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Life has taught me a lot about never to put hope on anything but ALLAH. Because when it turns out otherwise, the pain is unbearable. What crashed my past can never crash my present. Please do not use my photos without my permission. AidaThePinkGoddess™ © 2010 all rights reserved

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Salaam...First of all, I'd like to say that I am so flattered with all the feedback I got for my blogs.(emails,YM,even text and phonecalls) Thanks for liking my blog,loving it, some looking 4wd to it, some even addicted to it and foremost some have gained something from it..I will try my best to give daily updates, but honestly this is more to a personal, if you guys don't mind seeing me documenting my life, you are most welcome~

Today, finally I was destined to sign the FREE PALESTINE banner at UMS....I passed by the banner everyday but today is the day..hehe
I have no idea what to write plus, I parked by the busy roadside...

cliche? its ok, the thought counts!

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