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Friday, January 9, 2009

dentist. toilet. result

I was really determined to see the dentist that I woke up early today. But, sebab bijak sangat, I was lost for about half an hour before I reached KLINIK KESIHATAN LUYONG after seeking direction from amat.huhu..
klinik kesihatan luyong

Got my turn, by due to instinct, i decided to query the nurses about braces applied there as I was inclined by the price tag: RM 200! compared to RM4k if done at private hospitals. Ok, tu cut the story short, the nurse told me that they have yet entertain the year 2004 waiting list! Oh, she recommended several private orthodontic specialists..hmmmm...xpelah ye..
saya la ni tgh consult the nurse

I stink right now, I just finished assisting the invited plumber to fix my clogged toilet.. It took us ?us? him about 2 hours to get the things done! Voila~ he nailed it. thank you mat!
aku yg happy

alhamdulillah..............result ku best.. hehe thanks Allah...

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