the Nammam to others while trying to investigate the matter.

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AiFA Cho-CHang said...


Ani Inherown said...

kenak dood? hmm

Aida The Pink Goddess said...

aih, ylh best koh, ngkah tazkirah alu ditanyak y... hehe, nothing, reminder for us...

Ani Inherown said...

aaa tuka link duhal...:) hihi

Riena said...

Excellent! Ku tujukan khas buat si dia yang suka mengadu domba akan keaiban org lain. Renung2 kan. Anyway, aku mencilok article mu ini.

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