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Saturday, January 31, 2009

What happened when a shopaholic meet another? The answer is, non-stop 4 days visit to 1 borneo and numerous of impulsive purchases. =)

Cousin Asmah visited me for 4 days, with the theme of unwinding. The ticket was a gift from her hubby. Actually this was her second visit to Sabah, after her honeymoon back in 2004. To fit with her theme, Manukan and Kundasang are compulsory in the list. So, on Saturday we headed to Manukan (my 2nd time) and we tried snorkling! It was fun, I can apply my swimming lesson and I was really awed by what they have down underrrrr the sea. But, still, couldn't find Nemo.. LOL..

The next day, we went to Kundasang, located in Ranau. I drove for 1 hour 15 minutes, breaking my previous record of 1 hour and 30 minutes! clap2..hehe.. And for the 1st time amongst my 7x trips to Kundasang, I could see Mount Kinabalu!!! It's always wrapped by thick haze and clouds.

For both occasions, alhamdulillah the weather seemed to approve and permit. Not too blazing and not too wet..

In the between, what else?? we go shop, shop shop! hehe..My cousin has this extreme penchant of watches..Just exactly what elder sis has pre warned me.. hehehe

Oh ya, mom gave me this handbag thru my cousin. I love it, songket and its real leather.I love the leather scent! Thank you, mom. I don't fancy totes, so this gift in the form of handbag?? I really2 appreciate it! Plus its quite pricey before 70% off! =)

My cousin left this morning , earliest flight, leaving me in the empty nest syndrome again! huhu

What fo you think of this baby tee? cute? Match my attempt to be an environmentalist huh? =D

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