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Monday, January 5, 2009

my 2009 has just started

alhamdulillah, I have my feet in KK right now, I would like to decide this as the beginning of my 2009. First thing I did was to have my digi broadband settings adjusted for my 2 laptops. I am glad that I have my old laptop fixed...

Thanks2 to Nadh & co. cuz I arrived at a sparkling manicured house that I didn't have to do much and thanks to Ika cuz I got all my clothes cleaned and folded that they looked like I just picked them up from the laundry. All my books and notes for the next semester are ready and prepared! I pledge myself if I am someone rich and famous one day, I would hire her as my P.A with really2 high perks! thanks hunn! Lucky to have very2 helpful people around me. I always remember mak said" senang nak cari org tolong wang ringgit, tp nak tolong tulang empat kerat susah" I spent 2 hours unpacking, rearranging my closet, took Tv from ika's place and getting rid of the dust. The unpacking process made me realized that I have so much clothes. I wonder how would I bring them back to Kch as i only have another 5 months here? should I have them posted? or leave them at nadh's house for a while, if there's time i will visit KK and pick them up? hmm... I have 2 lockers of clothes right now!! and 15 pairs of shoes! (T_T)

I hope I am in the state of tiptop health so I could study and finish my MA as scheduled.So my other plans can be executed in time.. Insya allah~

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