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Thursday, January 15, 2009

10 strangest things sold on ebay

I watched the breakfast show this morning. ( I am quite displease of how boring TBS is more fun, more news-ey and formal handling..hmmm) Then they come with this:

The ten strangest things sold on eBay

1 A man's entire life
Ian Usher was fed up with his whole life - so he sold it on eBay. The winning bidder, who paid around £200,000, got Mr. Usher's house, car, job and introductions to his friends in Perth, Australia.

2 A soul
To be honest, this never actually got sold – because eBay cracked down on musician Dante Knoxx after he put his soul up for auction, pulling the listing before it got any bids.

3 Michael Jackson's underwear
A pair of Michael Jackson's boxer shorts were sold, with a reserve price of $1million. The Calvin Klein undies had been seized as evidence during a 2003 child molestation investigation.

4 A baby
A couple who put their baby on eBay for 1 euro as a joke briefly had the child removed from their custody, and were investigated for child trafficking. They got the kid back eventually.

5 A cornflake shaped like Illinois
Two sisters from Virginia were so shocked when they found a cornflake that was roughly the shape of Illinois that they put it up for sale. It attracted bids of over $1,000.

6 A town in Texas
The small town of Albert in Texas was sold on eBay, along with the title of Mayor of Albert. The ad boasted that the town was 'known for its towering oaks, wildflowers, German heritage and laid-back attitude.' It also had a beer garden.

7 Hi-tech toilets
Hi-tech toilets, originally bought by the city of Seattle for $5million, but subsequently scrapped after they became a haven for drug users, raised only $12,549 when they were later sold on eBay.

8 A vote in the 2008 US election
A University of Minnesota student discovered the hard way that selling his vote in the 2008 American elections was not the best plan, after he was charges with one count of bribery, treating and soliciting under a 1893 law banning the sale of votes.

9 Revenge knickers
A jilted wife got revenge on her husband by selling his mistresses over-sized knickers and a 'small sized' condom wrapper that she'd found in their bed.

10 Rhino dung
The International Rhino Foundation had the bright idea of flogging rhino poo as a way of raising funds. Um, yeah. Good idea.

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