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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Engaged, Hitch

Salaaaam...I know, Hands up, i am guilty as charged, I know I am indebted, owing you guys of my promised "daily updates", trust me, if you guys know, how bz I am these few days, I'll get your nods of understanding. And In assure you this will be a bumper issue!Align Center

Anyways, Congratulations to Kak Nadhirah for her recent engagement with Datu Mohd. Nazaruddin Dato' Datu Tiga Belas (fuhh that's a mouthful of names!)...Before that, I would like to clarify here, I realised that my status, shout out and my recent post title have created quite a stir amongst my friends and fellow blog followers...ITS NOT MY ENGAGEMENT (YET)..I AM NOT THE ONE WHO'S GETTING ENGAGED. I'M TECHNICALLY SINGLE BUT EMOTIONALLY AND DEVOTEDLY NOT AVAILABLE(in a relationship lah tu). I hope I make it clear here, Because I have received numerous messages, text and IMs demanding me to valid the statement. Yes, I am very sure, I am not someone's fiancee yet.

Back to Kak Nadh's engagement ceremony, I surrendered myself to the house-on-hill on Friday, offering all I got to contribute and help out for the preparation. From decorating, cooking,cleaning,brushing, arranging to beautfying, honestly I am more than happy to contribute and be part of the family. It reminds me of my elder sis' wedding 3 years ago. So busy yet so looking forward, we even don't feel the tiredness. The team is led by Aunty, Uncle, Siti, Amira, Kak Asiah & co. and of course the bride-to-be herself, Nadhirah.. Due to lack of manpower, pity akak have to conduct an MBWA where else other spoilt bride-to-be's have their best time pampering themselves from head to toe from performing these duties. Salute her so much. I know I am no one to take over her absent siblings but at least, I hope I can be her compeer, my presence can make her feel her sister and bros are around..=)

The entourage of asking for Nadhirah's hand came at 11 am, comprises of 60-70 representatives from kota Belud (u guys can check at Nadh's blog for more details). Donned in barbie pink and purple, akak looked so gorgeous and extraordinary sweet soothing all the guests eyes together with her fiance also in pink Baju Melayu. I know I have made this statements thousands times before but I must say, they look so sepadan. Their faces resemble each other and they share the same complexion. Memang padan lah! *clap2*..I know you guys start scrolling down for pics right? I try my best to upload the best moments and since we are here reading and sharing akak's joy and significant transition in life, why don't we might as well pray for too kan...

the pics:

hantaran dr pihak perempuan

biscuit and tid bits

perfume set
kain pelikat
adorable & mouthwatering cupcakes and choc cake

Hantaran dari pihak lelaki

make ups (i loike! hehe)

fruits and sirih junjung

gorgeous clothes

The newly hitched, Beautiful Nadhirah Hj. Sainuri & Dashing Datu Mohd. Nazaruddin bin Dato' Datu Tiga Belas

akak looking soo sweet and radiant, with Mak.

After the ceremony, at night, we, the "team" reward ourselves with at-home-theater, BOLT!..hehehe fun huh? INDEED~

To akak: I pray a happy ending fer you, and pray fer your wealth ,health and happiness always. I would like to tell you, I am xtremely happy fer U!

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