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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pink Addict, Nicolas

Last night, elder sis called me up telling Nico and Dian are the cover for the February issue Glam magazine. being an ardent fan of Nico, (I love Nico, he resembles my man, errr no, my man looks like him..)I try to find the magazine no avail since KK town is no different with the House of Wax. All business are delayed until the CNY holidays end. I was so bored, cuz i felt a sudden emptiness..still in the mode of crowd at nadh's place..So i decided to watch Bride Wars justnow, alone! Thumbs up, a-must-watch movie.Kate Hudson is soooo cute and Anne Hathaway is plain gorgeous!

Look at that? How can I bear to sleep knowing this exists?

I found this instead, EH! magazine with the title, PINK ADDICT~February is coming,Valentine's Day will mark the calendar, Thats why..So for the pink lovers, make sure you guys grab one of these cuz the content is all about pink!Warning: maybe too pink for your eyes, but as for me, there's no such thing as too much of Pink!

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